Getting Ready For The MMVAS | makeup, outfit, backstage, after party

To open skies when on Morning guys, welcome back to my channel I am in Toronto today is the day of the MMVAs I’ll be honest. I had a decent sleep and today it is 10:00 a.m. But technically it’s 7 a.m. Back home So it’s not that bad. I am feeling energized now. I also have my coffee and I’m currently doing it this mask It’s the goddess skin and clay mask by Charlotte Tilbury. I got a little Sample package of different things actually. No, I think this was indie It wasn’t like a Christmas calendar what it was called an advent calendar countdown There’s like all of these like small sizes of Charlotte Tilbury products So doing that right now when I got to Toronto yesterday in the afternoon And I went shopping all evening because I still don’t know freaking out for guys the MMVAs are in Wall there this evening and I don’t have my outfit ready. Also. Thank you guys to everyone who gave me boutique suggestions I asked one my Instagram and a lot of you guys said to check out honey and boutique and the store on Queen Street So I went to all three of those locations and they were great choices but there wasn’t anything there that I was really really vibing with but I brought a backup dress and when I kind of gave up on Buying a new dress I decided I would just get accessories for my backup option. So probably gonna wear my backup option It’s still pretty it’s just not I’m not in love with it, and I I wanted to like love my outfit, but this happens every year I leave my outfit shopping to the last minute and then I don’t have a proper outfit. I still need to find shoes today I already got accessories, but I need shoes. But first I need to get last week’s weekly vlog up So I’m going to get that edited today and then I’m gonna post probably while I’m at the airport Luckily I have most of it edited because I’ve been editing throughout the week. So I just have to edit like the past few days Shopping was a success. I got shoes I got champagne Sparkling wine technically and grabbed a quick breakfast at Starbucks. Nope. Here. We are I need to make sure everything goes together by the way I found both these shoes at blue Chateau and I never shopped there, but it’ll water really cute shoes I think these are the ones I’m gonna wear. Oh Yeah, that’ll look good. I’m just like holding it up to the dress right now. So we’re gonna let these rose gold But like there’s lots of different colors in it. I’m not really showing up as glittery in here actually So this is the dress that I’m wearing I think that’ll look good. This is the clutch everything’s kind of Rose gold. These are the other shoes that I got just a very like classic nude kitten heel I actually used to really not be a fan of kitten heels. I don’t know I actually really like these they’re really comfortable to walk in except I think they can just stretch out a tiny bit I think they’ll be good and I just feel like these are a really good heel for like everyday I could wear these with jeans As most of you guys know I’m like 510, so I’m pretty tall So this isn’t gonna be too much height, but it still gives the look of wearing a heel So I thought this was an option But I also just obviously know that I can wear these with so many different things I think I’ll definitely be wearing these because like what else am I gonna wear these ones? Which is why I was going to get these instead, but then I thought both Outfit is sorted it is time to get ready. I wanna see my Washington here in a while. So I bought dry shampoo I think I’m gonna curl it I’m gonna put extensions in so welcome back with my hair it’s done and then I’ll show you guys a little bit of the makeup I’m actually really savvy position have brought in a different eye shadow palette. The only eye shadow palette I brought was this one which is okay, but I want to do like kind of a dramatic rose gold smokey eye and Don’t have any rose gold, but we’ll make it work Yes Just I can charge my battery for a little bit, but I finished up this eyes This is what I’m going for. My added lashes and I use the super slim Liner, and I just like a little bit of a wing going on. I also put this Marc Jacobs I always use this for my waterline. It’s like a light pink. I like it better than white. I just put it in there I might add a mascara on the bottom after but I still want to kind of bake under my eye So I’m using the Hello fab bendy Avocado concealer it’s this first aid beauty. I actually really like this one Always trying to get like really up in this corner and kind of on the side of my nose. It actually helps when you try to contour your nose you want to have like the Concealer on this side too. So that makes any sense powder I’m using for under my eyes is from stellar This is their translucent powder I just started eating this but I like it. I don’t put a ton on either. I literally just use this To set it I don’t even know if you’d call this baking because I don’t put like a ton on it now I just need to do the same the other eye You’re okay I Have gone questions on these lashes. They’re the number 5 to 3 from red cherry, and these are like one of my favorites They’re a little bit more into traumatic like they’re pretty long. So I wouldn’t wear these just like everyday, but I do like these Okay as much as I want to film this like it’s so hard to do it. I need them here Okay, I’m actually sweating because I was just having like a solo dance party, I’m pretty much ready I’m just gonna like fix up my hair a little bit But here’s the makeup and such. So my friend Dan you guys might know him Dan two left ski, he’s on his way over We’re gonna have a little pre drink before we head over is it bad if I crack open the champagne now? So I went and I got this bottle for $14. I’d like to see how much this wine is. I was gonna eat this KitKat bar yesterday and then I read it This is an angel or Kit Kat bar. Is it six either way super ridiculous. The champagne here is $98 Though mine is 35. That’s not awful, but like I’m trying to get like some natural lighting So you guys can see that it look is the bathroom Lighting’s I think the best so this is the final makeup Look, this is the dress it kind of reminds me of like a Victoria’s Secret robe I Kind of wanted to cinch it with the belt, but I couldn’t find a belt that looks good with it. So It’s cute. I was like this little like button up kind of balloon sleeves. Um, so John is late and I’m unimpressed I’m supposed to be here 15 mins ago Mm. Who are you? Oh, that’s gonna be him. Okay. Hello Yes, please, thank you you too Having a hard time. Yeah Okay, I think the goobers here is we’re gonna head out in a couple minutes and We’ll see you guys in the red carpet. I was so sore So because I left my camera in my over but I am on the carpet now. I am with Dan roto. What’s up? I think we were just saying the last time we saw each other was probably last year and Yes, actually more than a year ago because the MMVAs last year were in June. That is true So it’s been over a year, but now melissa is about to get her model shots. You ready? It’s awkward. It’s super awkward I don’t know my pod and fed to the Lions. Yeah, they’re like look here lookie. Look at the camera like Like I don’t like you I smile. Do I look sultry Soul Train salt salt salt salt salty That Meghan Trainor We’re just getting started We went side stage we saw policy doesn’t like one man they wanted to see this is really great footage right now Yeah puts everybody on oh There’s a guy selling or giving us free kielbasa, I Just got back to my hotel room. I don’t know if they think two people are staying here, but I got two robes I’m gonna wash my face And go to bed now. Talk to you guys in the morning Can I get the base street start? I’ll do vanilla. So I’m supposed to have breakfast here. I got some berries vanilla yogurt This is probably granola. It seems some sort of muffin coffee grapefruit juice any of you guys can see that. Oh This is a real flower That’s cute. So last night was super fun. I’m game picked up in about an hour to head to the airport and go back home So I thought I would just close up this blog. So thank you guys so much for watching Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and check back next Monday for a new video. Bye guys. Bye