How Build A First Aid Kit – Build-A-Kit Tutorial

>>MFASCO: Hello my name is Mike with MFASCO
Health and Safety the leader in first aid kits and first aid refill supplies. This is a brief tutorial instructing how to
create and build your own first aid kit using our brand new online tool known as Build A
Kit. Go to our website and click
on the Build- A-Kit link at the top of the page. You’ll be directed to the Build-A-Kit homepage
where you will begin the process. You’ll quickly see that we have a choice to
either build, refill, or reorder. The Build link starts the process of building
a first aid kit. The Refill link starts the process of creating
a refill checklist. And the Reorder link displays a list of any
first aid kits or lists that you have created in the past. You can only save your kits or list if you
sign in to our site first. You will only be able to see any kits or lists
you have saved if you’re signed in. So, we recommend you sign in to our site before
beginning the process. Now, let’s begin to build our first aid kit
by clicking the Build link. First, we need to select the type of kit that
we want to build. We’ve organized all of our containers by application
type to make the process quick and easy to find your container. A series of first aid kit containers will
then be presented and when you select a container, the details for that container will be displayed. When you are ready, select a container to
continue. This is where it all happens. Looking at this page, you will see the upper
area where we can name our kit, see the cost of the container, select how many of these
kits you want to make, monitor the cost of the kit, and most important, determine the
capacity or spaced used up in the container. We’ll talk about the ANSI minimum requirements
in a minute. Notice the row of tabs that run along the
page. We organize the products by type. Select one tab at a time and scroll down the
page to view the different items on that page. Select one tab at a time and scroll down the
page to view all of the different items of that type. You can mouse over the image to see a bigger
picture, view the price, change the quantity, and ultimately, select the items that you
want to add to your kit. When you add an item to your kit, notice the
link changes from Add to Kit to In Kit. You’ll also notice that the tab to the far
right that says See Your Kit Contents Here has changed color. This tab is where you’ll go when you want
to see only the items that you’ve added to your kit. More about that in a minute. So, continue to add items to your kit one
tab at a time. Notice the order subtotal and the total capacity
used change each time you add an item. Okay, for those who want to have their first
aid kit meet or exceed the ANSI First Aid Kit Requirements, notice the box in the upper
right hand corner of the page. You’ll see a list of product types and red
check marks. The American National Standards Institute
has created a standard that requires these items to be included in your kit. So, as you browse and select items from each
tab, you’ll notice that to the right of the Add to Kit link some have a green check and
the type of product that it is. If you select that item, notice what happens
to the box in the upper right. The product type you selected now has a green
check. If you want an ANSI approved first aid kit,
be sure to select one of each of the ANSI product types from the product list under
each tab. When all the ANSI items have green checks,
your kit meets or exceeds the ANSI requirement for you first aid supplies. Now, when you’ve finished adding items to
your kit, select the See Your Kit Contents Here link. On this page, you’ll see all the items that
you’ve selected along with the quantities you’ve changed. You can remove the item from the list or you
can edit the quantities.This is also a great opportunity to review your order subtotal
and capacity used. We have intentionally built in a little extra
room for our capacities, so that if you’ve gone over a little you should be fine. Now, look over to the right of the page. The Final Steps box gives you several options. You’ll see your kit name, number of kits that
you want to order, an option to print your list, a refill link to come back to your kit,
a reminder link that if you want to schedule a reminder, and the ability to save your list,
or even the option to start all over and create a brand new list or kit. Also, if you want to order the whole kit,
you can select either Assemble Yourself or for a nominal fee, we’ll assemble it for you. Clicking the Order Now link will add all of
the items to the shopping cart. Reviewing your cart will show all of the items
for your first aid kit including the container. Continue to check out and you’re all set. If you want to come back and see your list,
or order individual items to refill your kit, be sure you’re logged in. Go to the Build-A-Kit homepage and look over
to the Reorder box and you’ll find your kit name. Selecting that kit will take you to the Final
Steps page where you’ll be given the opportunity to order or select as many items as you need
to refill your kit. Don’t forget to set a reminder for yourself
to check your first aid kit. If you need help using Build-A-Kit, take a
look at our Help File found here on the Information box while adding items to your kit. The Help File provides step by step instructions,
how to build your own custom first aid kit using MFASCO Health and Safety’s online tool
known as Build-A-Kit. It’s a great resource. You can also reach out to us using our online
chat or give us a call. We’ll be glad to help. For those who already had a container and
want to create a first aid checklist, and use that for reordering in the future, stay
here and then the next video will load automatically. Or select it from our playlist on our YouTube
channel found at