How Does the Cold Affect Our Skin? ❄️Freezing Facial For Minimizing Pores, Acne & Inflammation

it was like I can’t do it I can do it I can do it I can do it I’m doing it I’m gonna freeze I’m gonna die no I’m gonna stay alive I got this no I don’t got this it’s really cold my like sweating just at the thought of that hey guys welcome back it’s talisha and Rowena in the growing skincare world the emphasis on using cold is interestingly more and more relevant and that’s why we see things like skincare refrigerators ice room saunas cryotherapy and even tools like jade roses which give us that instant cooling effect on the skin this can easily go to extremes at one point there was a cave beauty trend called chomps ooh which involves submerging a full face of makeup in ice-cold water we I really highly recommend you never try this because what we’re really trying to achieve is balance in our bodies and you could even call balance the epitome of illness because when we are well it’s when we found a balance that spreads over everything in our lives out in the open the oceans need nutrients from the desert and in cooking chefs want to find the balance between sweet and savory in skin care our skin barrier is constantly fluctuating and trying to find the perfect balance of pH levels going even further our bodies also need to find a unique balance between hot and cold which is why we’ll see specific ingredients used for specific skin types like for dry skin for oily skin and that’s why we’ll see it everywhere in skincare in beauty yeah yeah because we’ve probably all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul but you probably might have heard that the skin is the mirror to our bodies so to understand how to really get good skin we probably want to know about how each side plays its part so today we’re going to be exploring one side the cooler side and we’ll be covering what happens to our paws the rest of our skin brain and overall body when we experience cold then today we also go on an adventure outside well I do Felicia does unfortunately Rowena was not here to suffer with me but we learn about cryotherapy for the face and the body will also explain how and why the trend of skincare fridges can help with increasing the longevity and efficacy of your products lots to discuss let’s just get it so I have a trusty timer here send time’ I’m gonna ask you a question okay rue yes tell me the first three things that happen when you get cold outside ready yeah you shiver your nose starts getting runny and you hunched over oh yeah always walking around really weird I think we’ve even had a discussion about this why do we hunt – like shrink all your mass yeah it’s easier for you what – sorry well today we’re actually going to find out why we become The Hunchback of Notre Dame the guns code let’s put this timer away for now alright so now that my interest is thoroughly paid let’s first explore what happens to our bodies and what effects it has on our skin a relation to coolness or when we’re in contact with the cold first up is something that we’re all concerned about and it’s out shrink or open because in order to shrink or expand you need a muscle and there is definitely a teeny little muscles around every single one of out pause what this really is is thermal expansion of the skin this just means your skin will expand when it’s hot and contract when it’s cold this is why sometimes our feet and fingers can swell up in the summertime you rounder and plumper than normal yeah like my ring start to not fit in certain fingers or it’s like when you get off the plane and your feet are like little toads does your feet turn into double this size a mistake Tim I have really thick sweet and she is really thin feet one way you can hack this thermal expansion equation and make the paws appear smaller is using cooling tools and make sure there’s no you stuck in the pour itself because if it’s dirty and filled with sebum and dirt and dead skin that is definitely going to make you’ll pull a peel larger than if it was like an empty clean some facials use frozen ice cube toners which is essentially freezing your toner and then applying it that way but personally we find this will be a little too much and it’s a little on the novelty side of things because if you don’t know what you’re doing it could just end up wasting a lot of products and it could actually worsen your skin condition because the temperature is like a frozen block of ice if you don’t know what you’re doing it could just be a situation of like you know when you lick an ice statue it just kind of stuck but let’s just say you popped a pimple and it’s swollen and red it is helpful to do an ice compress over that area to reduce swelling because acne treatments absorb a little better when the skin isn’t swollen and irritated just imagine your pimple is a big red balloon and when the balloon is filled with air nothing kicking in or out the only way to let air in or out is to pop the balloon or make a small hole in the balloon now looking further into our bodies something that we can all relate to is that we have blood pumping around throughout every part of our body and blood is the main source of heat in our skin our bodies have been designed to always maintain a stable temperature of 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit pretty specific right when you go over this by say one or two degrees you’re basically in the realm of a fever when we all know how traumatic that thanks but going back to when it gets cold our blood decides to take a little detour and start to flow somewhere there are tiny little thermo receptors in our skin that sends signals to parts of our brain called the hypothalamus which picks up on the information that our internal temperature is off-balance so the first thing the hypothalamus does is tighten the blood vessels in our arms now fingers L legs al feet and directs all the blood to go towards the organs basically most of the blood redirects and travels to our core area an attempt to protect the most important internal organs that keeps us alive otherwise it’s like Pocahontas but with our liver and kidney to the winds so romantic this explains why sometimes when it’s really cold outside you can’t move your fingers and your limbs very fast because it’s literally lack of blood in those areas like when I’m trying to type my phone in the winter okay not and we’ll be showing you a little more about that in our next section because I go and try cry therapy before going into that we need to cover one more important thing active shivering is all just second nature to us a whole when we get cold why do we shiver in the first place does it really protect us in any way the answer is yes and the explanation is pretty interesting we mentioned we have teeny-tiny thermal receptors in our skin that detect any fluctuations in temperature and when there is it sends warning signals to our brain like now what the brain does is not just redirect the blood but it also then sends nervous impulses to our muscles to start essentially spasming to create metabolic heat so this is all an attempt to bring our body temperature within a normal range again and this is why the colder you get the hotter you’re super interesting fact is if we do somehow get cold enough to enter into hypothermia our bodies can produce 400 to 600 watts of heat through shivering that’s the same as a 600 watt heater that you can get off Amazon to heat your bedroom isn’t their body just a magical little cost-effective thing so we’re about to share and share with you guys my experience in the sub-zero degrees literally freezing my little buttocks off but before we do we want to share with you another source of energy these cute little quick sticks from Kara can give your body a boost of energy the day without giving the pains of shivering to create energy there’s also ones for digestion for sleep and stress and the best thing is there in this powder form that you pull straight into your mouth and it just dissolves like the Pixy Stix you might have had as a kid but because this one’s naturally sweetened I personally love the gut check it tastes like Apple is employ all know how important gut health is for clear skin and for me I really like the extra batteries which has a citrus flavor with vitamin b12 and caffeine for that boost of energy in your day how carob works is that you fill out a quick quiz online about your diet lifestyle fitness goals and health needs and you get recommended a personalized vitamin pack according to your lifestyle for mine I got multivitamins which supports gastrointestinal function as well as the glow trio which is good for your hair nails and skin if you haven’t heard of care of they basically curate and deliver daily vitamins or supplements to you so if this is something that you guys are curious about try out the quiz yourself and you can use our code beauty within for 25% off your first money so we want to show you an extreme scenario and one that’s gotten a lot of traction in the last few years and it’s cryotherapy so Felicia was so gracious and offered herself as tribute I went to a clean market here in New York to try it out and find out what the deal with it is hey guys so we’re here at clean market and I’m here with Jenn who kind of heads all these services right can you tell us what’s actually open here yeah so clean market we have a variety of holistic services from hot and cold treatments everything is all natural so on the sweat side of things we offer infrared saunas they’re all privately booked rooms and then on the cold side we have cryotherapy whole body and cryo facials and we also have our nature trip center that does IV vitamin trips and vitamin shots and those are all administered by registered nurses when was the first time you heard of Carl therapy as I watch a lot of tennis and then tennis players always claim to do these iced buds after their training because you’re putting your muscles in so much shock and you’re using it so much that I know that they submerge their bodies into ice and then that’s how they kind of heal quicker because we all know about the cryotherapy body right but there was a Chrysler facial and that was cool because you could wear makeup to the facial so just start by cooling down the face what happens when your face or any body part really gets extremely cold the blood rushing to the front of the face that’s what’s really turning over the dead skin cells and producing new ones and so that is helping with the production of collagen specifically in the face so you’ll be able to see the benefits after just one 12 minute treatment you know how we were talking about pore size and shrinking pause when it gets a little bit cooler a little bit colder this is kind of what it does and it also helps to stimulate the blood your brighter your pores are reduced and it’s also supposed to have that like if you do it on a regular basis every week it will help to like being your skin how do you feel it’s so good it feels like um reborn okay yeah you feel fresh do I look any different asking a guy alright look at it that was the face nice and easy like ease into the coolness and we should try the buddy now and the cryotherapy whole body it’s a whole different experience it’s so where does the cold come out of so it’s liquid nitrogen and she was saying when you go there the difference between cryotherapy and an ice bath is that our bodies can withstand liquid nitrogen much more than contact of ice are you wearing anything oh that’s an important point because she said you have to cover your life vital organs and then is the floor metal is the whole thing metal no so it’s it’s not otherwise you would literally die but the walls are kind of like cushion I mean it’s ready to go and then I’ll start the machine and lower the window okay deep breath there are studies that show whole body cryotherapy mimics actual exercise because it can cause muscle cells to pulsate in the same way that exercise does yeah and while in that chamber I was definitely shivering like tomorrow you’re doing great Felicia you’re halfway then we recommend moving to keep the blood pressure up another claim for crow therapy is therapy and swimming in the cold or during winter induces a stress reaction which triggers the body to release a hormone that inhibits pain it really builds this this strong character oh and this all happens within a minute and within a minute oh it was like I can’t do it I can’t do it I can’t do it I can’t do it I’m doing it I’m gonna freeze I’m gonna die no I’m gonna stay alive I got this no I don’t got this it’s really cold my knees a shuddering I’m like sweating just at the thought of that character and five four three two one for the 15 seconds and then it goes really cool yeah you were in their negative 168 degrees it actually boosts your metabolism and your muscles are still going even after you’re on to the machine so throughout the day the next like 12 to 24 hours you’re burning more calories yeah after you come out you’re like wow I can do anything so that’s why they also say repeated exposure to the cold can also increase the ability for a person to withstand other kinds of stresses in life building a tough skin literally the only thing about this is that even though there are a lot of articles and you know like – in Ferris and all of them claim that it does do have benefits for the body a lot of it is still not scientific yeah yeah so that definitely looks like quite the experience Bell would you do it again probably not I feel like if I really wanted to induce that type of ring I’ll just wait around every 12 hours maybe more tailored towards people like extreme athletes you actually need their muscles to recover now with all that said let’s get into something that’s a little more relaxing and that we all love talking about skincare and ingredients we all know of those general ingredients that we see everywhere that are used for their cooling effects right like you Kumbha used by brands such as keels or Mario Badescu Peter Thomas Roth but did you know there’s a lot more to it than that think for a second why do specific fruits have this effect while others don’t one way to understand it is with the Eastern concept of yin and yang this is probably something that we’ve all heard of at one point in our life or we’ve seen some random tattoos on someone but never really thought too much about it after that the principle is that there’s a coexistence of opposite forces to create a healthy balance and everything around us can help us understand a lot about ourselves particularly when it comes to our skin and body okay so let’s take this to test hmm two steps further the first is determining our skin types and the second is product ingredients when we’re born we’re given a set of traits which will explain why some of us have dry and bad blood circulation while others sweat easily an experienced thing like cystic acne it can all be explained by this yin-yang concept for me I’m definitely more on the yang side growing up for at least two decades of my life I get really cold easily in the wintertime even winters in LA which aren’t even real winters my hands are frozen my foot is frozen and then my mom saw I was just like why are you like an ice cube so yeah so that’s all about circulation of the relation yeah and then my lips would be pale so that’s one way to tell the imbalances because we actually have a mixture of both right that was just an overview of some of our trades and because this is present everywhere it’s also found in the balance of different foods and ingredients that we eat but also find in our skincare ingredients let’s take the fresh and fun watermelon as an example a q-see watermelon is a very young food iing it’s also known to represent cool while a mango is a young food which represents heat normally we would just look at these two ingredients and be like yeah they’re both delicious they’re both so at the end and cooling foods like the watermelon have the ability to clear internal heat come inflammation expel the toxins in our bodies especially in the blood and if your acne-prone like me you most likely have a more young nature as we said and have hotter bodies in general so can relate so what this does is like if you have young you want to eat in foods to counteract and bring it back into like a medium level this understanding has been around for centuries because when we start tying it all together acne is an internal inflammatory condition and heat in the body causes inflammation and things like hyperactivity and over stimulation within the body so watermelons have been used in traditional skin care regimes in the East for centuries and they would use watermelon rind like just the skin of it and then put it on their face my grandma would always do this at home and this is actually what inspired k-beauty brands like glue recipe to develop their watermelon Kjell moss and there are two main active ingredients in watermelon the first is citrulline and this is a chemical that raises the level of urea in the blood and urine the seat of watermelon were also used as herbs to help clear urinary tract infections you can even dry the seeds and boil them in water and drink at st in the Western understanding watermelon portal is rich in potassium which increases the secretion of urine and alleviates water retention because of this it expels excess salt from our body and also reduces edema which is the abnormal accumulation of fluids within our body and it can pull up in your ankles or anywhere which leads to swelling so not only do they flush out the bad things from the inside watermelons are high in water content which provides hydration and moisture to our skin and bodies from the inside there are so many different you natured fruits and vegetables and what a melon is just one of them right so there are a ton more in a lot of the skincare products that we see on the Shelf so let’s explore a little more the first is yogurt which is another great soothing and cool ingredient that you can easily get yourself anywhere and then eat it it’s great for the skin because yogurt contains lactic acid similar to milk which helps to exfoliate the skin and it also contains zinc which helps with cooling the skin and also great for those of you with acne since you’ll see zinc in a lot of skincare products next is goji berries we’re starting to see goji berries not just in acai bowls but in skincare and there’s a good reason because goji berry has long been known for its ability to help the skin look and be more radiant like all Yin herbs goji promotes the production of fluids in the body which helps us to balance and support our hormones and nourish the skin guru berry is probably one of the highest source of carotenoids and this is what gives color to things like pumpkins carrots mangoes but goji berry is like the king of carotenoids which is a group of phytochemicals that have shown to slow down the aging process of the skin next is aloe other than being super hydrating and soothing it’s the go-to sunburn ointment because it naturally contained super anti-inflammatory and healing properties eller is rich in antioxidant enzymes amino acids and polysaccharides which are healthy long-chain sugars that give a lot of benefit to our immune system aloe has a very high content of water over 99% which can provide deep hydration and chemistries and rejuvenate the skin ala is also high in sulfur compounds which helps to maintain our skin’s elasticity and flexibility and Eller Viera also contains a yellow fluid which you can actually ingest so it’s definitely one of those which are good inside and out next is mushrooms not only great to eat the mushrooms are another great skin relieving ingredient that we can see in a lot of different skin care products and you might have heard of reishi or chaga and these are probably the most popular types of mushrooms and origins definitely has been highlighting this in the dr. Andrew Weil it’s like the green packaging and their key ingredient is chaga and reishi mushroom reishi mushroom is most famous for its stress relieving properties and liver strengthening benefits because one of the major components of PV is having a strong liver so that we can naturally detox and purify the blood and blood is really important when it comes to our skin because it gives our skin oxygen right and it’s stored in a liver while we’re sleeping and this is also where toxins are either removed from our blood or eliminated through our bowels because mushrooms hold a lot of hydration and offer a lot of hydration to the skin when it’s applied topically so once again it’s all about retaining and giving our skin the right amount of hydration so we can’t mention every type of Yin or cooling fruit out there a lot of brands will use these in their products like the Pappa recipe has a really popular eggplant musk skin food their entire range is based on using specific fruits as food for the skin hence skin to food and even fresh because this whole brand every line of skincare that they have is very heavily focused on one key ingredient like green tea strawberry kombucha sugar and a lot of these are in nature plus they’re super aesthetic now we’re moving on to skincare tips to cool the skin knowing more about all these cool Tibbets in our skincare and lifestyle in general we can start to understand more about why we’re always seeing people toss their face masks and skincare products in the refrigerator and I always was a little skeptical about this whole trend of using a little skincare fridge and wondering if it was just a whole marketing scam but is there a method to the madness he makes your pores enlarged because sebum production will flow out when enlarged pores are more likely to cause clogged pores which leads to all the fun things that happen acne so we need to use that face Moss that you pulled out of the fridge or decide to use you know like a Jade roller while your face mask is on or even when you have a moisturizer you’re using the cold temperature from the product surface to help cool down any sort of inflammation any sort of swelling and it just calms it all down a really interesting tip we came across is from a Korean Beauty youtuber called Yoona she noted that facials and expensive treatments are not really needed because they only work to cool down the surface of the skin temporarily rather than for long-term external fixes and instead you know found in her research that cooling down the back of the neck really helps to internally cool your whole body and when you apply hydrating and cooling products on your skin while simultaneously using a cold compress for the back of your neck you’re helping your skin absorb and lock in hydration more effectively so that’s a really cool tip so what we like about this method a very safe method to bring down the body heat instead of pressing ice cubes directly on her face for prolonged periods of time or going into a cryo chamber does it help asking care products by putting them in the refrigerator or which ones can be helped in which ones will go bad for skincare refrigerators when we normally use moisturizers and serums we’re exposing the products to outside factors like air sunlight temperature and bacteria every time we opened and this exposure leads to oxidization of the active ingredients which is what basically helps our skin that is the money that you’re putting in and when you place your skincare products in the fridge the cool temperature helps to preserve these active ingredients for a longer period of time while simultaneously inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth when it’s contaminated by your fingers as well because you know we all dip our fingers into the jar the types of products that will work best in cooler temperatures are water-based serums gels and lotions but other beauty products like vitamin C serum Serrano retinoids face masks excluding clay all show benefits from cool temperatures clay masks in the fridge will turn to a rock but just keep in mind it’s not a hundred percent necessary just make sure you’re keeping your products out of direct sunlight because this is what will make your products spoil the quickest well the story’s skin fridges aren’t necessary but it’s more so to me how to properly store your ingredients and products skin care products that you spend so much money yeah but personally for me I do enjoy that cooling feeling especially in the summer because my face when I wake up it is indeed bloated like a pearl of the ocean shining like a beacon of light and when I do use things like rollers or even a spoon you don’t need to go out and buy all these expensive tools and gadgets you can just use what you have right spoons yeah and just use that under the eye for puffing but the bigger moral of the story is that the more we know about our bodies and the nature of certain foods and ingredients and what we put in how we can balance it so that we can achieve like truly good and shining and healthy glowing skin from the inside and did you guys know Bing and Chinese means cold so it’s like you sing Bing to get the Bing Bing skin yeah so we hope you guys expanded your knowledge a little let us know if you have any questions about the cry or any of the food because it is quite deep you can get very deep into it we can get more into it in a few video this is all about cold we’re gonna do one all about heat and hot oh yeah and the thing is we’re just this is getting really long but we have both in us yeah I feel like I’m very hot in some areas but my body temperature has historically been very cold and for her it’s vice-versa her mood is very cool but then her body temperatures are like hot yeah ice queen and hot girl you hot girls like a chicken wing anyway so we will explore heat in the next episode so until then we’ll see you very soon