Hitman Elusive Targets Part 2 (The Bookkeeper)

no okay strike I think I can probably
get him nope Oh God hang on I want to try and good morning 47 welcome to
Colorado overpass shows that the target has arrived his visit is intended to be
a budet so he is likely to be mobile his vehicle is located adjacent to the river
bridge and appears to be prepared for a quick departure if the target is alerted
to your presence 47 he may attempt to escape as always proceed and engage at
your discretion good hunting 47 eNOS in here and welcome
back to hitman now we left off where I killed Yuki Yamazaki and yeah we did
that we did that elusive target with the surgeons which pretty much took place in
Hokkaido Japan that we had to kill you too Yamazaki and Eric’s odors and this
is the next elusive target of the bookkeeper now I’ve heard this one is
tough because well like I’ve said in um the last bill with on a hitman in a same
place in Colorado so get the kill Shawn Penelope Ezra and Pavarti because well
every single person in this game is alerted but then for no good just saying
I gotta go in subdue him but you know what c-come on all right got hang on oh god
gets so nervous already come on turn around please like oh
that’s a good oh come on oh my god I don’t know how it got away with that cuz
he was facing right towards me and yeah it’s just a miracle he didn’t see me all
right I got a fine with this guy is cuz I know if you’re doing a loose of target
they don’t show you the red you see they don’t give you a little red outline so
you pretty much gotta find them yourself yes she gives you clues as soon as you
start but like the surgeons you know that areas was is this big as this one
and you know all the people were just submitting most of people were just
civilians and half the people were just you know bodyguards yeah but this one’s
way tougher than Hokkaido because everybody you know is alerted
everybody’s armed alerted and dangerous I need to scout to turn around I don’t
want to go in there be like it probably turn arounds like Oh what are you doing
all right so please turn around so I can go and yeah this is pretty much where
you got to kill I must show you if you want to skip it you can good morning 47
your target is pear Teyana filled bookkeeper to the global underworld and
considered to be a criminal myth by law enforcement agencies the world over in
truth the target has led an unassuming yet comfortable life managing the
finances of kleptocracy x’ terrorists and tyrants for decades the client
Loxley has assembled information on the targets movements and conclusively
linked him to the shadow kinds of in Colorado this makes his elimination a
priority the client has also requested that you retrieved the targets ledger
note that the target is extremely paranoid and will attempt to flee at the
first sign of overt danger plan accordingly
the clock is ticking 47 good luck yeah sorry I’m just now showing you that but
you know it just came up with the menus to see who the guy was and you had to
get like a ledger and yeah it’s probably gonna be in a safe that’s why I got a
little lockpick so I smuggled it because I know you’re probably gotta find a key
and sometimes it’s on the gun sometimes it isn’t cuz you know I always get it
just in case you never know I gotta find this guy
there’s supposed to be people surrounding him so if I see you like a
load of guards that’s him wait I think that’s him right there yeah Oh God one
one of them is an enforcer yeah the guy in the coat what’s his name Peretti
jonah belt so you pretty much heard it in the dang video so yeah and I heard
it’s pretty it’s pretty hard to be stupid it’s pretty hard to be stealthy
when you’re trying to kill this guy because you know all those guys follow
him and if you try to lure him away or subdue him in a closet for some reason
you know there they go on lockdown he tries to flee the area that’s what
somebody told me yeah I need to be aware with that and if I mess up if I mess up
I go let y’all see the little all the stuff I do I’m just pretty much gonna
edit it out you got all for those Goths just guarding him like really you think
one would be enough that’s just weird how one of them is an enforcer and all
three of them are just like just normal let the pros do their job okay and
wouldn’t you just say Oh does it okay
I don’t think I can go in there yeah cuz these are the spec militia ops yeah hang
on yeah of course they can but I can’t I ference even if you were the security
take time sorry tourists motorcade see shit ii still still got a good eye on him how
is it going what is he doing damn he Felix gets to
go everywhere he wants and hell yeah that’d be awesome
if you were a VIP yeah whoo deathly could do that place he’s not an enforcer
but he probably don’t even he probably didn’t care if I you if I’m even a
hostile well if these guys are alerted he’s eventually gonna see me as a
hostile so yeah you still think I’m a mold cub say hey sorry I did it and I
gotta lose the Scott yeah I will okay he’s gone seem like he gets suspicious
um even though I just get near like really who the heck does that man it was nothing come on man just go I’m talking your
loser bodyguards and these two just keep looking at me like they’re freaking oh
god don’t you just hate when people talk a lot of smack especially behind your
back it’s like hey did you hear about that one god that new god that k moon
you know I hate that hate it so much especially when I was in school oh my
god girls who do that to me all the time in
a good way sometimes see God hang on it’s really
hard to get this guy alone cuz you know you got all these people there and if
he’s if he’s here something suspicious he’s pretty much gonna tell it to one of
hit one of the guards so yeah so you hang on I’m gonna see if I can lure one
of them in here even if I alert him he’s just gonna tell one of his guards to go
look hang on come in here I just want to get one of
them in here you see what I mean there’s no question mark above his head that’s
what really bothers me come on just run there you go no okay
strike I think I can probably get him nope
oh god hang on I want to try and uh you gotta be kidding me oh my god do I want
to restore just keep going you know what I’m starting shit I’m back so yeah I
pretty much had to find another discuss so I’m pretty much gonna take this Gus
the little explosive technician I think little explosive experts or specialists
so yeah put us ass in there hopefully I won’t chop them up to little bits you
know what and I ain’t gonna do that because or bail and angle do that cuz
I’m a nice person something sometimes okay so I’m allowed to be in here
I guess that’s kind of good of course one of them is always an enforcer for
some reason I mean that’s kind of I mean that’s not bad but still I don’t worry I
how some of these guys notice me I’m just like every single other one of them
I’m an American I’m the four sir oh now I’m not really an enforcer but I’m just
like all the other ones except I got a different uniform on and I’m badass well
equipped and ready for duty yeah I gotta find this guy again dammit
okay so I know you can’t go in there unless you got one of these little
special guard disguise or like animilitia elite so yeah I parently need
to like get a militia leaps cause or one of the UM okay key please stop looking
at me all right all right there we go okay so I can go up there now I just
needed want to get one of these guys on uniforms or the hackers the hackers are
kind of badass than the militia because well they got all these hoods on there’s
special technological brains I know that’s kind of nerdy talk but still it’s
true I don’t know where the guy is but I’m gonna find the ledger it’s usually
in the house like this because you know the main part of the level it’s always
where you find the objective it usually always see exact what I mean that’s why
I brought it how do you pick a lock I’ve never done
it before you know I just always consider oh there it is the keys
probably on to God but you know what I’m just gonna do it anyway nobody’s around
yeah I got it I don’t get in trouble for it either that’s kind of good cuz you
don’t really see an exclamation point see right there there’s no exclamation
point so you could pretty much grab it but this nitroglycerine ball how would
that even get in the United States they pretty much smuggled it and yeah that’s
not allowed to be in here and I heard that stuff it’s very unstable because if
you throw it Kapow that thing’s gone or it’s everything is
gonna get blown to kingdom come I’m just letting you know that because
I’ve actually tried it before and yeah I did not know it was gonna explode cuz I
don’t even know what it was I know I saw it at the explosion specialist and I
really think was gonna be um harmful it was it’s just I thought it was just like
a pail or something but no I saw an exclamation point on it and I was
thinking myself woah what’s so bad about taking this and I realized oh my god
that’s why it’s so bad cuz I heard Sean Rose talking about it and yeah okay
where is this guy at I’m tired of looking for him oh yeah enough I heard
I’ll try to make it quick if you hurt if you are you see look you can’t save if
you’re on a loose of target and you complete one of the missions if you exit
you’re not gonna be able to do that again like you fail that’s I mean that
guess that kind of makes sense but still it’s a little annoying yeah it’s like
that so whatever happens happens so I just need to kill the guy and get out of
here there’s probably it’s probably most likely I’m not gonna do this Toph Lee I
want to try and be like this like this right here and you know get my gun and
bow and yeah like that right there that’s pretty much what I have probably
need to do but yeah I need a fought always over there specialist okay I’m just got a badass with all
those gusts following him but still at the same time he’s like oh my god I need
to kill this guy so bad did I take his legs or her leg her because you know
he’s not bringing it up in his hand you’re Larry’s got in his coat pocket
and you know sometimes in cartoons you see them um
pull up behind their back like really they pull it out of their ass or
something because I know I’ve seen that a lot in movies and cartoons that’s just
that is so weird look what is he doing wait okay I don’t
care about any of these other he’s got a secondary legend that’s getting tense
here man say I don’t care about these other guys I just don’t want him to see
me unless I’m blending in I blend in I’m good I need to think of something quick
wait he’s coming over here I try to figure out how far though I mean that’s
kind of good but you know I need to hide his body somewhere or its hide okay
that’s good that’s good he’s coming over here I need to do something out some of
these guys first hopefully there’s something in here I can use a wrench
it’s better nuttin quad bike I don’t even know where that is okay there’s a
place to hide over there but good how about yourself yeah see I got all these
guys watching me that’s the hard part and they’re all equipped see what I mean
this level is tough it is very tough they should have saved the American one
for last because well it’s in the United States and you know what hang on I
god I should have done it but no see I should have done it but I’m just scared
to and you know what hang on I got an idea you know what I’m gonna do hang on
I had an idea but it’s just yeah it just pretty much got effed up I’m just gonna
do it it’s nearly impossible to become uncited or unaware of people’s you know
presence hang on I got this guy look it I got all these people looking at me God
see I can’t do it when they’re looking at me like that especially him and that
guy right there you know what hang on
God depends on which way okay you know what screw it screw it I just I got him
see what I mean it’s it’s very tough man it really is that was pretty much like a
like you get it or not oh don’t get hit please oh shit no no no
no no please please just get out of here look at me just walking off and stuff
with people or bullets are flowing all around me it’s like yeah I did that you
see what I mean that is just that is very tough man look
at that technical game with a cowboy hat what explains that because you know one
star I don’t care that’s a tough mission man as I’ve seen
a lot of people do it and yet they tell they told me it is tough but you know
unless you do it like from like a sniper distance or away sorry I got the birds
for some reason but yeah that’s pretty much the stealthiest way to do it but
you know I just didn’t want to do that cuz you know I like a bit of a challenge
I really like to go easy on it and just you know come up at our shoot him boom
done well I gotta get the ledger but yeah if it was just him yeah that would
just be too easy and yeah I like to go the hard way but anyway that’s it I hope
you’ll enjoy and I’ll see you off for the next video for maybe another list of
target may be another hitman video maybe hitman two
because yeah I’m definitely getting that game and I don’t know just whatever I’ll
fine or I might finish some of the other playthroughs and yeah I’ll post them up
whenever I can eNOS out