Gay pharmacist kills wife after she stops IVF

A gay man supposedly choked his wife and killed her. The reason is that his wife has the life insurance, which the husband was planning to take it. The insurance is worth 2 million pounds. After taking the insurance, he plans to move to Australia with his boyfriend. The murderer’s name is Mitesh Patel and he is 37 years old. His wife is Jessica and they live in London. According to the London police, when they reached his house, Mitesh said that some robber had killed his wife. Later, the police found his laptop. On the laptop, they saw he had searched different ways to kill his wife on the internet. Based on this, police concluded Mitesh killed his wife. After she decided to stop her IVF treatment, Mitesh, who was upset, used a plastic bag to choke her to death. Mitesh says that his wife was his best friend and she knew about his different boyfriends. The police say that if his wife delivered a baby, he would take the baby and move to Australia. This case is going on in the UK court, no decision has been made on Jessica’s death yet.