GRWM | Easy Summer Glam

Hey, what’s up you guys? So this is my summer glam look. It’s a warm tone smokey eye If you, want to see how I got this look, and just keep on watching! Okay, first we are going to moisturize. The first aid beauty ultra repair cream I was out in the sun, today a little bit sunburnt Moxie, lay down. Hey! My dog thinks he’s the star of the show Moxie, lay down! Okay, so now that we’ve moisturized i’m gonna start with the foundation. The IT cosmetics cc cream 50 spf Okay, so as you can see this is just one layer foundation. So this is a pretty light coverage foundation. It is a cc cream so that makes sense, but i’m gonna go ahead and do just another layer Moving on to concealer, I’m using the Maybelline fit me concealer in 15 Fair And then i’m gonna blend that out using the same expert face brush from real techniques. Oh my gosh, i worked out today and my arm is already getting tired from blending out the foundation yikes Did you hear that crack? I like how i said i’m trying to be healthy, but i’m drinking gatorade. It’s fine… it’s fine.. everything’s fine. The issue is that i’m running low on my laura mercier translucent powder, so i’m gonna try to get as much as i can out of it. I’m using a big fluffy powder brush A smaller powder brush, do the under eye and the nose So now for some cream contour. I’m using the fenty beauty matchstick in amber I’m gonna go a little bit on the back of the jawline and on the sides of the forehead And if you really want to, you could go under the lip Make sure you blend it into your hairline. Do you guys like my earrings? Aren’t they so cute? They’re kind of like a little feather, and they’re gold, not real gold They’re from this store called Earthbound I’ll try to link the website down below But they have super cute jewelry. It’s kind of like uh i don’t know how to describe it Like a hippie store, you know what i mean. that aesthetic Got the essential oils, it’s got the chakra And all that hippie stuff. I’m so sweaty. i don’t know, why, my house is just humid, okay? Like i know it’s humid outside today. I told my dad, and he was like “We can just get you new blinds so you can block out the sun” i’m like, “Maybe you could just fix the air conditioning” It’s fine, these are first world problems, but i’m practically sweating through my shirt right Now i’m gonna go back in with the concealer just gonna go like right here and i’m going over my blemishes again because This concealer’s not that good, so it didn’t really work the first time That looks so much cleaner Oooh, yas. It gives that sharper cleaner sleeker contour look now i’m gonna, do Eyebrows, first i’m going to take my smudge brush and I’m using the Anastasiai beverly hills Brow powder duo in auburn, and i’m gonna take the darker shade Have you, guys seen Ocean’s 8 yet? I went and saw it the other day And i loved it! The thing is i don’t typically like action movies. I’ll go see em with like friends or something, but if i’m on my own, i’m not watching an action movie. i don’t care for it You know those action comedies like superhero movies. But i will say that oceans 8 was well done i’m glad it was an all-female cast, i thought they portrayed the characters in like a strong light i think, sandra bullock is a queen, i think anne hathaway is a queen, i think cate blanchett is a queen Nothing but good things to say. i thought it was really funny, too. not sure i like would rewatch it but that’s just me, that’s just my preference i like more Really, meaningful kids All right so, now i’m going, back in with a more angled defined brow. Brush, same color the darker one i Also, went and saw upgrade Let me tell you i would, not see that again i thought that was basically a worse version of Two things one frankenstein it’s basically frankenstein in like a more modern Setting, okay, but me say Frankenstein-like remakes have been done before like it’s That’s not a, new, idea? It was kind of excited though because like the trailer looked really good i just thought it was way too Gory, the plot, was like all over the place it’s, also in my opinion A worse version of ex machina i thought that was a, well done movie and i’d say this is Relatively similar to that that whole frankenstein idea i just Thought it was so gory dumb and they kind of like threw in the minority actors just to like Say that they, had minority actors i’m just like, okay, but it’s like Still a man as the main character, and like he’s got to be like super buff and like White i don’t know, didn’t care for it i thought the ending was, well done i will say but i Don’t know If you see an upgrade let me know. Your thoughts i’m gonna go back in And go over my contour with the hoola, bronzer i benefit i’m just using a fluffy powder brush got a carve down, my, forehead i prefer To, do this just cuz. I pop a pretty prominent forehead in my opinion You know what movie a really freakin, love that i watched the other day? The great gatsby, oh? My, god you know, what i just remembered i didn’t blend out this tiny little contour it was so faint Oh, i watched the great gatsby the other day the one with leonardo dicaprio and tobey maguire and honestly i think that’s one of my favorite movies of all time i love that story anyway like i read that in high school i Think, we all did? so jimmy i love it it’s kind of Confusing, and i’m like, yeah what’s gonna happen And i just thought the film was really, well done as, well? It’s like, baz luhrmann, made it so fantastical looking Larger-than-life i’ve watched that several times at least four times never gets old alright so i’m using Mary, lou, manizer, by the balm Working that all over my Cheekbones i love leonardo dicaprio mm-hmm he, did such a, stellar job and tobey maguire Like i really, don’t think anyone could have played, those two roles better than they, did let’s move on to eyeshadow Urban, decay naked ultimate basics palette, and i’m taking this bottom shade it’s called pre-game I’m just using this as a base Tempted and do a news contour into the crease So i’m getting rid of the naked palette and we’re moving on to Palette, we will use for the majority of this i look it’s the? gorgeous island First off i’m sorry, we gotta fix this this is just way too much Just got a freaking, blend this Better this little brush that came with the palette i just like, this little fluffy it’s a pretty dense fluffy brush And i’m gonna take golden, okra, which is yellowy, brown color we’re using this as a transition Alright this brush is terrible, don’t use it it comes with, the palette but this Hurts all right this is 100% synthetic that was scratchy on my eyelid Precise blending brush raw sienna which is this? Bottom light brown, and focus up even more in the crease this Is the real techniques shading brush Tiny little dome shadow And i’m gonna take this beautiful shade real car so pigmented And i’m gonna, bring that on the outside corner and slightly up to the crease Keep that on the outer third of the eyelid, now i’m gonna go back to the more precise brush So i’m blending the real guard kind of up, now i’m gonna take a real, bar again And work that into the crease once again and i am bringing this out This, works for my, eye shape it might not work for yours so just play around with it these shadows blend so beautifully Now for the fun part Taking a flat shader brush primavera gold right below packing it on the lid Now i’m gonna go back to that Small dome shadow. Brush and blend Between the primavera andry, algar i’m gonna go for a matte brow bone highlight I’m gonna, take the naked basics, and i’m going to use below, which is a little bit of a shimmer but barely i’m just gonna take that on my ring finger i don’t want anything too shimmery here because i don’t, want it to compete with, what’s on my, eyelid, going back in Fluffy, brush, and just blending i’m gonna, do real gar on the lower, lash line, and Then i’m gonna, take red, ochre and do a little bit on the outer corner almost a Little liner small dome shadow, and blend I’m gonna, take side bush and book with, my liner brush To, faced better than sex got some q-tips up in here blush, clinique kimmy i’m going to bring it up into my, bronzer i Think, this blush is comparable to the nars orgasm blush i love that blush Honestly this one is more pigmented in my opinion look at. That already i think blush does wonders Urban, decay d slick Alright let’s fix this hair of mine i just got it cut Yesterday i love my hairstylist, we went for the victoria beckham sleep Kind of? bob here Did you just hear, my dog, that was hysterical alrighty, mhm Milani, color statement lipliner drugstore this is n0 floor all-natural What i recently have been enjoying is this Clinique it’s matte and it’s in the shade suede it’s. A light nude shade and i put it in the center of my lips super creamy i love clinique’s lips Shh-shh, and then this is the anasazi, beverly hills it’s the lip, gloss in caramel and i do this on the outsides? so then i take a lip, brush and i blend it in i Think, we’re done alright so this is the finished look i hope you, enjoyed the video I’ll see you in my next video yow oh so pretty