Following the Drug Facts Label on Over-the-Counter Pain Medications

The drug facts label is found on most OTC
medications and covers important information you need to take them safely. Each time you take or give a pain medication,
be sure to read the entire label. The active ingredient’s purpose section tells
you the main ingredients that make the medication work and what they are designed to do. Always read the warnings section of the label-
it tells you when not to use the medication, when a healthcare professional needs to be
consulted first, possible interactions or side effects, and when to stop taking the
medication. If pregnant, breastfeeding, or giving a pain
medication to a child, be sure to check the drug facts label for specific instructions. With children, be sure to choose a dose that
is appropriate for the child. Always use a standard measuring device like
the dosing cup and keep medications up and away, and out of their reach. The directions section tells you how much,
when and how to take it. You should never take more than the label
says unless directed by a healthcare professional.