Help Fibromyalgia with Lymphatic System Detoxification

Hi everybody John Ossipinsky here. Hopefully you’re having a great day. I’m going to talk about fibromyalgia. This is
something that many people suffer with and there’s really no explanation. Nobody
understands why we have it besides, maybe having hyperactive nerves. But I’d like
to explain how the fatigue that those with fibromyalgia feel, extreme fatigue.
I’m not just talking about tired, fatigue where they can’t go on with their life.
How the sensitivity in their body, their whole body pain, often they can’t even be
touched, is really due to lymphatic stagnation. How the lymphatic system is
not able to pick up waste in the body and that waste is building in the nerves,
in the tissues, in the muscles, creating the pain of fibromyalgia. Also when our
body is more acidic and a lymphatic system isn’t flowing our body tends to
be slightly acidic and when we’re acidic in our body, our blood cannot hold oxygen
as efficiently and we need oxygen to make energy. So that’s another reason why
those with fibromyalgia have a lot of fatigue, is their blood becomes a little
bit acidic but really it’s much more than just the pain and the fatigue.
Insomnia, people don’t sleep well when they have fibromyalgia.
They have digestive issues, they have skin problems, they have bladder problems
they get depression and anxiety. Some have post-traumatic stress disorder. I really
would like you to know that fibromyalgia and everything I just mentioned I believe in
my opinion is about the lymphatic system not being able to pick up waste in the
body every single one of us has a lymphatic system that must remove waste
from our blood vessels from our bones, our nerves, our organs, our brain, our skin.
Every part of our body must be cleaned by the lymphatic system and Dr. Oz says the lymphatic system is ignored in medicine! And that’s a problem, because our
lymphatic system is meant to clean us of cellular waste, parts of cells, of lipids,
cholesterol, really the waste that’s in our body. There’s lactic acid, there is uric acid
there’s CO2, carbon dioxide in our body. When we have excess CO2, carbon dioxide, we actually have more tightness in our body, we’re becoming acidic. So if you’re
having fibromyalgia pain, the tiredness, the sensitivity, even the brain fog you
may get, you have to look into the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that cleans our brain
and our body and we need to start getting this system moving.
Remember our major lymph drains are right here in our neck, one little vessel
that has to take all of the lymph vessels in the head and in the body have
to drain in this area. So when we get tight in our shoulders, when we get
slightly acidic or dehydrated, our lymphatic system suffers. And it can no
longer pick up cellular waste and other debris in your body effectively and it
starts to build in your tissues . And as this waste builds in your tissues, it
becomes more acidic and more inflamed. So a person with fibromyalgia feels good
one day, they go out shopping or just going out to do something minor and the
next day they’re crippled. And that is occurring because you’re moving your
blood and that movement of the blood is creating cellular waste to move out of
your tissues, into your blood and it makes you more acidic for a day or two
and then you start feeling better. So a few things I would suggest. Number one
you have to understand how the lymphatic system must be manually activated or
drained to help the tissues. You need to balance your pH test your pH. pH means
percent hydrogen, are you acid or are you alkaline most people I check are super
acidic and we don’t even know it. Many are a hundred times more acidic than we’re
supposed to be. And it’s easy when we’re acid we need to
take a little bit more magnesium, systemic enzymes are important systemic
enzymes are like a digestive enzyme but much more powerful and they go into body
and break down waste into smaller units that can be metabolized by the body. So
really it’s all about improving circulation in a body so if you live in
Scottsdale, in the Phoenix area you’re very lucky you can come see me here in
Scottsdale. I’ll put you through a series of a fully clothed sessions of LymphPractic and your life will change. I promise from the first session. If you
don’t live in Scottsdale, contact me and I’ll coach you on what you can do to
make your system work better and it really is just we don’t think of our
lymph system. We have to be more aware of it and especially of the foods and
drinks and things that even in the air that we’re breathing that could be
stopping our lymphatic system by making us acidic. So again if you’d like to
learn how to help your fibromyalgia and get your life back contact me at I promise I’ll make a difference in your life
Thank you!