H-Game Review 9: Rune’s Pharmacy -The Pharmacist of Tiara Island-

Welcome to a new episode of H-Game Reviews. I’m your host O21. Today’s game is a very popular game. and has a 50% discount. (Until 15/05) As always, I was trying to decide on which game to make a review. And I decided to browse the dlsite monthly ranking, the Japanese version. And I found out this game, as I told you, very popular game, was on 2nd place. And for good reason, it had a big discount. The name’s “Rune’s Pharmacy -Tiara shima no okusuriya san-” Which translates as “Rune’s Pharmacy -The pharmacist of Tiara island-“. It had a total of 17 thousand downloads and 91 reviews (in the Japanese page). It has an English page. But the game and the trial version are still in Japanese. As always, this is the trial version. You can download it from the link in the description. I have added my own affiliate program. So, If you decide to buy the game, I get about 10% of it. (It’s actually only 5%) YAY, I’ll be rich someday. (No, not at all. BUMMER.) The trial version is quite big. It weighs about 800 megas. But it’s mostly music. (Copyrighted music.) But anyway, it has a lot of content so, please, try at least the game. Ok, let’s start. This is the peaceful Tiara island. It’s blessed with a lot of vegetation. And here lives a… happy girl, until yesterday. Ok, this is our happy girl. See the little details? It’s all very beautifully put in place. Ok, her name is RU-NE or maybe Roon if you want. Or Rune. She’s crying, she says -Father, mother… -What shall I do from now on? -What shall I do by myself? Ok. Erm… Translating is a kind of pain. It takes a lot of time. So I’ll try to give you just the executive summary of what they are saying. -I can’t keep crying. I have to do my best. -Let’s go back home. Ok, Controls. The Z key is to decide, to talk, to investigate. The X key is to cancel, to see the menu. THe Shift key is to walk, to stop dashing. The F12 key is to reset the game. The Ctrl key is to skip the messages. The A key is to see the backlog. The W key is to dissappear the window, the dialog window I suppose. And the F5 key is to widen the screen. Ok. Ok. Oh. Let’s check the menu. This is the menu. I’ll use the cursor. This is the Item menu. This is the Skill menu. This is the Equipment menu. This is the Status menu. This is the Settings menu. The Quest menu. This is like a Tool Encyclopedia. This is the Monster Encyclopedia. The Save menu. And finally, Finish. I suppose this is to end the game or Exit. Ok. Over here you have your money. You have… This is your Fame, how famous she is. And here says how perverted she is. Ok. This says…. erm…. Actual Location, where she is. And these are her HP and her MP. Quite obvious. Let’s check… the status. Ok. This is something I like. This is her name and what she is. Here it says that she is a pharmacist… apprentice. Her level. How many exp points she has. Her usual stats like Strength, Defense, Knowledge, etc. And here we have her sexual experiences. Here it says… Sexual Experience Creampies Ok. The same but in the backyard. If you get my drift. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) These are… Oral ejaculation Bukkake Orgasms and First partner None, no one. Ok. Cool. It’s nice to take records. Of how much you have done in the game. In the H part. Oh… Ok, you see, there are a lot of little nice details. A little plant, herbs moving to the wind, the sounds. (I had to discard the sounds…) As I told you, the game has a lot of music. (and the music, because of Copyrights.) The little animals, (But the game has them.) the river. Ok. This shows how much time and effort was put into a game. How much love. It is very nice to see. It is very pleasant to the eye. Ok. -I have to live by my own. -I have to do my best. -I’m home. Ok. She finds someone. -Who are you? Are you a thief? Essentially, it says that this man is a representative of the merchant association and he informs her that her father has a debt with them. of 10 milion gold. Of course she can’t pay. -10 million! -Yes, here are the documents. -Wow it’s all so difficult. -I can’t get that money immediately. -What about selling the house? -Umm. I can’t sell this house. -Yes, you wouldn’t get much money for it. -What about your organs? You look healthy. -Can you sell your organs? Of course she doesn’t like the idea of selling her organs. -You’re also very very pretty. -What about introducing you to some -special jobs? You could earn -10 million gold quite quickly. -Special jobs? You know, she knows what he’s talking about. -Please, leave immediately. -I’ll do something about the money -Ok. I’ll be waiting for the 10 million -in the second floor of the Inn. -Uhh. -Umm. It’s what she says. -I have to do something about that money but what can I do? -Ok, relax. Breath. -Maybe, there’s something in the house -that I can use. -Let’s find it. Ok. This is a box. To put objects. Ok. -This book. Here it says: Beginner’s Encyclopedia of Medicinal Herbs. Ok. Potions Poison Clear Long Live Sake and Pervert Drops. Ok. You learn the recipes from the beginner’s Encyclopedia. Ok. -I think I can do this from now on. -Help! miss Rune! Ok. -Help! Please, miss. My mother was bitten by a poisonous snake. -Poisonous snake. That’s terrible. -Maybe we can -help her with the poison clear from that book. -Really? You can help my mother? -Yes. I’m sure of it. Leave it to me. -I’m sure if I have the… -YUGUDORA herb and some clean water, -I can make Poison Clear. Ok. This is like a tutorial. Let’s get the ingredients. And let’s make the Poison Clear. Ok. Poison Clear, just one. You see, these little details. Here it says that Rune has become… has gone up a level. She’s has gone from an apprentice to an initiated Pharmacist. She has learned Heal and Fire. Ok. I don’t know how making a medicine can make you learn Heal and Fire but well… -Sorry for the wait. -The Poison Clear is ready. -Give this to your mother. -Ok. Thank you, miss. -This is my treasure. -This is as thanks for the medicine. Ok. You get a pretty stone and the quest is clear. Ok. Ok. This is finished. -What should I do from now on? -I should talk to the man in the inn. That’s the inn. I’ll skip this part. Here, essentially, he tells her that he can wait as long as she gives him the stone, the pretty stone because it’s a very valuable item outside the island. And she tells him that she is going to start making medicine. And he gives her a mission, a quest to get him 3 MANDARA carrots. Mandara carrots. And he would give her a thousand gold. Ok. Ok. Now we have to make ready to leave the city for the carrots. Let’s see. These are ingredients. I suppose I will find ingredients out there. So, I’ll skip on the ingredients. -Ah. It’s so weird to see you here. -What happened? -I have to go to -Popoko prairie for some ingredients. -And I want to protect myself. -You’re going to leave the city. -You better stop. -I know a little magic so I should be fine. -I see. Come here a moment. -Ok. Undress. -Eh? -Come on. Hurry up. -But… -Well I… Wait! -I’ll be finished soon. -But… Ok. -I’ll put some metal on it. -So, it protects you. -Thank you. -(Well. It scared me a bit.) -You are not and Adventurer nor a Warrior. -So, you can’t fight straight on. -You have to be careful. -Ok. -Use potions to recover yourself… Ok. This is like a Like an explanation. I’ll skip it. -Ok. It’s ready. And you get a sturdy dress. -Ok. This is light and I can move easily. -Thank you very much. -Please, take care, Rune. -Good bye Ok. Now let’s go to that… prairie. I forgot the name. Popoko prairie. There we go. And we have to get… the carrots. Here it says that it’s the first time that she comes by herself. -What a nice wind. -And the smell of the grass. -I can’t believe there are monsters in this place. The Mandara carrot. Let’s find the Mandara carrot. Ok. Here are the carrots. Not too difficult. And here are the monsters. Ok. Those monsters look terrible. Let’s see. Fight. Magic. Fire. Ok. Not too difficult. As should be. When a game is too difficult, you just cant continue. It becomes too boring. But this is ok. Here’s another monster. I’ll skip it. It says that’s a Temari potato. Ok. No problem. Just attack the monster. We got to level 3 and we now know double heat. Yes. Here’s another carrot. And another carrot. Ok. Let’s go back to Sharuban, in the second floor of the inn. Oh. There’s something there. Ok. A woman that looks like an adventurer is coming crying. Her light armor seems to be torn apart. And there are places where her skin is showing. -Wow. Are you ok? -There’s a monster ahead. A strong one. -Be careful. -Stay still so I can give you some first aid treatment. -Thank you. -I wanted my first time to be with the person I loved… -But that monster… -Ahhh… Ok. There’s… there seems to be a strong monster ahead. Let’s prepare ourselves before going. Ok. I suppose if I talked to this monster, and I lost, I could see some H scene. But I’m not into that. I’d rather, you know, take things slowly. Ok. There’s a book here. Someone dropped it. It says Beginner’s Witch. Now you can make… Jewel for dreaming, Living Staff, and Strong Club. Now let’s go back to the city. I don’t want to fight the monster right now. Ok. Who is this? Metachan. -Ah. I see you are collecting ingredients. -Umm. Ok. I’ll give you some information. -When you are defeated, you lose the ingredients. -But only those you picked at the site. -Here, in Popoko prairie, -Yugudora herb, -Mandara ninjin, Mandara carrot, -Pan fruit, -Temari potato, -Matani tea leaf, -And… What’s this? -Mint sugar. -The enemy drops don’t disappear. -I see. -Other items… -You don’t lose them so… -Don’t worry about it. -Oh. I’ll give you this. Eat it as a snack. That’s a choco egg. Ok. Ok. We’re back in the inn. -Ah. Those are the Mandara Carrots. -Thank you very much. The quest is clear. And we get the thousand gold. Ok. We also get some experience. And we get to level 4. Ah. Now we can work at the bar. And we can work at the mansion. Ok. Let’s try the job at the bar. Umm. It says -This is the first time I enter the bar. -I feel a little nervous. -I may find a job. So, I have to be more assertive. -Good morning. -Umm. It’s full of people. -*Cough* It smells like sake, like alcohol. Ok. Let’s talk to this guy. It says Old man. -Carrot Muffin. I miss carrot muffins. -I miss the taste of my old woman. -I want to try it once again. -Umm. I don’t have any. -You like it that much? -Yes, I want it -and I can pay 300 gold for it. -And I will teach you my -Staff techniques. -It’s crazy out there. -You should learn how to protect yourself. -If I make carrot muffins… -Maybe I can give them to this old man. Ok. I suppose I have to talk to this woman here. Owner: -What about a drink? It says “I want to eat” and “I want to work”. I want to work. -I need money. Isn’t there anything I can help with? -Yes, I can introduce you to some jobs. It says, “Waitress job”, “other jobs”, “No, thank you”. Let’s try the waitress job. I don’t know what the “other jobs” are. -You have a pretty face and a good body. -You will be popular with the clients. Ok. We got a bunny suit. -Please, put this on. Go change over there. -Hai. (Yes.) -Wow, this headpiece is cute. It looks like rabbit ears. -But is dress is so small. -I have to go out in front of people with this? -It’s for money. I have to do my best. -Wow. You look quite good. -Umm… this is so embarrassing. Ok. But, she does look good. -It’s like I was naked. I feel so embarrassed. -You can see… It’s very tight. You can see it all. -It suits you very well. -Go talk to some customers that need something. -And take their orders. Ok. -The heels are so high. -I seem taller. I look like I was older. Ok. It says, – Do you need more sake? -Yes. -Umm… You, would you like to become my mistress? -I will give you lots of love. -Ah, but… -I have confidence in my technique and vitality. -What about it? -Let’s go out. -Ah, but… No, no thank you. There are some other clients. Ok. -What about some more sake? -Yes, sake, sake! -Hey, missy. -You have a good ass. -Wouldn’t you let me ride it just once? -No, that’s… that can’t be. -Come on, look. I’ve got an impressive “soldier”. -It’s big. Right? -You want it don’t you? -Yiaaa! Wait! What are you…! -(Wow! It’s enormous!) -(So, men are like this.) -No, no. This is wrong. Please, put that away. Ok. There are other clients. Ok. She is very popular. -What about some more sake? -Oh, yes. Sake. -Milk sake, please. -Eh? Milk sake? -That’s not on the menu. -Come on don’t say that! -You have two big tits right there. -Get me some milk and put it in my sake. Hehehe… -I can’t make milk. Not yet. -(Someday, milk will come out, maybe. -Ah! It really won’t come out? Let me confirm it. -Kyaa! What are you doing? -I want to find out if really, -milk isn’t coming out. It’s a massage, come on. Hehehe… -Wait, no! -Come on! -They feel so good. -And they bounce right back. His movements are becoming more and more intense. -No! I’m telling you no! Wait! -(Nobody is coming to help.) -(And it’s full of people!) -(And someone is grabbing my chest. It’s so embarrassing.) -Hey, hey. Your nipples are becoming hard. -Are you feeling it from me massaging your breasts? -You are a bad bunny. I have to teach you. -Hyuuu! -Where are you touching! Wait! -He’s grabbing my ass! -No! -But my body is becoming hot! Ok. -You have this tail. But on the inside you are a horny little bitch. He is grabbing her tail around and he’s passing it around her thighs. -Hyaa! Don’t touch me there! Wait! -Hehehe… you are saying that with your mouth… -But you are sticking your ass so much and shaking it. -You are saying you want it. -No! NO! -(The tail is entering my ass!) Wow. Ok. -(And it’s touching me down there.) -(I can’t think anymore!) -Please, don’t pull it! Ahh! -What a voice! -I can’t hold it anymore. Ok. -You are making that voice and I can’t hold it anymore. -Come on! Let me get just one! -(This is his… thing!) -(It’s trembling and it has an H smell.) He starts rubbing his junk. And with the other hand he is pulling her ass around. -Ah! Please! Not so strongly! -Ah! It’s becoming weird! Love juices are coming from her little spot. And it’s dripping to her feet. -Ah! Look at all that juice coming from there! -Me too, I’m about to… -(His thing! I can’t stop looking at it!) -(And I feel so hot down there.) -(I can’t stop!) -What a nice voice. -(There’s a lot of people.) -I’m almost at my limit. -It’s about to come out. Ok. -Wow. It’s so thick! -And it’s a lot! Ok. We’ve got a sexual experience point. -Wow, that was terrible. But… -Being covered with all that semen… -felt a little nice. -What’d I do if… I started liking it? -Well done! -Here’s your money. Ok. Oh. That was… That was very sexy. Let’s try some more things. Ok. I suppose that’s another quest. Ah. She’s making some investigation. She needs, he needs… or she needs. I don’t know. He needs… some… liquid from carnivorous plant. Ok. This is another quest. And it says I completed it. Ok. Ah. It seems I had some… …some liquid. Ok. Well. This is the game. It looks very nice. The scene we just saw was kind of… sexy, very sexy. Ok. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you liked the game, and if you want to buy it, please, use the link in the description. I’m in an affiliate program now. So, if you buy the game, I get a whooping 10% of the game. (No, it’s only 5% T_T.) Right now the game has a discount price. So, it’s very convenient to buy it now. (Until 15/05) And maybe, if enough people buy it, I could finally make enough money to invite a real girl on a date. This is O21 and I hope to see you next time.