FREE 26 Pc Skincare Sampler With Any $70 Skincare Purchase

hello everybody I’m Monica and thank you so much for stopping by for another video this time is an Ulta free sample bag I got this with some kids that I bought last week and if you watch my channel you know that I love samples and I usually buy some holidays instead of full-size products I don’t say I do my full-size products I buy them in something that I really like and let’s go ahead and see what’s in this one I like to use those birds two trips and also just to put them by category or whatever and the first item here it’s by eight cosmetics in this one is confidence in a cleanser and the size of this looks like this it’s a deluxe sample so you can get several usage from this one and then we have here from philosophy it’s Renu hope in a jar we have Clinique which is a mattifying moisturizer therm adapter which is hypotenuse daily body peel we have from say shadow and this one is the eye contour cream I used this one last month I still have one more samples which lasts me a whole month and this is the single item that I used and I saw results in firming in on the firming point then we have by hey honey it’s a facial serum Elizabeth Arden serum it capsules and this one we get two of them we have just beauty is the anti-wrinkle boost serum as you know I love serums Mario Badescu cucumber cleansing lotion good size to travel with then we have from Nia it’s serum and moisturizer two-in-one I like those combination especially when I’m traveling I used in my last vacation the Garnier twin one serum and face cream and I really loved it and I of course I got another one for my next vacation for this summer so the next one is my tart is maracuja eye treatment and you can get either usage from take a small package images then we have all Genest which is irene your ball we have origins hypertension night cream we have skin laundry heidi hydrating cream face wash face wash i use from them the serum and i love it that was a long time ago and i believe i can I have another full-size one then we have by NeoGeo if I’m saying right is the face polisher foliate farakhan MD and this is the serum jack black double duty face moisturizer straight victim if I’m saying right it’s eye concentrate for wrinkles I use their neck cream and I love it then we have here by dermablend is the low setting powder EXO viens and a brand a brand that I really really love it’s evening restoring complex so good size also dermatological and this one is daily micro folium clinic for men it’s a face scrub and let see how they give this are here let’s see then we have dr. brandt pores no more is the primer Peter Thomas wrote hydrating moisturizer then Steptoe from Murad it’s multi vitamin infusion oil I’m using right now a serum and the last sample of course of the serum and the day cream and this is a big guy I don’t think this one is a sample correct me if I’m right or not I’m not right this is for my benefit in is the eye cream I’m surprised and really surprised to see this size here in sample bed because I have the sample I use it and was maybe less than half for this one so to me it looks like the full size I don’t know exactly it is if he is a full size or not but i use it i like it so it about the inserted eye cream and then the last sample in here it’s chlorines is there double the double serum so yeah this is all in this bag I think it’s a great bag sample bag we have great brands in here like Clarion’s benefit Murad Elizabeth Arden she said whatever you want those of you and as far I know we have here twenty six pieces which is not bad as I say them surprising to synthesize and dissolve because I know the one I used before and was way way way smaller than this one blast me of that amount of time so this is benefit eye cream as I said I love the sample bags and for sugar dollars in my empties they have some surprises with some products a while ago it doesn’t say the fact that they don’t have an expiration date that kind of anger kind of bothers me because is bad after now but anyway this is just me so yeah this is a good bag let me know what do you think about this one and I’ll be back very soon with another unboxing thank you so much for watching you have a great day bye bye you