Get to know your local pharmacist 2

When I talk about my health conditions with somebody I trust it’s a big relief. Trusting someone with these types of conversations is so important, and we should all feel comfortable doing this. If you’re ever concerned about your health, it’s way easier than you think to find ​that​ someone. Did you know that you can see your pharmacist first for trusted health advice? Like: urinary tract infections, emergency contraception, repeats of the pill, and selected vaccinations. They may be able to immediately offer you treatment, or refer you if you need further care. Anytime they’re open and often without an appointment. The care of your pharmacist is nearby, Your local pharmacy, your community health centre… The hospital and sometimes at your home… They’re closer than you think and located all over New Zealand. University trained with ongoing professional development… Pharmacists have the expertise to give us trusted health advice. Pharmacists are registered health professionals… they are part of the connected health team. Get to know your local pharmacist and the other services they offer. They’re here for us when we need them, making healthcare more accessible than ever. See​ your local pharmacists for health advice today.