How Open Upright MRI Helps Claustrophobic Patients

“I feel sick to my stomach. I am really claustrophobic, and I feel so goofy
about it, so stupid about it, but when I’ve been in the MRIs before, the closed MRI’s, I
think ‘okay, I’m just going to calm down. and like within 3 minutes, I’m trying to
Wily Coyote my way out of the end of that MRI.” “They come here because they have a problem
and we’re trying our best to help out with whatever problem they have so we can get them
onto the next part of their treatment. because a lot of times they can’t move on from here. I mean you can have a CT, you can have an
X-ray, but an MRI is going to be the gold standard of a lot of imaging because of the detail
it brings.” “We try to cater to whatever need they possibly
have, if they need us to come in and talk to them between sequences, no problem, we
can do that. They have a squeeze ball, they can contact
us at any time. Basically listening to the person’s
needs and experience of seeing constant claustrophobic patients.” “He was in the room with me, I could see him and it was okay.” “I think that if somebody knows what they’re
going in for, that takes away so much of that unknown and that fear from them. They’re like, okay, I know how it’s going
to be this time so I can be ready whenever I get in there.” “Travis was really good about like telling
me how much longer I had to go so I had some pretend semblance of control but it was enough,
you know, it was enough to get through it.” “You just see it with some people, they’re
so frustrated to the point ‘I’m done with it’ ‘I wanna give up’ ‘I don’t care, if I even get my test done anymore because I’ve tried so many times. I’ve taken x-amount of days off work. I can’t get this done’ and they’re so
happy when they get out of the scanner and are like ‘I made it I really, I did it,
I made it all the way through?” “It was so much better than I thought it
was going to be. It was so much better.” “99% of the people say they really love
it and they’d come back again if they needed another test done.” “But this important to my health. This is important to me being the person that
I really am that’s inside of here that you can’t see yet. Inside, I’m still Penny the Fierce and
it’s important because I got to get back there.”