Get Ready w/ Me: Morning Routine| ilikeweylie

[MUSIC] Once I wake up if it’s not within the first hour, or the first second I
wake up, I must make my bed. I don’t why but growing up I hated making
my bed, but now that I’m older it drives me crazy when my bed is not did. So I start off with making my bed in the
morning. And my sheets are actually from IKEA and
the pillows are from Target. I usually shower at night but since I
forgot to shower, or didn’t want to shower the night before, I
am showering this morning. And I just got this shampoo, which is the
Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo. It looks like porridge, I don’t know. But it actually works really well and
gives my hair a lot of volume and then I use this hair conditioner and it works
really well with detangling, and I just wash my body with this soap right here and
for my face I use lush coal face bar soap. And this is probably like my favorite bar
soap ever, it makes your face feel amazing, and to
brush my teeth I use Tom’s toothpaste. which leaves the worst after taste
in your mouth. But whatever and after I finish taking a
shower I will start with my skin care. And as far as my skin care, everything has
still stayed the same since my last skin care video, so I’ll link that down below
if you guys would like to check it out and I talk about a little bit more about the
products. I basically just tone and moisturize. That’s pretty much the only routine I do
in the morning as far as skin care goes. [MUSIC] After I moisturize, I like to prime my
face with Maybelline Age Rewind Primer. This feels really good on the skin. And then I’m gonna use my Benefit Puff Off
Eye Gel. This is basically an eye gel with this
little applicator tip at the end of it and when you smooth it on your eyes it gives
you like this cold tingly feeling that helps depuff your dark, I mean, your eye
bags. And then I just like to prime my lips with
a little bit of lip balm. [MUSIC] As you all know, I am a huge fan of this
Bye Bye Redness correcting cream. As you can see, it just takes away the
redness so flawlessly and it just, oh, it’s amazing. And then I’m taking my Perricone No Foundation Foundation
Serum, and I like to use this foundation whenever I want my skin to look
very naturale and just not cakey. I use about five to six drops of this and
it looks amazing, as you can see. And now to conceal my undereyes, I’m using
one of my favorite drugstore concealers. I just glide it under my eyes and I’m just blending it out with my Real
Techniques fluffy brush. [MUSIC] I just happen to be one of those people
who were not born with cheekbones, so you gotta fake it’ til you make it,
girlfriend! I just like to use this palette and give
myself a little contour, and I am not no pro when it comes to
contouring; I just. Do whatever every YouTuber does and I feel
like it works. It gives my face a little oomph. And, I also like to brush it down my nose. I don’t think this makes a huge difference
either, but it kinda does. I don’t know.
It makes my face look a little bronzed. And then after that I like to use a peach
blush. I just don’t want to overdo my makeup so I
didn’t wanna use like a pink blush. I’m just using something that looks kind
of like bronzer but with a little hint of peach. And then I just like to lock in all my
makeup because I just worked so hard on this face, I don’t want it to
slide away. [MUSIC] And now I’m just gonna prime my eyelids
for eyeshadow. I don’t typically wear eyeshadow everyday,
but on some days I just like to, some days I don’t, but today is just one
of those days. All right, now I’m gonna start with my
eyebrows first. Your eyebrows could really be after
eyeshadow, it’s really up to you, but I just chose to do eyebrows first. And I’m just using the same old routine
I’ve been using. If you guys would like to see a more
detailed routine video, I’ll link it down below. For my eyeshadow, today, I’m gonna use by
new Too Faced Semi Sweet pallet. And I’m just doing a natural eye. I’m just gonna let you guys watch the
video. I do tell you what colors I’m using, so,
ya, I’m just gonna let you guys watch it. It’s a very basic, simple, natural, eye, yeah. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] And that is basically it to my morning routine. If you guys would like to see my evening
routine, I’ll link it down below. But this is pretty much what I do in the
morning and if you guys would like to see what else I do during the day check
out my vlog channel. I’ll link it down below and that is all
for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
I’ll see you all in the next one. Goodbye! [MUSIC]