Help Many Health Problems With Lymphatic System Detoxification

Hi Everybody, John Ossipinsky here. Today
I’m going to talk about how the lymphatic system and lymphatic system
detoxification can help many health problems. Most people I see in my office
or people who contact me for coaching don’t have one health problem, most have
a digestive issues, they may have some pain, arthritis, an organ, that may not be
functioning, foggy thinking. By thinking about the lymphatic system, by
adding lymphatic system detoxification we can address most of your health
issues. The lymphatic system is a tiny network of vessels and nodes that is
meant to maintain every system of your body. Your skin, your muscles, your bones,
your blood vessels, your organs, your nerves, your brain. And when we don’t
think about this system and most people don’t, until they get cancer. Then our
body starts to fill with our own cellular waste because our lymph system
must remove cellular waste and really the waste that’s in our bodies, hormones,
triglycerides, cholesterol, toxins any debris. A lot of it is cellular debris
and when that can’t be removed from your body it builds in your joints, your
muscles, your bones creating disease. So instead of focusing on one health
problem, focus on maintaining your lymphatic system and you’ll see many of
your health problems will get better. I see this over and over in my office
clients come to me they have numerous health problems. From the first session
they start feeling better and over a few sessions of improving their lymphatic
system their problems dissipate or they’re in better control of them. All
I’m doing is removing cellular waste by improving the lymphatic system which
reduces toxicity in the body and most of our health problems are really about
toxicity in a certain part of the body. If I can help you understand how to
reduce toxicity by improving the lymphatic system whether you come see me
in Scottsdale, Arizona or you learn how to activate and drain your own lymphatic
system contact me at That’s Healthy L_Y_M_P_H I look forward to hearing from