How I Healed My Crippling Depression, Anxiety, And Chronic Fatigue Without Medication by Josh Macin

The money, the cars, the fancy watch, the
hot superficial girlfriend, the vacations, your health insurance, all that. The big
house, all of that shit is the booby prize. It’s the second-place prize that most of the planet is chasing and dying
after okay. It’s the second-place prize. The grand prize that they don’t want you to
know about is love. it’s a hum of love in your belly okay,
in your heart, and your soul. It’s well-being. It’s peace. That’s the grand
prize because when you have that, nothing else matters. Nothing else matters when
you have that. It’s well-being. Just a it’s a sort of humming feeling. You can’t really talk about. You can only feel it right and some people have never
felt it right. Some people live there, heaven and hell are states of
consciousness we live in this lifetime we have in this lifetime okay.
So that’s the real life’s work is achieving love in your vessel. Achieving
a relationship with yourself where you love yourself, you love life, and you do
that by getting rid of shit. You don’t do it by adding shit on like we’ve been
taught all our lives. You don’t need to learn anything else okay or do more
self-help or do any of that. It’s just about getting rid of the junk. This is my my first time speaking in
public so I’m a little nervous. I’m more so nervous because I know I’m going to
break down in tears, which by the way I need tissues 100%. I’m not that’s not a
joke some of it. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. Because it’s a pretty raw journey
still for me. It was only seven months ago that I was actually peeing in a
bucket in my bedroom because I couldn’t leave my bedroom out of fear
and terror and panic. Here’s my story. I’m just going to get right into
it and it’s going to be raw and I’m just gonna go deep with it and if I
start crying, whatever. But like I said, three years ago, I was doing all these
things. I was living in the Lower East Side Manhattan, had a beautiful
girlfriend. I was traveling the world competing in Brazilian Jujitsu. I was
doing all things that quote unquote mean success and there was an internal void,
of course. We know this void that we all have. I had definitely had that and
eventually, at some point in a two-week period, I went from being that man to
feeling like a lost little child seemingly overnight. It felt like I started
tripping on acid 24/7 without taking any drugs. That one or two voices that we
have in our heads became four or five, six voices. Incomprehensible voices. It
was pure utter torture. It was it was it was… You could put whatever label on it
you want but it was pure utter torture to be in my existence, in my body on a
second to second basis. I became suicidal within a week and I had no idea what was
going on with me. I was terrified and I thought I was dying. There was no
other way there. It was literally was just death. I look at myself in the
mirror and I would just see death in my eyes and that of course led into a
miserable depression. It started started with the inability to hear my
own thoughts and it led to panic which led to despair and in a couple months, I
was just so depressed. I mean every single day was a dark, gloomy, rainy
day. Every thought was a gloomy thought. Everything. The weather like Marcus talks about.
Everything was in that negative chatter zone times 100 and I couldn’t escape it.
My first thing was I tried to escape it right. That’s the first mechanism for the
human beings. How do we escape this pain? So what I did is I tried to talk to as
many girls as I can on the street. That was like the most potent drug for me. I
literally just do what Sasha does and just literally every single girl I
saw, every beautiful girl, I would talk to and I would get that five-second high and
maybe a high later from texting them. succeeding at it. And I try, you know, I
was trying every drug under the sun – every fricking drug known to mankind just
to calm this pain. And it was then, in those days, that I realized that we
cannot blame an addict. Even like heroin addicts. It’s a big issue in the
United States. It’s a big issue in the world. We cannot blame the addicts. We have to
blame the system and Gabor Maté says: “It’s not why the heroin, it’s why the
pain.” And this is very true because in those days, being the disciplined fighter
that I was, there was nothing that I wanted more than to curl up and take
heroin or any xanax or any freakin drug that I could find. I never tried heroin
but any drug that I could find to mask the pain. And we have to treat these
people with compassion to make a shift in our society, in our world. Otherwise,
we’re going to continue on this path. So after the drugs didn’t work, the women
didn’t work, I went to psychiatrists. I went to my parents for help. I’m 23 years
old at the time. You know what, mom, dad, I have no
money. I need serious help. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m tripping out.
Something really bad is happening to me. I have depression. I have panic
whatever. I have anxiety disorder. And of course, the psychiatrist reaffirmed all
of these condition beliefs. So you have this, you have that. You have that ADHD.
You have depression. You have to take these seven medications. You’ll have
to be on it for the rest of your life. And I took these medications. Poisons.
I took them for about four to six months, trying everything I could.
Lexapro, Zanna, klonopin, xanax. What to every fucking drug and they
made me worse. I became like a numb zombie. Really ,I’d be just floating around in
like a suicidal state. Totally numb to the world and it’s very sad you know. A lot of the population is actually living in this
limbo between life and death. But at one point, I came to a fork in the road. I
said to myself I said when it wasn’t working after four or five months, I said
I can continue down this path of psychiatry and pills and it’s for
certain going to be lead me to mediocrity, to pay more pain, to living
in probably an institution in one day or I can take it upon myself, with my gut and
with my heart, know that all of these intelligent people around me have no
idea what the fuck they’re talking about. That this psychiatrist from Harvard and
my dad who’s an engineer and my mom who’s intelligent and all my friends who were all
brilliant who were all telling me “you have to get help, you have to get help,
you have to go stay on these pills.” And I came in the fork in the road and I said,
I go down this one path and I’m fucked.. So why not at least choose this maybe of
escaping this realm of hungry ghosts, escaping the dark night of the soul as
Marcus talked about. And and I jumped right into that fucking fire. I flew to
the Amazon to work with ayahuasca which seems to be a common denominator in
this in talk and I did one ceremony and went into… I did one
ceremony and went into utter fear and terror times a hundred. More than
anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. And it was like, I don’t even know. I
can’t explain. It was like taking 1 million hits of acid and never coming
back, just disappearing and lost in the sauce. And that’s pretty much where I was
and I was supposed to do 6 ceremonies at that center and I did one and I flew
home. I almost took the plane down in a panic and despair in the back of the
plane, basically begging the flight attendants for for Xanax and they almost
literally almost brought the plane down. And I got went and got into JFK. They did a
full cavity search deemed to me not a drug dealer because they
thought I was like in in Peru they don’t see this level of unprovoked panic so
they thought I was smuggling drugs in my rectum and that I freaked out I got
panicky or something because they just don’t they don’t experience this in in
Peru when they do but not on the same scale so anyway go from the flight
straight to the mental hospital I was suicidal I was just just distraught just
totally distraught in the mental hospital thinking this was rock bottom
right this has to be rock bottom I’m in a mental hospital how could it get any
worse than this surrounded by tortured souls surrounded I met heavily medicated
beings and um and you know I got out of the hospital I cultivated some
resemblance of stability actually actually what I did is I did a ketamine
injections in New York City they’re they’re legal in New York City for those
who are like suicidal and they’re in severe pain and they basically just can
take you out of a suicidal state and they did for about a day but just seeing
that relief for a day gave me a new purpose new hope so I did the ketamine I
call my buddy to get us mushrooms because after I woke up in mental
hospital I knew that this was a pain inside of me that I had to work through
if I didn’t work through this pain it would consume me and the only way out of
this fire was actually into it and through it the only way out of the
payment is always through it so I and again I started doing mushroom
ceremonies as my friend on nature had cried to him cried to him for four six
eight hours at a time releasing this multi-generational pain that I had
carried and found some relief I started experiencing an understanding of how
important it was to have a healthy diet so I I started making diet changes and
and whatnot and I’ll get into that in more detail later but I started doing
enemas cleaning the colon and meditation that did several the possum retreats
where I would go and actually spend ten days in total silence
meditating for ten hours a day was fucking crazy not pleasant at all and so okay so yeah I mean I read hundreds of
books did start doing fasting water fasting which I can talk about more
later but then I synchronistically met a beautiful woman and she happened to be
one of the lead communications directors of the largest ayahuasca center in the
world in Peru and she happened to go to my high school but I never knew her in
high school there’s always synchronous to be
synchronicity and life always and we we started dating she took me to the jungle
with her and I spent six months in the jungle the 21 more ayahuasca ceremonies
everyone around me thought I was nuts for going back but I knew that it was
this inner demon this inner unrest that had to be worked through otherwise I
would die it was there was two ways to go fight every single day for my life or
die that was it there’s nowhere else to go and it seemed unreasonable to
understand that but it’s if you’ve never experienced panic or depression you
can’t fathom it you simply cannot fathom it and you will just may dismiss what
I’m saying as reasonable but panic and biochemical panic is not like anything
you ever experienced like getting nervous before talking to you guys or or
getting nervous here we’re talking to a woman there are levels of panic and pain
and despair that are so much greater than anything you could ever imagine
and even me I have seen other people suffer in mental hospitals more than not
that one business hospital more than I probably have ever suffered but my point
is is that it’s just not fathomable unless you’ve experienced it and you
don’t want to but it’s not a matter of willpower it’s not a matter of get a
hold of your thoughts do or get a job dude it’s all that is total utter
bullshit when it really comes down to severe mental illness or shamanic
initiation you know there’s really a thin line
between the two actually it’s really one in the same if you allow it to be so I
spent six months in the jungle every single moment of my day was focused on
being present okay witnessing my thoughts I would literally walk barefoot
in the jungle ground with the earth and I would walk like this narrating every
step to myself because anywhere except for the present moment was torture any
thought that I preached that I projected anything that when my mind was torture
the only place I could be was here now so I would just literally ten twelve
hours a day I love you Josh I love you Josh I love you Josh that all day and my
loved Marcus has talked because of that because all day that’s what I did you
know every single day all day I look at myself in the mirror for an hour day I
love you dude I’m so sorry this is happening to you so sorry you know and I
left the jungle as I was leaving the jungle
the shaman tell told me that I needed to do a dieta
idea is an apprenticeship it’s the next level of Iowa sky shamanism where you
ingest a tree and you basically ingest the tree while fasting and this tree
comes to life and teaches you gives you lessons and I was going to die the most
powerful tree in ayahuasca shamanism it’s called quite a Kospi and this is
the tree that they use an indigenous they use at a very young age for the
shaman to devote themselves to nature devote themselves to the plants and I
don’t know you know based on the talks that have been given I know a lot of
people are spiritually open here but a lot of people will say what tree giving
you knowledge that’s crazy we have such condition minds and we have
such a fucked up paradigm to think that there’s no such thing as spirits and no
such thing as other realms because we can’t even hear 99% of sound and more
99.9 percent of light we can’t even see okay these minds are our filters to live
in this reality the filter can be broken right schizophrenia as an example of
that filter breaking and this person is just it’s not like their loop their
are cuckoo they’re just experiencing the spirit realm at the same time and we
don’t know how to decipher it but what you can do is touch the spirit world
come back touch it again deep a little deeper come back that’s how you push the
filter and then start to see that there’s way more going on in this planet
then what meets the eye and then whatever though we’ve been taught so so
this this this vieta was going to be my apprenticeship and the reason i was
going to do this dieta is because there was nothing else in my mind that made
sense except for the fact that i was a shaman because i had read a lot of
history and cultural books and they talk about a shaman going through a shamanic
sickness before and before succumbing to being a shaman before accepting the call
to being a shaman and they will be tortured for years sometimes bedridden
vomiting all the time shitting all the time until they succumb to the call and
this of course is the new shaman of the village and the indigenous population
and what they do is actually when someone is experiencing these voices and
these things these shamanic illness symptoms they’ll actually sing and chant
to the individual the whole community will come together and support the
individual for him to transmute this experience for him to then help the rest
of the community in the future in our country and I’m sure here to give them
pills put them in a fucking ward is they’re useless and but the truth of the
matter is that the people who you know who are the sickest are actually the
ones with the largest medicines and the ones who need to survive more than
anyone else for massive shifts to happen in humanity so
I leave the jungle feeling a little better experiencing a deep connection
with nature experiencing these massive insights big insights totally rewiring
my brain and my understanding of life in the universe and but I wasn’t well you
know by no means every day was still a fight and now this is 21 ayahuasca
ceremonies later every day is a fight those six months were pure torture so
much work I’m at this point I’m a broken man for not by not being well and what
having worked as hard as I had so I go I go back home I do my routine which is
just a ridiculous routine I would drink it gallon of distilled water in the
morning in order to take a crap because I was so fearful all the time so anxious
my gut was always clenched everyone around me scared me I was a little
tortured boy and I couldn’t take shit in the morning I would have to like fucking
stretch for two hours a day and listen to music and tell myself I love myself
for two hours before I could take a shit and if I didn’t shit I was tortured
because in hindsight I understand how the detox works but at the time I didn’t
know why I was tortured so I’m doing I mean at this point I’m putting all my
energy I put into Jitsu into my health and I was doing sungazing
earthing walking barefoot on nature colonics fasting for 10 days at a time
only drinking water doing juice fasts doing enemas coffee enemas meditation
yoga everything that you’ve heard on the Internet of being a healing modality
like all this thick modality I tried 10 different diets all failed me and but I
still did them because the other option would have been best right this whole
time just remember death or life every day so here’s where it starts getting
real ugly and maybe I’ll break down maybe I want to really don’t know but
I remember I thought I was at rock bottom at that Hospital prepare for
these nine months at my house to go to do the detta in isolation and deeper
into the Amazon jungle than I had ever been in a remote village once I was in
the remote village I would be in a thirty minute walk into a primary jungle
and never been cut forest if you’ve ever experienced what I’ve never been cut
Amazon jungle is it is you are not on planet Earth you are it is a totally
different planet okay I was sharing my combo with you know I’d have monkeys
literally just talking to me now keep in mind I’m by myself totally no
communication with other human beings right so this is for three months this
is in my head what made sense to me don’t get you know I I don’t know why
but this is what made sense to me I was a shaman I had to learn how to be one
and how the only way to escape this pain so what I did is what I was doing was I
was spending I was spending three months isolated in the jungle with cockroaches
sharing my tombow with me monkeys just the loudest nature nope the noises you
could ever imagine and I lasted one month after a month of the most
excruciating pain I’ve ever been been in that the drinking the tree was like
taking 100 night quills really it just put me on my ass I couldn’t move I was
just so fucked after drinking that tree I was drinking three ayahuasca
ceremonies per week around my eighth ceremony I almost died a lot of people
experience near death in ayahuasca ceremonies and it’s really just their
mind and the medicine trying to teach them how to be grateful for what they
have this was extremely different I was in such a weak vulnerable state I had
taken a really high dose of ayahuasca and it’s very safe by the way if you
take all the parameters in check does everyone know what ayahuasca is who
doesn’t know what I wast is okay I’m just gonna explain really quickly
ayahuasca is a vine and a plant brew together for 72 hours
both of these plant plant and the vine are found in the Amazon
jungle it’s an indigenous tradition to take this medicine experience visions
experience hallucinations connect to the spirit realm and heal your physical
spiritual illnesses and it’s getting a lot of traction in the world because
it’s been doing a great job at healing depression and so yeah it’s a drink you
take you trip out trip but it’s more than way deeper than that but you trip
out for six hours and I urge you know purge all your toxins out so anyway where was I the vieta right yeah thank
you I may need that a couple times through this so so I’m at during the
detta I almost died they I drank a second cup of Medicine the shamans about
half hour into it I start purging at both ends unlike anything I’ve ever
experienced really feeling like I was going to die at some point my body went
totally cold the shamans were coming and doing their magic with their blankets
which is not stuff that’s normally done in ceremonies they were just coming up
to me and just Fanning away spirits whatever you want to call it energies
that were trying to invade or infiltrate or or this in their in their eyes they
knew exactly what was happening I was really on the line of transitioning to
the spirit world and and my body went cold I actually left my body was feeling
good for the first time in two years and wanted to die it was ready to go I said
this is it I’m ready to go take me I’ve had enough I can’t win this game I can’t
win take me so uh eventually when I got done like settled back into my body I
looked at the shamans and I asked them in my Spanish my broken Spanish like
tzedakah them with de near to death and they said they were let we were all
laughing at the end of the ceremony shamans always laugh no matter what and
no matter what you literally almost died and they laugh because they know
everything is part of some greater just thing so nothing is bad nothing is good
I look at them and I said circle did moisty and they said si amigo No Mas
ayahuasca pata to know I wash before you right no more yeah yeah
so believe or not I still drink ayahuasca after that I drank teaspoons
little teaspoons of ayahuasca I had nowhere else to go it was home and psych
hospital or die trying eventually after one month I tapped out and how am I on
time good okay eventually after one month I
tapped out and I flew to Miami my best friend was in Miami and I couldn’t go
home in the state I mean I was panicking 24/7 I don’t even know how I made it
home I was emaciated I was 30 pounds lighter than I am now I’m pretty lean
right now 30 pounds lighter tortured every second of the day couldn’t sleep
for a minute the realm of hungry ghosts okay that’s where I was after all of
this spiritual work to be in that realm that you don’t know what kind of
brokenness I experienced go to Miami my best friend who I wouldn’t have made it
with without he paid for my float tanks he paid for my massages he paid for all
my groceries and he let me stay in his bedroom and there was a couple times
where I almost jumped off the balcony and I would lived on a 21st floor and I
and I just would run into his room and ask him to choke me out unconscious at
taught him of jujitsu move a triangle choke that would cut off my carotid
arteries put me to sleep for ten seconds because I was so scared that I was going
to kill myself so I did that I had him choke me out about three or four times
and he put me out and and he saved my life by doing that and I wasn’t
basically it would provide me with you know five seconds of relief to Remember
Who I am to remember that I am NOT that pain that I am NOT that tormenting voice
inside my head so I left Miami I’m more broken man than ever I go home and
remember I thought the hospital is rock-bottom
and I start planning my escape for for life I remember I told myself if I was
ever going to get to this point where I was going to kill myself that I would go
and do boga in Africa iboga is another plant medicine it’s a root bark the
36-hour hallucinate and hallucination most people many people experience a
full hallucinogenic reset of dissolving of the ego for a short while and it’s up
to them to continue living that life or to choose the pain again but this was
the last mile my last straw so I quietly and cautiously planned my trip to Africa
the plan was that if it didn’t work for me I was going to I was going to go into
the woods and I was going to fast until I died I was doing not a draining water
with me and not any food and go somewhere to the point where it was so
hot that I would just die there and I wouldn’t have a chance of making it and
I uh I wrote letters to I wrote letters to my family and it related all my
friends I gave my friend my social media passwords and everything and I wrote put
it all in an email form that I had in my draft and I never sent it I was going to
send it right before getting on the plane to Africa keep in mind that I had
no money at this time it was all done on credit cards I opened up twenty thousand
dollars worth of credit cards at the time and and so yeah it was two days
away from going to Africa and I start just lumen ating really God the universe
came to me and was telling me mercury mercury mercury your fillings your
fillings I had these mercury fillings the amalgam fillings that were all on
the right side of my mouth and so fucking I really you know just so close
to leaving and I wouldn’t have made it I would not a BOGO would have killed me
ayahuasca almost did it BOGO would for sure have killed me so long story short
it was a very long so I did not make it short I went from that guy being near
death literally peeing in a bucket in my room
panicking 24/7 inability to be with myself for more than like every second I
would just count down okay don’t kill yourself this hour just go
till 3:00 p.m. without killing yourself just fucking do that just make it to
3:00 p.m. every single hour of the day every
single hour okay – now in the past seven months doing a
very very detailed systematic intense detox with heavy metals and parasites
and chemicals I’m feeling great actually in this moment I feel like shit from
travel but I’ve been feeling amazing my depression is gone my panic is gone I
have amazing girlfriend have amazing business in seven fucking months and now
I’m here talking to you guys about it which is even just the next level of
ridiculousness so uh that’s my resurrection this is the new I don’t
even know Josh Mason is anymore this is some new guy who took over that I don’t
I’m feeling let’s put it this way I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt in my
life before even getting it so um now let’s go into the lessons right what can
we learn from from illness from so here are some pictures alright this is my
this is my Galvani’s visa that I had I just just proves you know I guess show
proof you don’t really get those unless you have a direct invite into the
country and you already have a flight so you know that I had already spent the
fucking money by getting that visa these are some pictures from the dita this was
the beginning of the data so I lost like about another 20 pounds after that so
you can imagine how sickly I was and this is the jungle here and this is a
Pat worm one of probably 600 that I’ve released that was look at the way I look
here you’d think I was in shape and I was jujitsu guy and I was in you know
top let me tell you something you can be the best looking fucking most jack dude
in the world and you can just have a fucking belly filled with these
parasites eating your nutrients fucking you up shitting and pissing in your body
okay parasites are all over right now they’re
all over and meet the way that I’ll get into it all right lessons from the other
side the big thing is that we have allowed and there’s many speakers who
have already talked about this we have allowed our conditioned minds to run the
show the mind that the the peep the the what our parents tell us and what
society tells us and what the TV tells us it has all been all this conditioning
okay had totally hijacked you as a true human spiritual soul you almost don’t
even have free will with all the trauma and psychological onslaught that’s going
on and the thing is is that you know there’s a Daniel ever I like telling
this story there’s a guy Daniel Edward who went to the Amazon jungle in Brazil
he met with is that he was a missionary and he met with these people trying to
divert them to Christianity so I started talking about Jesus to them after two
years of living with them and gaining their trust who continue to bring up
Jesus eventually they asked him after months of him talking about Jesus he’s
like what did Jesus look like did you know him and he said no I didn’t know
this is for many many years ago oh so your father must have known Jesus what
did your father say about Jesus now my father didn’t know Jesus we’re dude
we’re talking about fucking you know long long time ago oh so your
grandfather clearly knew Jesus then because otherwise you wouldn’t be
talking about him so no man what the fuck they don’t know how to listen to
God to gospel to chatter they live in the moment they live they never give
another man advice this is the pretty hot people if you look it up are it’s
called the name of the book is called don’t sleep there are snakes amazing
book okay the pepper aha people and they don’t fucking listen to anybody they
only listen to what they experienced and what they know to be true based on their
experience with life and their connection with the divine everything
else is bullshit and they don’t even talk about it in our country in our
world most of the world is operating on a completely opposite paradigm we have
the medical doctors telling us something or the news reporter telling us
something and we just believe it and say oh my god so scary they’re there right
so I have to be scared I have to I need these doctors to save my life I’m so
scared they want us to be like that all the time
and that needs to stop when that stops when that shifts in an individual level
which pretty much everyone in this room you wouldn’t be here if that didn’t
already shift that’s uh that’s when the big shifts are going to happen on a plan
so the upside of my illness is that I totally shattered my mind shattered my
collective mind was gone I had no I would laugh when people would
like talk to me about things like Oh scientists say this or this I would
literally just laugh I didn’t know how to I didn’t know how to talk to people
anymore because I just felt like they weren’t
talking from their experience they were talking from what they’d been taught and
so that’s the upside right I now had a clean slate to start on so the truth of
the matter is I’m not a doctor right I’ll never be but many doctors and I
went to fucking a lot of doctors I don’t even know if I put that in the story
checking me out on my blood and all this fondling my nuts they had nothing to say
they were totally did have no fucking bites whatsoever and I know a lot of
people majority of people with health issues actually had the same thing to
say that these conventional Western medicine just does not cut it we have
totally isolated each individual body part saying oh you have problem with
your arm you have a cancer on your arm let’s cut it out we are one big universe
in this body one big planet in this body everything is interconnected every
single person you know is connected to you in some way every single word that
you speak is all part of something it’s a tapestry so no such thing is just an
isolated incident like oh I lost my job what the fuck nah man it’s all part of
the flow of life it’s all this is all one big flow and you cannot connect to
the flow until you detox well you can but it’s much harder ok sad truth
100,000 new chemicals have been introduced in the past seven century our
detox mechanisms just simply have not caught up to this okay we have all these
chemicals coming in industrial processes and planting of foods and everything
everything you can imagine is chemicals soaps shampoos everything you probably
have it in your frickin pantry unless you really put
effort into your health is chemicals everything in the grocery store is
chemicals it’s not real okay it’s poison and we have an exponential growth
depression schizophrenia autism anxiety panic diabetes AED and pharmaceutical
drugs many of these things didn’t even exist 80 years ago they didn’t even see
it they didn’t know what it was okay we are heading down a really bad fucking
path right now okay this is PCBs in breast milk this is flame retardants in
breast milk that they have studied in women and the exponential growth of PCBs
in breast milk okay this is your second year born you’re literally taking in
milk and flame retardants from your mother’s breasts if you’re lucky enough
to have gotten breastfed most people get sugar water from the fucking ensure
whatever they sell it for babies which is poison okay this is the rates of
autism in the world exponential growth again okay by 2025 we’re going to hit
the vertical line of exponential growth ever you have exponential growth you
eventually hit a vertical line which is basically your fuck that’s that’s
basically what it means in 2025 we’re going to hit that vertical line
according to the research now we never know what will actually happen and one
in additive every two people children are going to be born with autism so
something that did not exist 6070 years ago is now going to be 1 out of every 2
children by the year 2025 and it sounds crazy if you can never haven’t been
personally touched by disease or if your family hasn’t been in others you don’t
know an autistic child it’s hard to believe right you just most people just
can’t believe it but working in my field I can tell you it’s bad it’s really bad
ok worldwide epidemic loneliness depression suicide addiction lack of
filament like I said the doctors are telling us everything is genetic
everything is you know you’re born with it you’re fucked you have to take these
pills until you until you till you make it all right take these pills to the
rest of your life that’s your only option you cannot cure this disease and
something funny about Chinese medicine actually the Chinese medicine
practitioner you would pay them until you got sick
and as soon as you got sick you’d stop paying them until they made you healthy
again in our country it’s the exact opposite right you fucking give them
your entire bank account can you give me chemotherapy and give me more poison in
my body and to try and destroy my body even more and take all my money in the
process in Chinese medicine um total total opposite they they
literally wouldn’t accept their payment until they got you well all right I’m
getting there I’m getting into the detox stuff sorry I love to talk about so
colons uh our colons have turned into cesspools with our diet of processed
foods from the time we were young children incorrect food combinations too
much meat and not enough veggies overeating shitting incorrectly which by
the way the reason we have hemorrhoids is because of all of Yuka’s our diet but
also because you’re not supposed to sit on a toilet like everywhere in nature if
you watch any animal nature they squat which is why they have something called
the squatty potty potty is they saw cell now where you lift your feet up when
you’re on the toilet because when you shit like this you’re creating an
improper relationship between your rectum and your colon when you shit
correctly I let my Tintin pants a little tight but then you shit like that like a
dog you’ll notice your shits will be bigger okay so so the issue here is that
we all have unless you’ve done some serious work we all have decade’s worth
of impacted fecal matter in our colon okay
impacted junk putrified fermenting rotting fecal matter that’s literally
just getting reabsorbed through the bloodstream okay I see some people
sleeping I’m like down I’m doing a really shitty job then alright so all
this impacted fecal matter okay you cannot connect to the divine into a high
frequency when you have all of this junk in your intestines
okay you’re forced to the lower vibrational frequencies of got to make
money gotta listen to the news got to do this like oh like a robot you this makes
it a lot easier to become a robot when you have there’s a there’s a there’s a
doctor named Harvey Kellogg he did 200,000 colon surgeries and in the two
hundred thousand surgeries he did in Michigan he did not find one colon that
looked the way it should in a textbook smooth folding in the right in the right
spots they were all the cones were all folded in on each other on itself turned
in on itself and just swollen and not operating our colon is are literally our
whole life the intestines are our entire life and to keep your to keep your tubes
filthy okay and the small intestine our whole intestines to keep your tubes
filthy is like giving your engine it’s like having a gas tank filled with
literally like the worst possible thing for your car whatever that may be sugar
that’s what they say sugar can ruin a gas tank but um so the the fecal matter
the impact the junk has to go it has to go for you to really achieve your in
this lifetime to achieve who you are as a soul as a medicine we all have a
medicine for this planet that’s without a doubt we all have a purpose in a
journey and until you really clean your vessel you it’s really really hard to
find that journey and find that purpose I’ll answer after yeah yeah I got you
though the next step after fecal matter okay that the Chinese and Ayurvedic
practitioners really didn’t nail because they didn’t really feel that as much as
we’re dealing with in our generation is parasites heavy metals plastics
flame-retardant pesticides fertilizers insecticides all deeply embedded inside
of our tissues and organs our brain okay so all of this stuff is coming from a
very young age we’re being inundated with these toxins in our food and the
seafood in our shampoos in our soaps and everything that you put on your body for
the most part if you’re in a conventional lifestyle its its toxins
it’s not natural for the body and all of this stuff is very
multi-generational okay all of this pain is multi-generational coming down from
your parents and their parents and it’s this virus that we’ve taken on it’s
really the best way to describe it is like a virus this virus of being of
needing more of greed of hatred sickness of murder of hunger this virus this
multi-generational virus of not really being a loving being it all comes in my
opinion the majority of it comes from faulty blueprints right being taught the
wrong way to live life by our parents and society and it also comes from
toxins from from passed down right through the placenta through breast milk
all of these toxins come right from your mother to you especially if you’re a
firstborn male that’s really who has the worst but you get the metals and the
plastics and everything just gets fused into you right so all of this of course
is exacerbated by trauma it’s had a really rough childhood
you know it makes it a hundred times worse when it traumatized you hold
everything that’s bad you hold it instead of releasing so that applies to
physical toxins as well as your spiritual emotional beliefs right so
this man very very brilliant man one of the greatest inventors of all time he
died penniless but if you wish to understand the universe think of energy
frequency and vibration okay with all of this junk in our intestines we just do
not have a chance at connecting to the AH to the beauty to the wonder of life
we just don’t have a shot okay the the booby prize okay the money the cars the
fancy watch the hot superficial girlfriend the vacations your health
insurance all that the big house all of that shit is the booby prize
it’s the second-place prize that work most of the planet is chasing and dying
after okay it’s the second-place prize the grand
prize that they don’t want you to know about is loved it’s a it’s a home of
love in your belly okay in your heart and your soul its
well-being it’s peace that’s the grand prize because when you have that nothing
else matters nothing else matters when you have that it’s well-being just a
it’s a sort of humming feeling it’s uh you can’t really talk about you can only
feel it right and some people have never felt it right and some people live there
heaven and hell are states of consciousness we live in this lifetime
we have in this lifetime okay so that’s the real life’s work is achieving love
in your vessel achieving a relationship with yourself where you love yourself
you love life and you do that by getting rid of shit you don’t do it by adding
shit on like we’ve been taught all our lives you don’t need to learn anything
else okay or do more self-help or doom or any of that it’s just about getting
rid of the junk we are fucked so I’m going to get into being positive in a
second right but I promise you but basically if you talk to any if you do
any research on any scientist or researcher who’s top in their field of
climate change or or marine wildlife or anything of this sort they will
literally all say the same thing even NASA research scientists will say the
same thing like we are so fucked we we’re on a trajectory that’s unspeakable
and we don’t know why the world isn’t changing that’s that’s there that’s what
though that’s in their scientific way on paper is what it says for all of us
saying all these researchers okay now let’s get out of all that pain and
negativity let’s bring it to how we can change okay we have to move away from
the ego away from greed and materialistic paradigm that we live in
and move into love abundance we have to move to a win-win it’s not that person
wins now I lose that person has more now I have less that’s bullshit there’s so
much abundance in this world they win I win that’s how life is that’s the cycle
of nature the flow of nature you give and receive at the same time since every
single animal in nature every single plant in nature gives and receives at
the same time we are so isolated from nature right now
we are so far away as far away as humanly possible without being
apocalypse from from nature okay here’s how you reverse the curse okay reversing
the curse of course all the spiritual work is amazing life changing for some
that gets them to the place they need to be okay for others you’re really really
walking uphill with spiritual work alone right my experience was proof of that
you have to detox okay so malnourished in toxicity and
parasites are the three things responsible for all mental illness okay
I’m not a doctor but I’m going to tell you every part of my soul that there are
very few people who are really mentally ill and just mentally ill and check them
off as mentally ill okay I don’t believe it
because I walk that line okay I walk that line for many years and I’m well
now okay and there’s no I just don’t believe it you never hear me say that
person doesn’t have a chance if you can replenish nutrients reduce the toxicity
and get rid of that person’s parasites they will be the person they are meant
to be on this planet when one of those gets worse the other two get worse it’s
a death spiral okay most of us are operating ahead 50% is like a high
estimate 50% capacity of what or possible you know energy energy wise
what we’re accomplishing how we’re feeling just what we’re giving to the
planet I mean most people are just totally drones and just totally numb and
turned off and they’re not there I mean the movies really point in this
direction right they talk about like something like the movie limitless or
the movie you know avatar reason we love the movie avatar
not because of all those graphics and all that shit the reason we love avatar
is because we are both of those fused into one being we are the spirit that’s
living in the jungle and we are the human who’s searching for the unobtanium
unobtainium whatever the hell the the money that they were searching for we
are both of those things in one vessel and we only know about one of them right
now the reason we love that moving the reason we love a lot of these movies
is because they point to our deepest desires for freedom for spiritual
freedom okay we are that infinite soul having a human experience okay that’s
what we are and that’s why we love a movie like Avatar okay so here’s the the
order of operations you replenish your nutrients the whole way through your
program which really should be arrest your life heal your gut kill parasites
and then you chelate metals and toxins okay so here’s what you want to avoid
you want to avoid homogenized and pasteurized dairy it’s all junk okay
it’s all they take a medicine which is true healthy cow’s milk if it’s a
healthy cow and they heat it to outrageous temperatures until all the
life-force energy is gone all the light is actually gone out of that product it
becomes a dead end product okay avoid all sugar even fruit I mean it
sounds crazy but in this day and age we have toxically our fruit is actually
very detrimental of it the insulin the insulin response and sugar is very very
toxic and actually there’s some psychiatrists who back in the day when
psychiatry actually meant something they were they were treating people
schizophrenic by just taking out all the sugar in their diet that’s how they
treated schizophrenic and it worked miracles so get rid of all in organic
GMO veggies meat grains eggs all that stuff is just so toxic if the meat that
a lot I mean the meats better in this country than it is in the United States
I’ve seen that right away but still for the most part it’s some it’s a it’s shit
so and then of course when something’s inorganic that means that there’s
they’re using inorganic fertilizers they’re spraying it with pesticides
herbicides insecticides these crazy literally chemicals that if you touch to
your tongue you would have a crazy reaction to but it sprayed on and it’s
infused with the plan and you’re and it’s living inside the plant and you’re
ingesting this and it’s to eat in to eat in organic on a regular basis is its
insanity okay it really is insanity and I know a lot of people here do it and
there’s no judgement it’s like this is the world we live in but to eat in
organic is like you might as well just be hitting yourself every single day a
little bit like on the head with something really hard um okay so okay so
give it a little rest is everyone just too much it’s a lot so vaccine seafood
and tap water vaccines when we’re children can you believe we get injected
okay we get injected with something called the Mistral the Mistral is
aluminum and Mercury the two most powerful neurotoxins on the planet
mercury is the second most on planet aluminum is one of the highest but two
of the most toxic elements on planet Earth injected into our bloodstream at a
very young age okay with of course with the vaccine they use it as a binding
agent the missile is a binding agent and this is common knowledge you can google
this it’s all common knowledge it’s it’s not there’s nothing like cutting-edge
about this this has been known for a long long time but we just aren’t aware
of it so we get injected with this at a very young age my friend is a teacher he
said he always knows when children have been vaccinated or at least given all of
their vaccinations because they have the light is basically taken out of them
they’re just like there’s some children who are very bright some children who
are very like shadowy and just dark and those are in low energy always sleeping
those are always the children he finds he owns a massive Montessori School in
New York City and those are always the children he finds that are vaccinated
that’s always the common correlation so seafood oh by the way let me just make a
legal disclaimer here I am NOT a doctor okay because I get sued for some of this
shit so okay so um seafood is all horribly contaminated with heavy metals
our oceans are the most contaminated part of our planet there’s just like a
talk about this entire speech about how bad our oceans are but the seafood is
with mercury and mercury just from factories right the mercury goes up into
the air it rains it goes into the ocean and a tap water okay tap water I don’t
know how it is in London but what I will say in the United States we’ve had a lot
of things like Flint Michigan and I’m not you guys have ever heard of that
like lead these children were drinking water with lead that’s the least of our
of actually what’s going on that’s just what’s made public the truth of the
matter is is that with tap water and especially the way it’s done in the
United States probably similar here you actually get pharmaceutical drugs right
when people flush farm school drugs down the toilet or they pee it out the system
does not filter those out you get pharmaceutical drugs heavy metals
viruses pathogens bacteria toxins all in the tap water it’s literally the elixir
of life that’s fueling our every single minute of our day most people are
drinking toxic elixir of life but a toxic as it gets without you being able
to really taste it and you can taste it once you switch over which by the way
chlorine and fluoride are both in are also in our water especially the United
States both of which our pineal gland calcifiers our pineal gland is our third
eye that connects us to to spirituality to the spiritual realm and most in the
most eighteen-year-old Westerners on an fMRI machine they’ll literally show as a
rock it looks like a rock in most 18 year olds okay because it’s a gland
that’s not working it’s not working and all the Bible all all traditions talk
about the third eye and we don’t learn about it and a lot of people don’t even
know what it is and they say that’s crazy okay it’s a gland it’s a physical
gland that’s living in it’s inside your brain so this chlorine and fluoride
calcify it make it totally fucked unusable and that’s when you can’t
connect to the the other realm of spirit the other realm of love and that’s when
you’re forced into that lower vibration that I’m talking about okay
starch and protein in the same meal Italians are doing it all wrong with
spaghetti and meatballs that is like a poison combo mixing a
starch into proteins it becomes an indigestible combination okay
this is trough ology the Chinese art of food combining something they get into
if you want to start diving deep with nutrition all synthetic vitamins and
minerals they’re all toxic our body can’t assimilate them for the most part
it’s it’s junk okay and then Sasha talked about this in the beginning which
I loved I didn’t know if so many people were on to this but Petite Mort in
French they call an ejaculation for a male a Petite Mort a little death it’s a
false mission accomplished right you’re you’re on here and mystery the pickup
artist says you’re on here this planet to survive and replicate if you’re
jerking off and this isn’t going on YouTube right you’re masturbating oh
you’re having your way with yourself if you’re doing that on a regular basis
you’re taking your lifeforce your Chi okay the most potent sex sexual energy
is our most potent form of energy you’re taking it flushing it down the toilet
okay but furthermore you’re telling yourself on a very deeply biochemical
level that you have succeeded at your mission of replicating okay you have
said you literally the build-up is so intense in your body that you have to
masturbate to release that tension and then say ah okay Josh you did good job
you know good job you don’t have to work now you don’t have to go better yourself
or make yourself more attractive okay so it’s so important to keep that chin to
heal your body and that alone like forget everything I’ve said up until
this point if you just stop masturbating as a man your entire life will change
your entire life will change I mean you know once a month or whatever and in the
winter triangle as long as you can on the winter you need that Chi a lot more
but yeah your whole life will change and and you you’re going to have trouble
keep containing all that energy and it feels unpleasant but what you’ll do is
you’ll slowly learn how to contain more and more and more and more and you
become you’re true you know your true potential
and you become a man you know real man you also have to balance of course with
the feminine energy we are both I get so off track so many times okay
amalgam fillings get them removed by holistic Dennis that should be step one
you if you have mercury fillings with silver ones that are metal literally
just start doing research for a holistic dentist and getting it done in their
correct fashion its I opened up medical credit cards to get to get them out I
opened up you know four thousand dollars of medical credit cards to get them out
and not money you know the concept of money disappears when it’s talking about
something that’s consistently poisoning you breathe in this vapor and you
crosses your blood-brain barrier instantly because by the way these
filling is do leak okay it’s been totally proven crosses your blood-brain
barrier totally just totally messing you up on a
day-to-day basis okay ah continued real life’s work start getting drinking clean
water clean spring water I think this Volvic here is pretty good
it has a lot of silica which is really important for detox but it’s in plastic
bottles and we don’t know how to transport transporting is in if it’s in
the heat but it’s I guess it’s a little cooler in this country but really unless
you’re in somewhere you’re going to clean spring water or you know that
bottled water is great and it’s not being heated but from manufacturing to
arrival a big berkey is a great alternative big berkey is a $300 water
filter that will change your life and yeah get that you want to start
incorporating cooked and raw organic veggies they’re both good if you want to
eat a lot of cooked foods maybe take some digestive enzymes with it organic
free-range eggs are great great great food you don’t want to overcook these
you want to you want the yolk to be liquidy so you want to either eat them
raw if you know they’re good without you know just getting rid of just having the
yolk raw or soft poaching them this soil is less lecithin and sulfur in the egg
yolks that we need for detox that get denatured when you when you heat them up
okay so then free-range chicken and grass-fed
beef if you can handle it this is all great foods if you can handle it some
bodies just cannot tolerate it nutrient-dense Foods okay this is really
where it’s at this stuff most people probably never heard of any of it but we
got colostrum which is the first milking of a cow and a cow is a baby they
released this elixir literally this medicine elixir that comes out first
with so much nutrients and minerals and vitamins and they make it in
freeze-dried form and you can take it black maca shilajit which is a resin
that comes from the Himalayan mountains Maqui berry Moringa marine phytoplankton
bone broth ghee mucuna camel berry royal jelly pine pollen Kington these are all
incredibly nutrient dense mineral dense superfoods that you can order online I
think what I’ll do is I’ll put on my website a link for all of the brands for
these because you brands are equally important as the supplement itself so
I’ll I didn’t include it in the PowerPoint but if you want to write it
down it’s going to be the detox foods calm / infinite men I’ll do that just so
all you guys can get the links to everything so the other essential now
this is very very this is all the basics right this is just so you can take this
information and make changes in your life right away
kelp whole food source BCD algae oil glutamine spirulina slippery elm nettle
so free elm is really effective at healing the gut the mucosal layer of our
gut which is really when people have severe food allergies and everything
they eat makes them tired no matter how healthy or that’s generally leaky gut or
serious gas all the time or indigestion this poor digestion and when I was at my
worst I just couldn’t digest any food I just there’s nothing that would digest
they would just ferment in there that was torture you know so my dad listened
my digestion is incredible now um so yeah these are all great stuff I mean I
could go deep into why each one is great but honestly like most people don’t
really want to be a detox expert they just want to learn how to feel better so
you know we can at some point you know whatever
let me see if there’s anything that’s really important that I should talk
about yeah like stuff like royal jelly royal
jelly and colostrum marine phytoplankton these are all these are found in nature
that are actually in a completely whole food they have like everything the human
body needs all in one little piece of nature right it’s really a miracle they
the universe has given us these things to sustain us but we’re kind of just
eating all the wrong ones and back when it did work like eating juicing to detox
and stuff like that we’re simply just our vegetables are so devoid of
nutrients because the soils are fucked right the soils are messed up and the
they don’t contain that the soils don’t contain the minerals and the nutrients
neither do the vegetables okay so that’s what we’re working with that’s why it’s
important to supplement it’s really it’s crucial to supplement nutrient-dense
foods here’s step one okay you got your
fillings out or you don’t have fillings getting rid of all the shit that I
talked about the avoid list start drinking clean water now you’re going to
take binders okay now I want to make I want to make it clear like just because
you’re not crippled it crippled with illness doesn’t mean that you’re
not incredibly toxic there was actually something I forgot to talk about which
is really important this is the the spectrum okay
the spectrum of illness of really crippling illness you have life on one
end exuberance on this end panic just feeling incredible like a child like a
baby when we were born you have death on this side crippling illness comes a lot
closer to death and it does to life it just so happens that the body reaches a
body burden point where it can no longer sustain you where it’s like dude I’ve
told you 100 times to stop on that shit in your body like why do you keep
drinking you know every morning I wake up and I tell you to stop fucking
putting on your body and you don’t listen to me eventually it hits a point
where it’s just like oh that’s what my two-week illness happened it was a body
burden point of dude I’m giving up on you like fuck you I’m shutting off and
it’s important to not hit that point and we are all as a collective dealing with
the same illness we’re dealing with the same
toxicity coming from the same sources so you know even if you’re feeling like men
I’m feeling okay and and you know and I’m fine and I don’t think I had toxins
you’re literally guilty by association just from being alive in today’s time
you cannot avoid the toxins you can’t and I’m not trying to make you scared or
anything like that or it’s still fear but it’s important to not allow your to
only think that you need a detox if you’re crippled right it’s foolish to
think that way okay so which by the way um one of my important my important
lessons from from for my illness and from healing is that everything comes
together beautifully when you have your health when you have your well your
well-being in your health and everything is intact the rest of life comes
together like the the still you know the learning about taking up girls and
learning about business and all that stuff everything starts to work in a
beautiful tapestry in a beautiful amazing way when you do when you get
your health back so anyway okay these are all binders
okay very very very important stuff these are negatively charged substances
that we put in our body take them orally in water and you do not
digest them they attract all of the positively charged junk in your
intestines all the stuff that’s alongside the colon walls all of the old
junk inside the heavy metals and you start sucking up like a vacuum and
allowing for a release is you can take some gentle Gaia herbal laxative tea is
a good gentle laxative tea to take because binders do cause constipation or
you can get some some colonics colonics are great to try and get like something
called the Kalima Board of California so $300 board you can do colonics in your
own in your own home okay so kaitos on micro silica charcoal taka Sumi which is
bamboo charcoal Zeo bind and bentonite clay these are all stuff that are going
to just suck up all the junk okay and and suck up all the positively charged
junk parasites and metals chemicals all that stuff coal
relah at Colonia cava are two good binders as well but they actually are
digested by the body and they have nutrient content unlike the others I
think we’re coming close to the end yeah so these close your eyes let me warn
everyone for sorry about that yeah if you are really nauseous and you just ate
all right so let’s try to get someone to throw up here if you if you if you don’t
want to see this or if it just bug bugs you out just leave the room or turn
around these are all parasites that I either I released or my clients released
and this I have some so much more gross pictures but this is all so these are
like these are I think these are rope worms
that’s around that’s a round worm I don’t even know what this monkey thing
is this is Candida here right so this all comes out with suppositories most
most like the conventional health conventional health stuff is
conventional health is like they tell you to take wormwood and clove
internally and at that and you buy like a 14 day parasite para vegan kit you
know stuff like that that’s total utter bullshit I’ve done so many of those
nothing came out parasites these are all you know like I literally thought that
parasites were only things that came out of like starving children in Africa who
had like those swollen bellies but growing up in New Jersey USA never
eating anything raw or out of the ordinary never doing anything crazy this
they did not come from the Amazon because a lot of the worms that I got
rid of were way too big to be to have they’ve lived in me for decades they’re
by the growth side of the sizes of them I mean I did a lot of research on this
ship so anyway what I’m saying is that you can have parasites and they are all
over and it’s you know it’s not something to be scared of but it’s just
in or if you really want to connect to the love to the love vibration to the
light to your true potential as a human being you just got to get rid of them
they’re not serving you you know and it’s it’s very there’s parasites in the
spirit world there’s parasites in a human relationship when you feel like
there’s power like someone has a power to the relationship or they say where
they feed on you when you’re around them it’s all the same shit right it’s like
these are just so happen to be masterminds at physically Paris it like
sucking your energy and sucking your lifeforce and your vitamins and
nutrients and they’ve found clever ways to get inside the body and and multiply
and when we don’t take care of our health they just they take over I mean I
had a belly fill fill these things you know and I was working pretty hard but
of course mercury poisoning by the way heavy metal poisoning always leads to
parasites it’s like one goes with the other because your mucosal layer gets
damaged the parasites have a much better environment to thrive I think that’s it
the only last thing I’ll say we try one more slide oh yeah don’t forget love
yourself this is a little bear loving himself that’s that’s the biggest
medicine right there detox and love yourself and the rest of life will just
magically fall into place not doesn’t come from the mind that doesn’t come
from this chatter that we always have doing being exit you know it comes from
somewhere else there’s some grand magic at play a very big magic Universal
orchestration that we have to listen to and that’s my email if anyone wants to
email me tell me I did a great job or tell me I sucked that’s great and that’s
me on Facebook the detox dudes that’s my Twitter I don’t even have I haven’t done
that in like a year and a half but whatever that’s that’s me it’s time for questions you know oh oh I
feel level if there are some oh yeah can you put it back on on the last slide
I’ll do it forgot about the question thing come you
don’t have to know that yeah yeah yeah everyone looks my on here hello hello
everyone looks super tired from some lunch right now you probably ate shitty
food well first of all I want to thank you because you are you know it was hard
for you to come on stage and I really respect that so thank you for that um
what I’m really curious about is that this is kind of fresh for you like all
the emotions and what’s ahead in the future how are you going to because
you’re still in it if I’m if I’m correct well I’m definitely in healing but I’ve
crossed over to the land of the light right so healing is really an ongoing
thing when you get deep into it healing is an ongoing process for the rest of
life it’s not like you just one day become a
guru or healed or no more pain there’s always human pain I’m feeling pretty
amazing and I still feel like I’m only at like 70 percent of where I’m going to
be you know when it comes to my health it really to be as sick as I was it
really really takes two years to just totally go back to homeostasis you know
to go back to being toxin-free or close to it so the plan for me ah I got my
business and I have a lady at home and right now it looks like like I just
settled somewhere and just be a normal human being because three years of
ayahuasca I went a little too far into the spirit world and it feels good to be
a human again like talking to other human you know like I was
on a different planet and so yeah I’m just going to stay grounded stay in this
planet not mess with any hallucinogens for a while and help people transform
their health that’s the plan Wade thank you let’s go over there in
the uh yeah in that gray shirt thank you photo talk yeah
the talk was amazing dude thank you so interesting um I do have two short
questions the first question is you talked about shit thinking that you
should squat how do you do is in the Western world because you only have the
normal toilet hate again and you said the shit oh how do I shit without a
toilet no in the Western world you only have to normal toilet where yeah also a
lot of times actually you caught me a lot of times a lot of times I catch it
in nature but just like I don’t need to but it’s just like there’s a lot of
woods by me and why not you know I walk I walk naked in nature a lot like I
literally just walk naked on barefoot at night and just like like like it just
connect me with universe but anyway if I do I do use a toilet which is very often
I’ll put my feet up with a garbage can or a garbage can because you want to
just try and minimize the when you lift your feet you’re more inline and you’ll
notice that your bellies actually a little more relaxed and so but yeah the
best thing is just go out in nature and take a dump
okay thanks and the second very thin cushion do you don’t do a gal call at
all yeah no Alko alcohol is um alcohol is
pretty toxic it’s not as bad as some other things it’s very toxic and when
you combine alcohol with an already toxic brain and the candida and
parasites it’s just total total death spiral I have had organic wine recently
my first drinking in 12 months was about three weeks ago and I had organic
sulfite free wine or as close to sulfite free as possible and it was delicious
and I didn’t have a hangover but I will say that if you’re serious about your
health and your it’ll stay away from alcohol for a while and
then if you ever want if you ever really want to drink organic sulfite free wine
or what you can do is get something called kava kava is like a hawaiian
beverage that similar to alcohol that’s very non toxic that would be my best
suggestion for like um you know there is no such thing as a free neurological
lunch right most drugs or substances that you take it’s not free there’s
always you’re always paying a price for the feel-good effects of it kava is
close to a free neurological lunch as you could get yeah thank you very much
what’s rude amazing Thank You Man thank you so we cut the tape here marijuana
organic organic cannabis is incredible medicine organic properly grown with
love cannabis is a very potent detoxifier of the brain it increases
melatonin by a massive amount and causes a brain dump of toxins it’s good for you
know harmonizing the the nervous system and the endocannabinoid system and it’s
good but if you get marijuana and vaporizing it is good but when you’re
getting matter of marijuana grown from who knows where
with what knows what in it and then you’re smoking it instead of vaporizing
it you’re doing it’s the same it’s a little better than drinking alcohol a
little better and plus like you have to realize that these these are all very
powerful medicines so you just just in my opinion to just smoke marijuana just
for the sake of smoking and you’re like yeah you’re defeating the purpose of
what it’s there for and it’s um it’s supposed to help you and teach you and
you’re supposed to do it with some type of like ceremony not you know not like a
ceremony every time you smoke weed but like you know just do it with respect
and with and then I think it could be a healthy addition to the protocol you
know not in the beginning though I think it takes time I would say about what I
do but we’re on camera what a specific event that got you into trouble because
you started your story from being the world champion then going to really
really deep about rozer and it’s cific event that got you into trouble
trouble well you are in a trouble or travel into a difficult position oh um
well it was definitely a combination of right my body increasing in toxicity and
things not working out as well as I wanted them to in life like I know I
said I was a champion and I had a departmental every side as my health
started to decline that stuff started to decline slowly and slowly and slowly
that I didn’t I couldn’t really process it and know what was going on and so it
seemed like it was just this overnight thing but there was not really it was it
was mainly the biggest thing I had was that I always had a void like no matter
what I accomplished the next day I would wake up and say okay well what’s next
I won that i literally won the Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Championships in 2010
and two days later I was like fuck man like what do I do I I suck what can I do
like looking and that was my mentality it’s very toxic paradigm but that was so
much pressure and energy compounded over the years that type of interest
unsustainable lifestyle led to the breakdown does that answer
your question Thank You Taylor ah and I don’t want to pick I feel like
you just like to throw the microphone or something yeah well let him chief thanks
yeah a quick question please you’ll talk about the pineal gland oh yeah and the
calcification of it yes there any way to revert that yeah absolutely
um the conventional if you go on like websites like mind body green and like
wellness mama and stuff like these are all like big websites they talk about
drinking apple cider vinegar and like taking certain types of oils in my
experience all of that is bullshit your best way to the calcified pineal gland
is with a detox and plant medicines are good too but meditation yoga it’s all
reversible everything is reversible in my opinion and I haven’t gotten to a
point of utter bliss for me to say that to be true with 100% of authority but
from where I was to where I am now I can tell you almost everything is reversible
and yeah plant medicines I just want to say
plant medicines are not to be fucked with
you do not do plant medicines for the sake of doing them you have to do these
through the intent they will just totally hijack your world if you don’t
really treat them in the respect they deserve and especially when someone is
toxic with metals the places I went to with ayahuasca with a toxic mind and
Mercury filled in my brain are just such places that no human should go you know
it’s not we’re not meant to learn from there now so I know I went on a rant
there but hope that answered it yeah another quick question yeah you
mentioned a Chinese medicine and the combination of food and when you go to a
Chinese restaurant they serve almost everything with rice and you always have
meat and rice and stuff how does it work Chinese medicine has nothing to do with
Chinese food restaurants so we’re talking about like ancient practitioners
who who studied and and cured many many many decades ago centuries ago and they
cultivated this practice so topology is basically the the main things of
triphala G if you want to follow them and they I’ll tell you with my body they
all ring true every time I disregard one of the rules I can feel gas or
indigestion or which by the way like on a side note like I feel like everyone
farts all the time we’re literally not supposed to fart like that’s like oh I
did something wrong I’m farting this guess I’m not digesting properly
so anyway try follow G starch and a protein in the same meal you don’t want
to eat fruit after a meal when you eat fruit after meal which is like a common
thing like dessert right you literally have all this matter this protein and
whatever you else you put in it and then you have a quickly to quickly digested
fruit on top of all of it so when you have that the fruit ferments and by the
time you’re actually digesting it it’s just fermented so avoid all fruit after
meal eat it by itself if you’re going to eat it at all the other rules are
drinking all dairy alone away from everything like you’re having milk with
a meal is just like your booze crazy have milk alone and if you’re
going to drink milk what are the other big rules you know those are really the
only I mean there’s like 10 or 12 but if you just google the trough ology pyramid
it’ll tell you it’ll tell you exactly what you can mix with yeah thank you
very can spell trip followed you just food combining into Google yeah quite
well maybe I hope PR o ph o l o gy yeah I have a question
yeah menu yeah so you mentioned the spirit realm a lot but I’m not really
sure what you mean with that is it like the life after that or something so yeah
I want more information about the spirit realm yeah I’m sure so it’s a very very
very complex answer to that question those answers are coming anyways Melissa
there’s a hope there’s other talks going into all that so okay you don’t have to
go too deep okay basically it’s just you know there are spirits whatever that
exists energy energies that exist aside from us some of them are helpful some of
them are not then there’s also the energetic world is really just
connecting to the the manifestation aspect of life so actually we’re all
manifesting and every instant every single one of my actions is a
manifestation and is creating a new different life for me every single word
every single so the spirit realm is not just all about spirits and whatnot it’s
about connecting to the ever connectiveness the connectedness of all
beings in all life being one with nature it’s not like some voodoo bland that you
go to and then come back from it can be for certain people but a lot of it is
just connecting to a different more energetic part of yourself as opposed to
the physical part of yourself the mental chatter and the the body we’re like
we’re like going to meet vessel we’re just a vessel of
consciousness with our soul and our spirit and consciousness fuse it into
this physical body right so when you get too caught in the physical it’s hard
it’s really easy to be depressed but when you when you leave the physical and
say oh this is who I am and then come back and you kind of have a new
appreciation and understanding of this life in this physical world does that
make sense it’s complicated okay our next talks will will do it
thank you yeah free question first one you got you got you got to do one dude I
might pick one fruit in generally bad or just of the like effort or something
fruits yeah which are roots that yeah if you’re really ill stay away from all
fruits if you’re healthy you’re probably you know when you when you eat fruit and
you have Candida and parasites you’re feeding the parasites and Candida you’re
relatively healthy and you really feel like it makes you feel good like if you
know it makes you feel good it stick to fruit because everybody is different but
if you just fit if you just like think it makes you feel good or you feel like
shit when you don’t eat it chances are you’re actually just losing a candida is
dying off and that’s why you can’t tolerate no sugar yeah that make sense
yeah okay and what about this all right all right we can do two more quick ones
okay thank you about the parasites how do you know that they are in the shed
and what was the process of getting the parasite like how like seeing them yeah
well a lot of times you release them in school and they’re on the outside and
you can see them when you do suppositories you do suppositories on an
empty bowel so when you do that like this is crazy shit actually when you do
suppositories on an empty bowel like garlic and onion essential oils what
happens to me is uh I get I put them up I get this like crazy feeling in my
stomach like things are dying and gurgling about an hour later nothing but
parasites come out no fecal matter it’s literally like my body tells me
like and it happened it’s like once a month thing now or I’ll still release a
parasite but it was everyday before but anyway it uh it’ll do this gurgling like
I have a massive dump coming like just so what’s what the fuck is this and then
I go to the bathroom it’s just like two worms you know what I mean so it’s a so
sometimes they’re in your stool sometimes they could do it really the
right way they come out without then good yeah – I – more questions so
suppositories but check my website out you’ll see everything this guy in the
front right here yeah and then pick one more nothing all right thank you first
of all fantastic thank you thank you on the subject of the water filters yeah I
use one at home but you’re talking about the big part clean yeah I say that’s
better than regular ones what do you have like a zero water filter or
something no it’s uh it just used that it’s like this $300 water filter oh
effort we use just a simple it’s like under a hundred dollars it’s not going
to look like this unless it is like there’s no water filters that I know
that are on your dollars that suffice no better than tap water but it’s probably
like if it’s reverse osmosis it’s find out if it is reverse osmosis and then I
would say you’re doing that’s fine but if it’s not I would say to get a big
berkey okay thank you one last question who’s the lucky one you want to choose
just one this guy right it seems there’s this is about the fillings and
the teeth we talk about them the amalgam filling yeah so if it’s suppose one gets
to remove them what’s the alternative and where can you find the holistic
dentist as I just mentioned that what’s the alternative to not getting them out
I don’t know since because this is a feeling it’s all out you know so they
use like porcelain composite they use other materials that aren’t composed of
metals that’s the alternative to get they don’t even use mercury very often
anymore it’s I had an 80 year old dentist who was from the a if you know
from a long time ago and he he still continued that practice so so anyway so
and how do you how do you find a biological dentist you know you ask well
let’s dig then did I just saw that just googling you’re in your area
biological holistic dentist and they look there make sure they use a rubber
dam over your mouth and make sure they have like an ionizer in the room and
that they’re sucking out air consistently when they drill into it
it’s a flare-up of mercury vapor there’s white dentists have a massive amount of
suicide rate by the way it’s not because conventional thought that they’re
hurting people and that’s no they’re killing themselves because they’re
subjected to massive amounts of mercury vapor by removing these min correct way
yeah all right