Getting Rid of Sèxual Addiction with Vipassana Meditation – Audio of Discourse by S N Goenka

Will this technique help ascetics to
live celibate life so that they don’t do evil acts? When I hear anything like this,
I feel very sorry. Because the technique is a very wonderful solution for it. When this law of nature was discovered by the enlightened one.. That you are actually reacting to the sensations of the body, a solution was found. Number of Alcoholics come to the course. We want to come out of this addiction ..they want to come out of this addiction. I tell them you are not addicted to alcohol. You are addicted to the sensation on the body that you get when you take alcohol. And deep inside a craving starts for that particular sensation. You want the sensation again.. so you take alcohol. Apparently, it looks you’re addicted
to alcohol. You are not. Similarly this passion, this lust specially for those who are leaders of different religions having
taken a vow of celibacy I know because large number of them are
coming I had my own problems initially but how quickly I came out of it. How
quickly they come out of it. Passion arises.. one has taken a vow of celibacy..Good … every teacher say teacher like Jesus Christ he taught us how to live
with the pure heart. What pure heart? If passion is arising, lust is arising.. what
pure heart? We are not living pure heart. You must live with the pure heart. And specially those who taken a vow of celibacy. How to live? Passion arises you keep on
suppressing. Passion arises you keep on suppressing. A psychic case. You run to
the psychiatrist or passion arises You do something wrong at the physical level then a guilt feeling.. All the time miserable because of that. How to come out of it? So easy. When passion arises it is bound to be sensation on the body.. passion as a reason Just accept fact at this moment there is passion in my mind ..not related to this person or that person .. nothing doing … passion is passion … lust is lust.. And now let me see what sensation… A good Vipassana Meditator will start observing the sensation of that moment and this sensation is pertaining to the lust that is a reason and keeps on observing equanimously. OH.. this sensation is not permanent. It arises to pass away.. it arises to pass away. This lust is connected to the sensation.. lust is also not permanent.. let me see how long it lasts Let me see… One comes out of it..without suppression.. without expression .. easily people come out of it I remember when I started teaching early 70’s large number of people from the West..
there was a hippie cult in those days and in that hippie cult free sex.. I was
unhappy with that.. but mere sermons won’t do. By practicing.. practicing.. practicing
Vipassana.. I found large number of them going back home.. they started living such a good life life I have seen my students within five years ..some of them have come and reported me Goenkaji, now we’re lived so easily.. a
celibate life and I feel so happy with that Both as husband and wife.. both are meditators.. We don’t say that the householder should not have sex relation. Sex relation with a partner of the life .. ONE PERSON ONLY. You keep on changing ..running one after the other ..the passion gets on multiplied. A disciplined sex initially and then when sex arises.. observe sensation.. sex arises .. observe sensation… You are coming out of it. Large number of people who have left householder’s life from different religions large number of Christians are coming .. the Buddhist monks are coming.. Hindu sannyasis are coming They have taken a vow of celibacy.. They have difficulty.. they won’t say openly but they have this problem and they come
..discuss with me .. just observe.. first they must train themselves to feel the
sensations and they must train themselves to remain equanimous with the sensation observing.. observing.. it becomes weaker ..weaker a wonderful solution Such large number of people have come out of it.. I think those who don’t know should know that there is a way to come out of this problem