Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint Review

Hi, hello there today. I’m going to be giving you my review on the Glossier Skin Tint and Just to start off, I have all my skincare done I’m going to be putting on my primer as usual, and then I’m going to be doing one half of my face in my normal Preferred like BB cream, this is more of a BB cream And then the Glossier Skin Tint and then you guys will just see like coverage wise the difference So Glossier claims that their perfecting skin tint evens out discoloration Leaves your skin looking more toned, smooth, and dewy. It’s a breathable ultra thin Formula that auto fits to your skin What it won’t do, is hide your freckles Spackle your pores or erase any other evidence that you are in fact a real human being. So I have the shade medium This is what it looks like and it does say to shake before use, so I’mma shake that So they give you one fluid ounce for $26 which I find a little bit pricey So this is what my skin looks like, I have a lot of pigmentation as you can see like a lot of pigmentation From acne so it’s mostly on my cheeks, then I have this one right here then I have some on my nose, so So again the Glossier skin tint is not meant to be like a foundation or even a concealer type of thing It’s meant to be very sheer, very light Just gonna tie my hair up, okay. And then let’s do, which side do I do first?
Um so I have less Pigmentation on this side, so I will do Glossier on this side of my face, and then I’m gonna do my regular Foundation on this side of my face so left side of my face is going to be Ryor this side of my face is gonna be Glossier Put on my primer and the primer I’m using, the primer I have been using for the past like year. I don’t really use Makeup too much actually, but this is the Nyx Honey Dew Me Up and Thoughts on this primer, um it’s okay I haven’t really tested out like a ton of primers, so I mean, it’s okay. It’s a very moisturizing primer, so I wouldn’t really recommend it for people with oily skin but for me and my dry patches This is pretty great Just rubbing that in there. Okay. I have a mirror behind the camera. So that’s why I keep like looking behind the camera So primer is on and I am ready to put on the Glossier, again doing it on this half of my face And it says just shake well before you, so I’m really shaking it um Alright. I’ve seen people put this on a variety of ways I prefer to use my Beauty Blender I do really really love Glossier’s packaging. I love their marketing I want to try out their cloud paints, especially because I love me a good blush, and I love how they’re like multi-purpose You can use it as your lip color, as your blush okay, so I think I’ve had Enough of this skin tint dabbed on. Oh another thing I don’t really like is the packaging I don’t like how it comes in like this squeeze bottle and I have to squeeze it out I feel I don’t know like I wish I came in a pump which is you know just you know easier overall, okay, Gonna go in with my You know, damp beauty blender, actually this isn’t like the Beauty Blender. This is a Different brand that I got from Generation Beauty, but I can’t remember what brand it is so And this is just so you guys can see like What the coverage is like especially on somebody who Doesn’t have perfect skin and it is super dewy so yeah, basically there’s no coverage It makes my, it does make my skin just a smidge better like it definitely helped on the nose. This was a lot darker But it just it’s like mmm I’m gonna put a little bit more over my problem areas so you can see what a second layer looks like And yeah their shades are also a little bit weird But it’s supposed to you know Autocorrect or whatever into your like perfect shades, so I think the skin tint is also very forgiving in terms of like your shade Because it is so sheer that I think it’s like very forgiving So you can see it like it doesn’t cover up moles or anything like that, so if you have any darker pigmentation From Acne it won’t cover those up And yeah, so does not completely cover up, or you know like my acne right here, but it does make it Look a little bit better You would definitely have to put on some concealer if you want to like cover it up and then on this side I’m going to use My Ryor Brightening Makeup and I do have more pigmentation on this side, so generally, I find that one or two layers of this is enough to have pretty good coverage of my pigmentation So the Ryor Brightening Makeup is a very light makeup in itself And I think it provides like a decent amount of coverage especially for everyday wear and so this is just one layer and As you can see most of my pigmentation is gone this also gives, the Ryor Brightening Makeup also has like a very like dewy finish So if I want to mattify my face more, I always set it with a powder And then I’m just gonna go in with a little bit more Especially over you know where I have acne Just Gonna you know put in the product there um I have a little bit down here And this one has pretty light to medium coverage. I think it’s more on the light side though in terms of coverage Cuz I wanna look even I’m just gonna I have some like extra product on my hands from the Ryor so I’m just gonna dab it over these spots and then See if that covers it up Which it kind of should. Is it worth it um If the price was right, I think it would be worth it. If I, if it was less than $20, I would say Yeah, maybe oh Wow, that did a really good job of like hiding that Coverage wise the Ryor side did a better job and after I applied some of the Ryor Brightening 8 in one makeup here, looks amazing So I think if you are somebody who doesn’t have a lot of like acne problems, or pigmentation, Then the glossy skin tint is definitely something that could work for you, especially if you you know add a little bit of concealer I also am of the opinion that for $26 it is a bit pricey and it is kind of a small bottle so I don’t like personally I wouldn’t go for this especially since you know I Would need like another product like a concealer to make that work for my base makeup Typically, I only use the Ryor makeup I use it as like my entire base, kind of like my foundation but it’s more of like a BB cream And then I just go in like I said before with some extra layers for where I need additional coverage And then that’s it. I don’t use like other concealers. This is like what I have and so for $12.50 I think this is very worth it and then for this I don’t like that I’m paying $26 and then I have to pay more money for a concealer to you know make this work for me Yeah, I just hope this review was very helpful. I will link the products I used down below and Yeah, I’ll see you guys next time. Bye