Horse Care : How to Put Together an Equine First-Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit is a great way to ensure
that you’re ready for any kind of emergency that could arise when dealing with horses.
Here are a few basic things that are great to have just ready. A container that’s easy
to carry, like this little bucket. It’s always good to have a stethoscope. And having some
saline solution in case you need to wash out an eye. Bedizen scrub is great for washing
out wounds and along with this you’d also want to have cotton. It’s nice to have a big
roll of cotton like this. It’s easier to tear off pieces a great way to wash any kind of
basic wound, probably the most common thing you’ll use. It’s also a good idea to have
some butte paste. And that wrap… that wrap is great for wrapping wounds. And a basic
biozide gel or just anything that’s bacterial. This is also fungicidal gel for topical wounds.