[Funny] Poland – Coronavirus – Communism – Iron Curtain – Treatment – Polish vodka

Polish Film Chronicle Attention, attention! All Citizens of the People’s Polish Republic [PRL] ! In our country there’s a new threat! Coronavirus pandemia is near! Western, corrupt world-powers are startled! We are not scared! Naming of the disease isn’t random…. “The Crown” is a symbol of bourgeoisie monarchy! Comrade! Keep calm! Medicine is on the way! We have the cure The remedy is pure VODKA! Dedicated brigades are working around the clock to bring back hygiene and order to our Nation! Scientists from the National Committee of Infectious Diseases in ‘Zamość’ (city) declared that that a couple of shots of pure alcohol a day has a positive effect on the immune system of a human body strong liver is the most important factor in disease prevention! Cheers! To those with immunodeficiency alcohol is provided via in-vein injections Alcohol is given even to children! Sour medicine treats best! Restriction in supplies is needed! It’s sad to say…. but there ARE vodka shortages! Half a liter a week is enough…. Half a liter? It won’t stay in the bottle until I get back home! Our Nation Pride has a variety of applications…. Vodka is used to disinfect hands… streets and even cars…. The First Secretary has decided that Poland is going to export vodka to our dearest ally – the Republic of China Have faith comrades! Meanwhile in Polish streets first results of the kind of treatment can be seen…. Husband drinks… wife drinks… Corona virus cannot get them! Patients’ faces are worry-free Situation is UNDER CONTROL at last!