Funny Halloween Prank – Fake Trick Or Treater Prank – Trick Or Treat With Timmy

(doorbell rings) -(woman)
Oh! Oh, my goodness. …that thing is not moving. -(man) Thank you.
-(woman) Bye! Oh, my God, you’re pretty scary. My dog’s gonna freak. Who are you? You’re pretty good.
Okay. Trick or treat? -(woman giggling)
That’s really creeping me out. -Hello, scary, scary, scary person. I’m not gonna lie.
You’re kinda freaking me out. Wow, you guys, this is spooky. (indistinct conversations) That is freaking me out. Wow, you guys, seriously,
take a look at our trick-or-treater here. -(woman inside) Are you not even moving?
-(woman) No. -(woman inside)
Can I take a picture of you? Is that okay?
Can you nod, at least? -No…
Are you a person? (mechanical moaning) -I don’t think we’re gonna trick or treat with this one. (indistinct conversations)
-(woman) …’cause his hands aren’t… -(man) Joe, you’re the biggest guy here,
so you have to touch him… -(woman) I mean, they’re both skeletons,
so skeletons will understand each other. -(man)
Someone will give him more candy… -(woman)
Ooh, scary! Trick or treat, huh? Okay, here. I gave you already.
(chuckles) You scare me. (chuckling)
You’re scary. -(man) I’m not gonna go touch it.
-(woman) Go poke it. -(woman) Yeah, poke it.
-(man) No, I’m not gonna go poke it. You poke it.
-(woman) Get the fireplace thing. -(woman) Get the fireplace poker.
-(man) That’s not a good idea. -(woman) Just the brush.
You don’t have to use the poker. -You’re scary. (laughing) Stop, you’re freaking me out. -Grab one. No? Hello?
-(child) Trick or treat. -(woman chuckling) He doesn’t come with us.
-I know. He was with that last group. -(woman) Oh, he wants maybe the whole bowl.
That’s what it is. Oh, my God, he’s scary.
-Alright. He is creepy. -(speaking Spanish)
-Whoops, excuse me. -What the hell? (laughing) -(woman) What is that?
-(man) I don’t know. -Oh, you’re not gonna open the door?
-I don’t know…(laughs) What do you say? -Talk, make it do something. -(chuckling) You are scary. (laughs) Here you go. (laughs) Have a nice time.
(laughing) -(man) Wow!
-(laughing) -Are you with your parents? Are you with your parents or by yourself? Answer, skeleton man. Show your face. -(laughing, chuckles) -Thank you.
-Happy Halloween. (chuckles) -Oh, my God.
That’s great. -Trick or treat.
(chuckles) He wants more candy. (indistinct):
He’s got the Halloween and he won’t leave. -I’ve gotta see this.
Hold on. Ah! -Yeah. That good? Okay, bye. Is that good? The Halloweener won’t leave, dude. -Hmm… -(woman) Just take the candy out.
-(man) Oh, yes. (laughter inside)
-He’s not real. -(woman) What the hell? Are you serious?
-Yeah. There’s a guy with a camera outside. -(man) Very good.
-(woman) No way. -(man) Very good.
-(woman) That’s rad. (evil mechanical laughter) (laughter continues, thud) -(laughing) That is awesome. (laughing) I’ve been Punk’d. -Oh, dude!
(laughing): There’s a guy… There’s a dummy, dude. A dummy Halloween costume.
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