Full Face of Makeup with Just a Beauty Blender | The Sloane Series

Hi my name is Sloane, and I am about to
destroy a Beauty Blender. I’m not proud of it. I love my beauty blender, uh she’s
done nothing to deserve this, but I made a commitment that I was going
to use my Beauty Blender to do my entire makeup including my eyes, and I can’t
imagine that it will end well for my precious baby girl. It’s okay –
I’ll clean her. She’ll look beautiful at the end. It will not be a waste… do not
worry she’ll look like this again tomorrow. By
the end of this video she will not be cute and pink. She’ll be all sorts of
shades of nonsense. Whoo! All right, let’s do this!
Hi everyone! I am Sloane Glass and I am going to do my full face – eyes, everything
with just one tool the Beauty Blender yes yes yes yes yes yess! So let’s start with
moisturizer I guess I should use the Beauty Blender for the moisturizer too
and not my fingers. I don’t know. Why not, right? I love Tatcha’s ageless enriching cream, so I’m going to use that. Ah! Okay, I guess I see people doing this on
Instagram, and I’ve never really known why you would use a tool to put your
moisturizer on, but when I see it means like a foundation brush and it’s like
what? What are you doing? That’s just your fingers are for, but I don’t know maybe there’s a
reason I don’t know about so you guys tell me. You’ll enlighten me. So so
moisturizing. Ooh, I am so pale. It’s..uh quite shocking. Moisturizers on. Clearly not
using the Beauty Blender the way it’s intended. I’m like… dragging across my
face. Now that my moisturizer is on I’m going
to prime. I’m pretty lucky because the primer that I want to use today, which I
love it’s from First Aid Beauty – the Hello Fab Color Correcting Cushion
Compact. It has three different shades: lavender, pink and green. It’s a cushion
compact the way that cushion compact foundations work, so it normally I use
this type of cushion brush with it… cushion guy soupy guy and the inside looks like this, but I am going to use my Beauty
Blender and just dab dab dab and go under my eyes. It’s really so so
moisturizing and an awesome color corrector that doesn’t make you look
gray. So many color correctors get it wrong they make you look ashy or gray,
and this one just truly brightens. Obviously, so far so good with the Beauty
Blender. The first couple of steps is gonna be great. It’s like my foundation
and my concealer. Foundation time from Urban Decay their Naked Weightless
foundation. I am shade 1.5 and let’s bounce. By the way, how long does it take
everyone to do their makeup? I’m always so curious how long people spend, and this
is my answer: It takes as long as I have. If I have five minutes it takes me five
minutes. If I have thirty it takes me 30. It takes me as long as you give me. If I
have time to take a nice long hot shower, do my makeup, come back, take a break I’ll do it. If I have five minutes then I’ll do my makeup
in five minutes. I just would rather listen to music and take my time with it I
mean enjoy the process, but don’t always have the luxury. Okay, I use Tarte’s Shape Tape
in the shade light. A little bit. I like to do an upside down triangle to really
brighten under my eyes. A little bit on my chin, on my forehead because I break
out there, and down my nose. It’s red around my nose right now because it’s winter. I
blow my nose a lot in the winter like it just like the transition from into the cold
days. Did you need to know that? No. Are you better for knowing it? Probably, and I
always start by blending my forehead because my skin is dry there, and I
don’t want the product to settle into the fine lines. You don’t wanna
accentuate them, and then I go down to my chin. Around my nosey, and the under eyes. Who’s in that
commercial that’s like got dry eyes? blah blah blah… do you know the one I’m
talking about? It’s like a science guy, but not Bill Nye
or maybe he’s not a science guy he just looks like he’d be good at science.
So, concealer and foundation is on. Obviously it looks great with the Beauty Blender. It’s
exactly what this product is meant to do. Everything is blended so well so
seamlessly now we’re moving on to our powder products and this is when things
get a little tricky since this is so good with creams I normally switch over
to a traditional brush when it comes to powders but they we are not ever using
this for everything. Why can I find nothing today?! This was literally on my
lap the entire time it’s so big and I didn’t notice. From Becca Cosmetics
the Soft Light Blurring Powder is what I’m going to set my under eyes but it’s
a pink powder but it goes on translucent. It does have a pink tint which for my
under eyes brightens them so much. I love it. I’m just dipping right in here and
gonna go under my eyes. Okay, I mean they definitely look awake
I’ll tell you that. The other thing that I’ll tell you is that I had this dream where this
monster came to me and the monster told me that every time I lose something
he’s the one who takes it. He puts in this big room. I’m not losing
my mind. I just, he takes my stuff so
I don’t know it’s just something to think about. Just makes you think. Okay, the one thing that I will say is I would love to be able to just wipe off the
extra powder, but I guess I just kind of have to blot it in my under eyes
since I just have the Beauty Blender. What if you are trapped on a desert
island, and the only thing you had with you was your full makeup bag and one
Beauty Blender? You’d be thankful you watched this tutorial. This palette from
Laura Geller is great for your full face because she has these two beautiful
blush shades I really like. This one’s kind of a lilac shade called Catalina, but the bronzers
are so natural looking it’s like, mwah, thank you, and then we
have some highlights that are really beautiful. So, I guess I’m just gonna use
the tushy end of it and mix the blushes. Okay, and dab on some blush this way. Is it poppin’? Okay, now that I am flushed and blushed – I
love a lot of blush clearly my whole face is pink now – I’m going to go in with the Hawaiian Glow
in medium shades from the palette um I’m a little nervous about bronzing this way but, Should I drag and blot, drag and blot. Okay,
so this actually looks pretty dope. My makeup is looking so diffused and beautiful if
I do say so myself. I’m going to highlight with Laura
Geller’s diamond dust, and I I have a good feeling about this because the
moisture from the Beauty Blender is gonna look really pretty with the highlight.
Yeah, that’s that pops. That looks really good. I really actually like the way this is
making my face makeup look because it’s so diffused. Everything is just kind of
blending together beautifully. So, face makeup is done.
Um, eyebrows I don’t know I don’t know how I do my eyebrows with this. I guess
for eyebrows I’m just gonna go like okay and that’s me doing my eyebrows. On to our eyes. This is when things are going to probably get a little wacky. I’m just
going to dip the Beauty Blender into some like a really light shade of eyeshadow
to start and see what happens. Thats much more than I wanted, and it’s everywhere. I feel like I can’t
control it with under my eyes either. Um, I mean if you looked at me you’d be
like yeah it’s fine, but it’s not I can tell you. I’m gonna take some more
eyeshadow and try to get myself some definition. Are you actually kidding me
like I do not know how to make this better. I guess if I just go like this,
like bend it in half and push it against my eye. Okay, this eye obviously has much more
than this eye, but I don’t know how to fix this. I’m gonna take a shade that
hopefully I can add some eyeliner with and go really close to my lash line. Oh, that
kind of worked! Okay, I look just like the guy from American Horror Story, and um so it just
doesn’t work to do this under your eyes. I think they want you to use the Beauty
Blender as directed, and I’m just like going against doctor’s orders
essentially, It’s just like, add mascara I don’t even know what to do. The only way
I can think to do mascara is to put some on the back of my hand, dab it onto the
Beauty Blender, and just like push it onto my eyelashes, so wish me luck! Okay so this is not really working. Again,
this is not the way you’re supposed to use a Beauty Blender. If you have
never used a Beauty Blender and you’re watching this tutorial, I am so sorry. No
no no no no a Beauty Blender is a tool that you use wet to get a flawless
complexion. Not supposed to use it on your eyes. I’m just messing around. What
if you were trapped on a desert island and the only thing you had with you was
your full makeup bag and one Beauty Blender? You’d be thankful you watched this
tutorial. So lips I actually feel could work out really well because I have a
feeling I might get a nice diffused looking lip, but see this is the shade I
picked I’m running out of space on my Beauty Blender that’s not dirty, so I’m
gonna use this end of it and just I guess kind of like kiss my Beauty
Blender. With a gloss, I mean, the gloss is getting on there for sure, but let’s try
a lipstick. I’m gonna use this one from Doll 10 the bombshell shade and put on
the back of my hand. This is the final look. My complexion looks great minus the
under eyes where I didn’t have eyeshadow fallout- nothing’s falling out from the
Beauty Blender. It collects the product beautifully. It’s just that I tried to
blend, and I got it everywhere. My eyeshadow is an absolute mess. I wouldn’t
even say I had mascara on. I mean the lip gloss got there, I’ll tell you that.
It did it. Mmm my lips feel minty! Would I ever do this again… no, except for the
face part. I mean, I do my full face with the Beauty Blender all the time. I never
normally do the powder with a Beauty Blender, but I love the way it looks. I
think my complexion looks so pretty. There’s nothing about it that looks
unnatural and sometimes I look at my skin and think uhh that’s not blended so well,
but today that’s definitely not the case so I’m really happy with the way that my
makeup turned out minus the eyes. I thought that this was really fun and so much
more challenging than I anticipated it to be. I didn’t want to start this
tutorial by showing you guys the end results. I thought we would create a
little bit of anticipation, um look if you saw me say walking down the street
you wouldn’t feel like her makeup is trash. You would just say nothing. You
wouldn’t notice. However, however, however you would say my highlight is popping, my
cheeks are looking good, my lips look nice. I love my Beauty
Blender I’m sorry Beauty Blender, I’m sorry Beauty
Blender, I’m sorry Beauty Blender, but who knows maybe one day I will be in a
circumstance where all I have is this in my makeup bag and now at least I know
what it’s like to do my eyeshadow and everything else with the Beauty Blender.
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I’ll see you guys later! Beauty Blender please forgive me for what I’ve done to