Herencia de Patrones – Street Pharmacist ft. Los Juniors de Sacramento (En Vivo) REACTION

SUBSCRIBE Let me go put this particular sudhi’s niggaz on man. All right noted. Alright. Nobody on the farm is the street farmers It’s gonna be a lot of lien and pills action going on What’s the deal gang what’s the deal you ain’t know what time it is name? Let me fix my camera real quick because you’re no native boy Tycho fucking react nigga back with a number bang Y’all know what time it is burn. No Tiger you guys we are back with another banger back Motherfucker stop next up. We got another fuckin fanger something y’all haven’t really been recommended because it just came people, you know I recommend this song the craziest thing is already somebody I recommended real like these people right here at lost Day Sacramento somebody actually recommended that these guys took me along like two months ago Everybody check out this group check out this group I didn’t really check them out, you know, it was funny because he actually did me about y’all closer to me actually Nothing shit. So pretty crazy how you know how much you do over two months Maybe two months of hard work at this you just shows pays off next up We got hair see that day patron aid street pharmacist featuring Lovejoy Thursday sacrum in the hustle sup the hair. See today Petronas got them boys in on video I never heard this video. I never heard this song of them. So this the better your strength to this motherfucking reactionary I know what time it is But if you are new to my channel, make sure you subscribe and post notification. So we would smash that like by man Let’s get it to two thousand likes Less my brain back into work man blogs coming so I know I keep saying that shit But you know a few sanity zoo the Martian and I put the link below You know I’m saying Bogota nice March ice my friend. Let’s get Straight into this shit What I should pick up I did it for my ready I Gotta make sure my motherfucker. I don’t know why I’ll be getting ready you like like my fucking captions don’t need to be owner So I’m sure I flare this, you know, I’ve been listening to this shit so fucking much, bro I just feel like this shit is like Angeles or some shit. You feel Muslim crazy-ass shit, though Let me go apart put this bitch ain’t gonna sue these niggas. Oh, man. All right noted. Alright, nobody on the farms Action going on here I Like that I like that, you know, I’m sending lewd a little pattern they donned a little hole pattern You know sandesh this shit off the RIP broke this I’m pretty motherfucking straight man which I already hit this niggas Don’t know how these knees gonna start making hints bro. Here’s see today petronas is motherfucking. I don’t know man, it’s me person You gotta say one of my top favorite. Corrido. You know I’m saying Garrido. I’ll know if I’m sayin shit querido burrito. Ah You know sexy right nothing. I don’t know why you see this shit wrong I think beanie is one of my favorite ones, you know, it’s coming up in the game bro real shit, you know They keep dropping shit on Ranchos mill. They don’t need some niggas armor everybody They hold fucking team bro everybody they surrounded by as well I’m off, you know go get a working business ass motherfucker So I know everybody about that business. So that’s what I’m fucking these knees Like I said lost juniors day, Sacramento is clueless. I got these needs and their shout to y’all boys And you know, this is a chance that y’all getting out there and all that shit’s crazy I heard about y’all way back then, you know, I’m gonna do my research is getting to y’all I’m Way more ass is just crazy making up the good work Yo yo, yo, I swear Presley tokima Click gosh shit You know say I just had to turn it up for my niggas over there over there hustling Wrestling on waffle couture any type of way y’all out there getting that shit man. Make sure you only stay safe up there It’s always a lot of fuckin haters are gonna try to take you out loud. Try to take our place We’re out of your place You know, I’m sorry you’re fighting like just watch on the unnies place movement, but this shit crazy Street farmers today I’ll fuck with the whole pattern of the song, you know, understand me personal evening. I’m surprising any more drugs in this bitch That last video was fucking crazy But then again it is alive, you know that I probably had all that shit on my spray on him girl You never know put this bitch harder, you know I’m sounding like the lightning and everything so shots the person that did the whole visuals on this bitch that was hard That’s nice trying to this bitch, man Smoking indica, I relax nigga get suited nigga talk. Do you think it’s talking about that? Listen, brother? you know I’m saying you can bend again be a Marijuana distributor, you know I’m saying as a pharmacist, so I guess getting to that hole I’ll wear anything a pharmacist is gonna be distributing every fucking thing crazy Every person I see Ronnie’s got a cook case on me That’s just suddenly the only right that bran brokers cupcake factory a mill watch out for the cookies Y’all niggas don’t know about the cupcake factory by now, bro. Fuck my hair Y’all niggas don’t know about a cupcake Fred new button on the crazy as hell These niggas is too like the Nexus splitter to just blow You know, I personally think I support the whole movement everything they doing man and egg. Definitely support me Well, who could be up a couple of times missile shot some boys and i’ma leave a link in the description So check out there, uh a psycho grab some merch and we’ll check them on man They got a nice nice shit going man, but that’s what these niggas Karl bro. He Snickers Cole. I’m over here, dude I know these niggas over there. The only thing These type of niggas don’t you do it? I love their given a nice position When I Click – you know, I’m saying living room productions where the fuck was y’all niggas add naked? I said like a fucking basement. They got some shit I don’t know. What the fuck y’all pray under that bitch man, but it’s not Lots a ranch on the mill day You know, I’m saying shouts almost at De Niro Rica no records shout-out to them boys Shouts the Lum berry music shouts. I hear city. They patrol – shut up – Street pharmacist, you know, so that’s the street as me That’s some hard shit. You know, someone’s be on my fucking dropping the baby Won’t be any other trouble Finding it. You know I’m said I fuck with that bitch. I hope y’all fuck with that, bitch Let me know in the comments. It was actually live or not, man Shouts, uh lost doors day Sacramento y’all boys keep doing that and keep us momentum where y’all do the more visuals y’all Do you know I’m saying far they all will be it I do believe in that so You know just keep us but keep going up and shout to the home or fuck and that’s when she warned me, you know Son, I need JT shadows are amazing on time He’s been doing em off with a bang on Everything y’all dropped because I personally just listen to the shit I don’t know if y’all think I don’t listen to this shit But I personally just listen – she’s crazy as hell like sometimes every morning I’m like listen Barbara You know just because the box is different when you listening to this and tell you no other shit It was just different props money. You gotta catch it. You gotta hear for food music you understand at night Y’all niggas ain’t goin Guinea bro. Y’all don’t even gonna get my reactions, bro But if you are black nigga you fuck with this shit go surprise don’t support my name is ma nigga. Sneaky straight bro, you know New straight man, but you already know what time it is brush up. Whatever reason that’s the next time I’m gonna gonna you know, I’m sayin Yeah Brother, but when I made my first meet me, hey panting teen on the drink I this is don’t say me. So My momma crew oh my Standish my cousin