Handling MEDICAL EMERGENCIES when Overlanding and RVing

Oh my God!…. There was just a Ford Mustang pretty much wrapped around a tree and ahhh… Like totally smashed in on the driver’s
side and ahhh…since Rebecca’s a PA with a bunch of emergency room experience…. Hello guys and welcome to the vlog! Today’s vlog is a very serious one!
There’s nothing light-hearted about it! That was a real situation that you saw!
From our travels, we were just vlogging along and came across this horrific
accident! Uhhmm… So today we’re gonna talk about being prepared for medical emergencies
when you’re out there on the trail or on the road or heck just about anywhere! And… You know, some of the stuff we’re gonna share with you… It’s gonna be, you may
think it’s over your head but you have to change your viewpoint! It’s more about…
“Hey, I may not necessarily know how to use this but there’s a lot of people out
there who do! So a doctor, a nurse, a paramedic, an EMT… If they come across
your situation and they have the right tools, you know they’re gonna be able to
save your life! So let’s get started…. We’re obviously talking about first aid
kits today!…. And if this, from Walmart is your idea of a first aid kit… You are
solely mistaken! This is for…. If you get boo-boos in the kitchen!….. This is for
saving your life! So…. It’s tiny but it’s MIGHTY!
This is the “My medic, my first-aid kit advanced.” Now this is one of a handful of
kits that they have available on their website. This kit in particular has all
of the things that you want in a regular first-aid kit. You know, to fix the
boo-boos and the scrapes… It also has some really advanced tools
in it that should you have the skill set or
someone who comes upon you have the skill set. And they have these at their
ready, it can seriously make the difference between life and death for
someone who’s had an accident or is injured in some way!…. So as you can see, this is a very compact bag and it’s efficiently packed…It seriously has some amazing stuff in here but in a really small space!…. So
the reason we’re sharing this kit in particular is because…. As a medical
professional, I’m always looking at the first-aid kits
that are made available out. Especially on the Internet! You get, the
advertisements for them and stuff and I have never been as impressed with kits
as I have been with the my medic kits! And…. Depending on what you want to do,
there’s a variety of different kits available to you. I highly encourage
you to go to look at their website! But I wanted to show you a few of the things
that impressed me! Because they go above and beyond the typical first-aid kit and
really put some things in there that are life-saving! Literally can make the
difference between someone making it to the hospital in time and not! So…. Here’s
one of the really cool things they have. It’s a HyFin Vent. This is ahhh..For sucking chest
wounds and you don’t even have to know what that is so much. But if someone
comes along and knows how to use these… It can mean the difference between life
and death or if you go take a class and learn, you can use it to! There’s a lot of
advancements in during wartime. The most recent ones for us have been clotting
agents and how to treat bleeding wounds. Advancements in tourniquets and they
actually have put these things in the kits! One of the things I like the most
is that it has…. This one has one kind of airway. Some of the other kits have a
full array of Airways but these are called nasopharyngeal Airways. And they can just help if someone’s having a little bit of trouble breathing to get things
in the right place so that they can breathe a little easier.
This is fantastic thing to have in your kit! If somebody gets stuff in their eyes
or you need to flush out a wound, there’s saline in here! Ahhh…
They’ve got electrolytes so that you can put… Put it in water and get somebody
re-hydrated. Ahh… Smelling salts in case someone passes out on you!
They’ve got liquid skin in here so that you can treat some wounds and… They also have…Suturing
material! So if you get cut up, you can get fixed up! And you can never find a pair of
scissors when you need them right? So really, amazing stuff and far above and
beyond what normal first-aid kits have! And the whole reason that this company
was formed was because they wanted to get things like this into everybody’s
hands! And have the opportunity to save lives that might not either be otherwise
be saved. And coming from Alaska in particular, I think these are phenomenal!
But in any roadside situation, any backpacking situation, any RVing
situation…This could literally mean the difference between life and death!… Okay,
my turn again! I’m the fishing guide of the family, Beck is
the medical professional! Definitely her department! Ahhh…I can’t say it enough that… This can save someone’s life. I know she said it, I’m saying it again. But at this
moment we are here in Florida ahh.. It’s Christmas time. We’re gonna spend the
holidays with Becks mom and grandma and…. This is the perfect time if you’re
like searching for that gift. And this literally, this is the gift of life! I
know that’s like a cliche term but… I’ll check it out… Like all that stuff
actually fit back together! Once we took it apart..Hahaha…That’s awesome as well! But yeah! If you’re looking for that person who’s
hard to buy for or just for your own peace of mind…This is what you need! They have a wide selection! They even have more advanced kits than this one.
And also all the cart items that you can… If you buy a kit and then you want to
add some things to it that’s alright… Exactly!… Yeah! We made our own! But ahhh…That will be a whole another video!..It will be… You know, we’ll share what…We promise it’s coming…Yep! It’s gonna come! Alright! So if you go
visit their website… mymedic.us and… If you enter our promo code; HisHersVlogs 15 …. You’ll get a 15% discount…For saving somebody’s life!…
Yeah and it’s good across their website! Mm-hmm… So it’s a win-win situation on so many levels! So part of our little partnership here
with my medic is that we have the privilege of giving this away and… We’ve
met some really nice people. You know, our channel has definitely grown over the
years and there’s some viewers here in the park… You know, these are kind of our
peeps! And I think it would be so nice to give this away to somebody that has
literally watched our channel 4 years! Alright so we’re on our way to introduce
you to a gentleman by the name of Kenneth….
He took a minute to introduce himself yesterday and… My medic gave us this
amazing first aid kit to pass along and give away!…Kenneth, great to see you again…We have a gift for you. So this
morning we filmed a video for a company called my medic. They make these amazing, first-aid kits. And it’s not like the ahhh… I got a boo-boo in the kitchen first-aid
kit. It has stuff that will actually save someone’s life and… You are a trucker
before you became a full time RV-er. So you could probably say you’ve seen some
bad accidents on the road…Lots… I know one of some of the companies that I worked for had crushes… So it’s not necessarily everything that you’ll know how to use but if
somebody responds to a scene, to an accident that you are… My wife is in
the medical career… There you go…Well then you have someone in your household who
might be able to use these things if you guys have the unfortunate experience of
being on scene at something. Or you can take it out backpacking with you…Or hiking…It is…..All kinds of cool things…
It is like truly a first-aid kit that takes everything to the next level! go
Merry Christmas merry Christmas to you all right you got one to give away all
right guys time to close this video out so I can edit it make sure you head over
to my medic dot US and check out all their amazing first-aid kits and I use
our promo code his/hers vlogs 15 and you will get a 15% off discount and yeah
it’s just all good positive stuff guys thanks for watching hit that subscribe
button because we have more adventures coming let’s just get past this holiday
season take it easy bye