How do Diabetes Medications Work in the Body?

Your doctor has told you that you need
to take diabetes medication, but how exactly do different medications work to
control your blood sugar? A medication like metformin works on your liver, this
pill keeps your liver from releasing too much glucose. Other medications like
glipizide, which you also take as a pill, help your pancreas make more insulin,
which lowers blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes is a disease that progresses over time,
that means even if you’re doing everything right, exercising, eating
healthy food, taking your medication, most people are still going to need insulin
at some point; that’s because your body stops making insulin. Insulin is a
natural hormone and it’s safe, effective, and easy to use. Insulin must be injected
to work. This natural hormone helps move sugar from the bloodstream into cells
where it’s needed for energy. To help manage your blood sugar, you need to
always take your medications as prescribed. Don’t forget to refill your
prescriptions at least a week before you run out, you don’t want to miss a dose.
Talk to your doctor or care team if you have questions. You can live well when
you take control of your diabetes. We have online tools, articles, videos, and
photo stories to help you.