HOLY GRAIL Products to Prevent Breakouts on Acne-Prone & Oily Skin Types

[Music] hey guys welcome back it’s Darlena it’s Felicia today we’re bringing you guys a Felicia’s favorites for oily acne and sensitive prone skin yes because we know a lot of you guys also suffer with acne and breakouts and is one of those problems that growing up it’s kind of inevitable that you get but if you do have oily skin because we know through our previous videos that sebum and larger pores makes it much more likely that you get things like cystic acne and then just growing up doing so many things wrong that I’ll probably share with you while we talk about the products I just want to make sure you guys are also on the right track and don’t have to go through all those painful moments so today we’re yeah pretty much doing like a Holy Grail products that I’ve used for like years what is it like goat greatest of all time it’s goat skin care and we want to thank super-goof for sponsoring this video to allow us to share with you guys some tricks and tips on how to find the right products to help soothe and calm active breakouts and pimples or just little things that really ugly head on the surface of our skin and don’t worry for those of you guys who have dry dehydrated skin I got you guys in a future video and in this video we thought it would be fun to enter splice q and A’s in between yeah I’ll be asking you some trivia questions about skin trivia and I’m sweating [Music] all right we’re gonna start off with then I met use a soothing tea cleansing gel I match the it’s already or Pantone and do you see how I like arranged it it’s blue to pink to green probably okay so this one is one of those cleanses that have only recently been added to the skincare routine but it shut up to the one of greatest of all times because of the texture but also the ingredients so then I went you started by Serco glam shallot char and what I love so much about it is the licorice root green tea rice women and PHA so all of these ingredients are bomb for people who have oily combination skin because licorice root helps with hyperpigmentation so basically acne marks but also a general like brightening of the skin green pea is like antioxidant it’s really good for fighting off free radicals which then helps with anti aging and wrinkles and fine lines and it’s just like green tea and what I also appreciate is that there’s really no smell it just smells like it’s more um yeah so it’s actually thicker than craves jelly cleanse yeah it is but yeah it’s all my gosh it’s so nice on the skin and then one of the other key ingredients in this formula is PHA which is an up-and-coming acid it’s one of the chemical exfoliants but it’s the most gentle because of its molecular size the biggest so it doesn’t go as deep but then it still does its job so for those of you who can’t stand like glycolic acid like we mentioned in a lot of other like heavier formulations PHA is so good so gentle for all skin types so moving on to the second cleanser the Kiehl’s blue herbal acne cleanser treat men with salicylic acid so you know before that I’ve mentioned the gel medicated cleanser from LaRouche per se in many many other videos that’s why I’m not gonna highlight it here but this is comparable because it’s got 1.5% salicylic acid for you acne oily prone skin people you really want to find a salicylic acid cleanse up it not only helps to prevent past kind of pigmentation but present ones and also future ones from popping up at the same time and because you’re like washing it off the face and then rinsing it off it’s good to at that level between like 1.5 and 2% but another key ingredient is the ginger root extract and ginger root is good for like anti-inflammatory it’s good to also drink feel this texture as well it’s very luxurious it’s like thick enough that it feels like a nice velvet yeah on your skin because it’s got cocoa glucoside as the top 5 ingredients this is when they mix glycerin with coconut oil and this is a surfactant that helps to really remove and bind the oils and the dirt but also the excess sebum cuz you don’t want to wash all of it off right especially for you dry skin question damn joint okay so I like came up with these our skins shedding every day every second how many dead skin cells do you think shed every minute a 10 to 20,000 be twenty to thirty thousand or see thirty to forty thousand dead skin cells shed every minute I can just see that animation that we put on all the time of like it how can you I like square footage like centimeter like how many in there I’ll go with and that’s almost 9 pounds a year remember how I was telling you about that documentary about space I was watching in about 50% of the dust in our rooms and everywhere is dead skin but in space for the NASA astronauts we take for granted that we have gravity here pulling our skin cells down but for them they actually have a routine where they have to clean the dead skin cells off the windows otherwise it will accumulate and block them outside funny let’s just move along this way so sunscreen if there’s one thing that you need in your skincare routine it’s sunscreen because majority of the aging process that happens to our skin happens because of the Sun UV rays so super group is such a great brand for sunscreen because I remember when they came out with the completely invisible primer one I was like oh my god and that’s all they focus on sunscreen so let’s first go into that one it’s the zinc screen hundred percent mineral lotion with SPF 40 so this one is designed for acne prone oily and sensitive skin this is a physical sunscreen and if you guys have watched our previous videos you know those physical and chemical so what physical means is that it’s either got zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and it sits on the surface of the skin and in the formula this has a non nano zinc oxide which means the particles bigger so it doesn’t sink into the skin so that’s how it is non irritating it’s also got no oxybenzone and it’s vegan friendly and has no synthetic fragrances going into the texture I think why it’s definitely formulated for oily skin is because one it’s super lightweight unlike fluid but there’s this like pink tint in it and I think the way they formulated it was that the pink tint would conceal any sort of like white flash back that you get with a lot of other sunscreens most mineral sunscreens are white and one of the biggest issues people have with mineral sunscreen is that it leaves a white cast yeah it sits really well under makeup so what it reminds me of is BB cream I think it’s even more sure than BB cream yeah so you apply it the same way you cleanse your face you put on all your skincare routine and then this is the last step of the skincare routine it sits well under makeup so it works well I know for my skin but you tried it as well for Dreier and for like slightly combo skin how did it work for you so for me I found it a little harder to I had to like work to blend it and then maybe because my skin is naturally more dry and because I had the flakes it clung on to the flakes so I think this as with anything in skin care for her skin it works beautifully and it’s formulated for oily acne sensitive prone skin and for me because I have dry dehydrate and kind of combo I think maybe it worked beautifully around my nose it really does leave that for oily skin that dewy look yeah for me it’s like a matte velvet kind of like a slightly tacky so it’s and it’s interesting if you’re fine with that like do we kind of look you can leave it at that or you can go in with a setting powder which for oily skin people you will always do you will never leave the house with just like foundation without a setting powder or like BB cream indoors setting powder because the t-zone like even for you for me this is this is universal this I love when I first use it I was like oh wow it’s so funky in yeah oh man it’s so convenient it is so what this is the invincible setting powder 100% mineral sweat resistant which is important for summer and this is SPF 45 so a lot of you asked how to touch up your sunscreen yeah so I love just this is so functional there’s a little guard for your your little whisks you know until five minutes ago you’re like oh no no no I use it like this right and then every time I wanted to put this back on I’d be like and then sometimes there’s like this little one hit I thought I’m like dang it like now you know there’s a good the portion control of it really comes out like nicely to actually spread all over the skin what it is is there’s like the powder inside the tube so it’s basically you’re setting your face after makeup or after just the sunscreen if you want to just go out with no makeup and you just slightly tap it so that the powder you know is coming out and then you’re just like dust it all over so the thing with this is it doesn’t leave any like flash back if you’re taking photos and it’s just good to have around in your bag throughout the day to just reapply sunscreen in a powder form so general rule of thumb for me personally when it comes to sunscreen is that both are needed this is first and foremost this is throughout the day question times do you read it pretty well sweating bullets here okay does your skin account for 5% 10% or 15% of your body weight 10% the skin accounts for it didn’t plan it that way shuffled these cold so it says the average adult’s skin weighs about 20 pounds yeah or equivalent of a pug and most of that weight in our skin is full of water because as we know our skin is made up of 50 to 70% of water and that’s why hydration is so important continuing on with our blue friends here we have summer fridays that we mentioned in our first most-high video they used it when skin was irritated skin barrier was you know compromised like everything was just itching and burning and this really helped one of the key ingredients and it’s also the top like three or four is the chestnut extract and that’s something that I haven’t really heard any other product has you’ll also find when you put on your skin it has a slightly tingling feeling as well and that’s because they also have a bunch of different essential oils and peppermint is one of them which gives that like refreshing feeling but it’s not mmmm so why I like this is you know like when skincare comes out and it’s multi-use multi-functional you know that it’s very good for a sensitive skin so it’s good for combination dry you can use this two ways as a mosque a wash off mosque but it’s actually a wipe off mosque yeah so you don’t have to wash it off you just with a towel like mmm and then you just kind of like Pat the rest in or you use a thinner layer and you just leave it on overnight as a sleeping mask and this is just like a straight up moisture creamy mmm so I recommend this one for every skin type and especially when your face is inflamed yeah and angry yeah that’s like the sleeping mas shall we go on to Turner’s okay so first let’s mention I have three that are worth mentioning not gonna go too much into this but 10 out of 10 this is the one you guys we mentioned this in a couple other videos I believe we went in depth in the current updated favorites will link everything down below hmm so this is the doctor where his a it’s a Taiwanese brand and this is the acne system Paul clarifying Turner with BH a but on top of that it’s got mandelic acid niacinamide panthenol salicylic and tea tree oil so there’s this thing with encapsulated ingredients yeah acne seventeen it’s so cool there’s actually five steps so the five stages of pimples availment are oil control metabolism antibacterial scar healing and moisturizing so this formula treats every single one of those stages with those ingredients like pre to post yeah and like every stage and I think another thing that shocked me was that there were so many of these ingredients but it’s so non-irritating and soothing so as you can see I’m like almost here going back to Taiwan I get you another one okay so that one is 10 out of 10 for the next turn that I haven’t mentioned but I think you guys should really know about is the first is from Ren it’s that Clara matte clarifying turn off a combination oily skin so when you look at the ingredients everything that’s there is needed to be there and there’s very little like filler ingredients which we all can appreciate so there’s the aqua that you see everywhere and then there’s willow bark extract citrus limon fruit extract and then pineapple fruit extract grape fruit extract and some lavender extract so Willard Bock really helps to control oils because what you want in products if you have oily combination sensitive skin is to control all these like t-zone areas from producing more and that means hydration and Turner is completely hydration because of the fact that it’s all water right it helps to balance everything that’s happening on your skin I highly recommend this and if you’re into clean beauty this falls into that category of no questionable ingredients next product that I really have to share with you guys that I really just started recently using and I think is innervation so this is the Dewey shake did yeah because Roo you know the acne medication with the calamine powder that is this but Turner version and I was like what so crazy okay so the calamine powder is used for spot treatment right you find Mario Badescu you find a Jude house you find the blue Somerville Kate Somerville got there in the end they all do a version of it but when I saw this I was like calamine powder toner dewy skin oh my god I have to buy this you would think that when you put it on all over the face that your face would be like powdery but to excite it smells like airplane oh now that you say it it does it’s like leaf like extract E or airplane depending on what you envision to the ingredients in this turn of what alcohol but then thud is calamine and then there’s glycerin and then there’s watermelon fruit extract there’s also olive fruit oil and there’s tea tree leaf oil and then also allantoin so all of these are very soothing tea tree is great for oily acne prone skin like what a melon is the soothing ingredient as we know with glory recipes whole line and all of this just manages boy yield production it helps soothe the skin of active breakouts but prevention so in that scope again it’s like prevention and present and future and it doesn’t leave a powdery residue I can’t wrap my head around it like how would even really see its setting yeah and on the top if you leave it it’s like clear yeah so cool my heart beep sold faster thanks or it’s a little bit hot actually fine where the product is but we’ll try find the link I got it at that Riley Roo store in New York when we fall over or do anything that causes a what does the new skin that’s formed lack a skin cells and hair follicles B hair follicles and sweat glands or C just sweat glands C it’s hair sweat glands would you ever have any traumatic accident at so many if you look on my knees my mom at one point she was like if you get another scar I’m not gonna let you go out and play that’s the only thing she yelled at me for yeah I think it’s because she’s she’s so upset and like heartbroken whenever I hurt myself so she was like don’t keep hurting yourself cuz when you’re hurt they’re hurt okay so why this happens is that anytime there’s such epic trauma to the skin I’ll buddy like sends like message to like repair repair repair and then when the accident is so traumatizing to the skin it repairs even quicker so it’s just focusing on repairing that it’s not building in the it’s like quantity over quality so then the skin cells aren’t like in a in a very like nicely placed way and they’re all like this and that’s why it’s shiny it doesn’t have the hair follicle and there’s no sweat glands is that why scabs look like yeah it’s always like light up and it’s shiny so what we have left is cleansing balm moisturizes and spa treatments cleansing buns I feel like a lot of them I’ve used a lot and they kind of they’re all pretty good in general it’s hard to find a cleansing balm that doesn’t really work it’s just like how moisturizing it how moisturizing and I guess the what does that worsen toriel experience Wow and why I chose this one this is the first day dissolve cleansing balm with eucalyptus oil and vitamin E e some of them are thick and they continue to like be thick right this one dissolves into more of an oil which is why I like it why I like versed is they’re very simple they’re very affordable so I wanted you guys to be able to know that with cleansing balms I don’t feel like you need to pay a lot of money yeah so you can get this at like ultra and target the double cleanse method is really good for oily skin because you go in with a oil-based cleansing balm that takes away everything that water-based cleansers can’t do yep first start off with an oil real and then water yeah question already okay this one’s cute babies how long does it take for babies to develop that permanent skin turn eh they were born with it’d be three months C six months baby I was born with it correct it is the six months their skin in the first six months is constantly shedding so you know we shed our skin it’s like rapidly because it’s so spiked there’s not a lot of circumference so it just keeps well it’s also because it came from a different completely different environment the womb and then it’s exposed to like air and you can tell like I’ve had I have four siblings right and their scalps up like perpetually dandruff II looking and their whole body it’s like always coming out it’s like Benjamin Button moving on to moisturizers if you’ve got the cleanser right the Turner right and all of the ingredients are helping to manage oils balance and clean away excess sebum and put in soothing ingredients by the time it’s a moisturizer you don’t exactly need one that’s gonna be like heavily potent on anything because you know in the stages it’s already dealt with what a moisturizer does is seal in everything right so I’m just gonna go into the ones that I’ve used for a really long time just these two are worth mentioning this is like a dupe once again from burst but first I’ll mention the Tasha because we both love it this is the one actually formulated for combination and oily skin but you used it and it’s also fine though Tasha has really great products because they have the hadass a3 formula and that’s always gonna be at the top of their ingredient list it’s the rice ferment ferment green tea yep so the LG is good for hydration it’s got the polysaccharides green tea is an antioxidant and the rice ferment just helps with like brightening we both remember the first time using this we’re like what is happening the pros is that it’s really hydrating it’s got those really high-quality ingredients that are at the top of the ingredient list and it’s very soothing calming works wonders for hot climates as well as cold climates the cons that some of you might not like about it is that it’s expensive yes because Tantra is quality so if you want to invest in a moisturizer that’s really good but also if you don’t like to miss a con it has to miss the cone but a lot of products have to miss the cone so if you don’t find anything wrong with it then this is great recommend to anyone so this is the osya blemish balm and they have so many products they do we’re all skin yeah if you want like a medicated kind of moisturizer this is probably one I would highly suggest because it helps to like soothe and calm this one has a lot of essential oils so if you’re not a person that reacts well with it or you don’t like the heavy smell this is very strong like when I put it on I feel like it smells like spa I got in on my face but it’s got tea tree oil if you accidentally get it in your eye it will sting because that’s like because you know tea tree oil is enough to sting the eye it’s also downside expensive but you’re getting like very unique ingredients because osya like sauce is a lot of allergies like organic yeah as a comparison if you don’t want to whole out on this you can also get plenty of really good gel moisturizers and for oily acne prone stick to gel moisturizers any time of the year this is just one version I’ve mentioned the orange ins ginseng the belief aqua balm there’s just so many out there that are really good this is verse gel cream with green tea extract and aloe leaf so once again very soothing and it just does its job to like hydrate at a very affordable price point a first time okay next question where is the skin thickest on albo DS a elbows B knees or C feet maybe your elbows cuz well there’s no nerve endings in your elbows that’s true if you like pinch your elbows you won’t feel pain but sometimes I do feel pain I don’t know yeah hitman I think it’s not your elbows your maybe but my well my foot definitely has thick skin but in general all our feet have the thickest skin because so the skin is the thickest and it has around 1.4 millimeters of thickness and just to compare this to the thinnest skin your eyelid has zero point two millimeters yeah so it’s like seven times thicker underfoot what are we moving on and being ending treatment will kind of combine these into treatments and pimple patches we have the Isaiah lick Brewster we have the salicylic acid nine percent which is very potent we have retinol because retinol is great for acne prune because it controls oil and this is just a dupe for it and then we have the pimple patch a gigantic pimple pads yo should we start with this yeah so when one defines patch they got this on the money when she told me she’s like oh we’re gonna do a pimple patch I’m like okay there’s so many people taht just or whatever she’s like no ro you don’t understand they’re massive they just fit on my chin so the cool thing about this so it’s from a brand called ever L its packaging is really cute it really is and normally like if you gotta cause our wrecks you and they get this right the little ones a hydrocolloid yeah thing but this has a square patch can you see it so like if you have a planet of pimples which is normally what I have on the chin can you just stick this all over your face yeah no it’s never been that bad for those of you who get like hormonal this is really great for just like putting because you get it under here a lot right or even people who get it on the cheeks you just slap this whole thing on and you use it the same as little pimple stickers and it just draws out the impurities but it doesn’t dry out the skin I mean this is like really really thin yeah so it adheres to the skin really nicely and it’s also matte so it doesn’t yeah the texture it’s like slightly texturized yeah to look like skin yeah this is really cool there’s salicylic acid tea tree calendula and rosehip seed oil in this rose hip seed and calendula is soothing and then tea tree helps with controlling the breakout and tell us it like acid obviously this is so bad so bung-bung just means so good if you’re into spa treatments this is 9% salicylic acid but what I like about this formula you would think it would burn off your face I was just gonna say 9% can you describe what that experience is like almost five times what’s in any other does it feel that way like do you feel it like like picha into my pores well the thing is the formula is really I think innovative because it’s almost like spreadable and slightly greasy you know what’s squalane yeah like facial oil it feels like a facial oil on your skin so if you try a little you like say it it has oat extract so that really helps to soothe and not just like incinerate it because what I hate about spot treatments is that it like dries out the skin which is what you don’t want Claire one of our team members she also faces a lot of like she has really fair skin but acne as well and she said using this so this is really good and for all skin types and it really does target stubborn imperfections very gently following on from Polar’s choices the 10% is a like acid brewster with licorice once again and salicylic acid as a hillock acid is such an underrated ingredient because it helps with brightening hyperpigmentation it helps with everything post acne but also helps to control it from forming in the first place so it’s prevention and post you can use it all over the face or you can use it as a spot treatment and for you as well for brightening certain uneven skin tone so good like oh yeah so I was tossing up between mentioning this oh nice and in mind because they do very similar things but I would highly recommend that you use you tried this one if you’re gonna bipolars choice because it’s also cheaper why cinnamon is still really great ingredient for acne oily people yeah because if everything pause it helps controlling the oil so it doesn’t seem so big do I have any other questions that’s it you’ve answered all of them my questions that I’m gonna ask her are gonna be like how many nose hairs are in your nose oh my god I love those what if I pluck them let’s count the ways this one should be like why does it hurt so much the nose has if you pluck them okay and then we’re ending on retinols this is the favorite this is the retinol from Obagi it’s got the entrapped which is the capsule encapsulated so it’s a slow release of retinol and it’s designed like the formula has a lot of soothing ingredients that help with the retinol which is 0.5% which is perfect for like any beginner yeah so it’s not overly drying we’ve done a whole retinol video so please watch that this was the one that I really liked but we also discovered the CeraVe has almost like open these two almost the same up both look like the the OG like lip balms were younger like a huge yeah like a giant that’s true they’re both very gentle to the skin I think this is just like a bhujiya version but because it’s bougie it’s got a lot more like active ingredients this also has a micro delivery system that slowly releases the retinol and retinol for acne prone skin is probably one of the best things you can try because it helps to control the oil it helps with skin regeneration so that your pores aren’t clogged so that it doesn’t create breakouts so there’s what the like Holy Grail you guys can trust that everything here is good but a question if you guys don’t work well with salicylic acid you can try the willow Bock or you can try calamine or you can try like almost zinc even which is why this is a really good sunscreen and with that thank you so much your super group for sponsoring a part of this video make sure to check out the sunscreen link down below if this is something that you’re interested in and asked with every video every single product mentioned here will be linked down below and we’ll see you guys very soon