How to Apply Makeup PERFECTLY! 20 Makeup Hacks & Gadgets for Beginners!

Hello there I’m Natalie and makeup and I, we’re BFFs yeah I’m obsessed with makeup, putting it on, and then buying it And then you get those little money signs and oh lord. Raise your hand if you’re in a committed relationship To makeup in this case this video thumbs up I’m gonna show you some amazing makeup hacks and DIY gadgets that I think every beginner should know hold up I’m doing huge giveaway where I’m giving one lucky subscriber our YouTube starter pack Which includes the best camera microphone and tripod to basically say Thank you so much for being a part of the family and to give back to you guys. I love you guys I challenge you guys to get this video to 400,000 thumbs up oh my god, so that the glow of gods can help us blow up I’m serious we might turn really hot after this video I dare you to turn this to us by clicking below and giving this video a thumbs up I want to give a huge shout out to Ornella for watching my videos. Thank you so much. Here’s some virtual kisses So if you wanna shout out in my next video all you have to do is subscribe to Natalie’s I load right here and make Sure, you turn on post notifications by clicking on that little bill right here like it don’t be lazy I want to do those two things just comment below hashtag natification squad And if you’re here within the first 30 minutes that every video goes live I might pick you so make sure you’re here early I ran Instagram because I’m currently doing a huge giveaway to give back to you guys and say, thank you I’m giving away my essentials which basically are Polaroid makeup stationary and my favorite thing so check it out. Let’s get on into the video The first makeup gadget is a must-have. It’s literally a carry-on makeup bag I purchased this one at the Container Store And it allows me to take my daily makeup essentials anywhere at anytime with makeup always start off with a moisturize face this will allow the makeup to stay on for longer and your skin to be a Beautiful base for it. I’m applying my favorite Eye and facial cream and all the products every beginner needs will be linked down below and don’t forget your neck Now instead of using liquid foundation Which can be hard to blend and take you longer to learn as a beginner in makeup instead try a stick foundation? These are my favorite especially if you’re traveling or going to school because it won’t leak on your bags plus It’s much easier and cleaner to ply in my opinion looks much more natural To blend out your foundation resort to a fluffy brush like this one that will help your makeup look airbrush Natural and take you less time now It’s time for concealer your under eyes can be a very sensitive place and dry at time so to avoid a cakey face get yourself Some mini beauty blenders not only are these adorable But when you let them under water and blend the concealer that extra moisture will allow you to look more awake and the best part Is a moisturizer eye bags? Since applying foundation removes some of our faces dimensions we add them back up with contour Fedora’s work for a tiny brush like this one. No No
No This will only make your face look muddy and your contour will look very harsh Instead go for a much fluffier and bigger brush like this one, which will do the work for you And to bring some dimension onto your nose and make it look smaller and cuter take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and with the same contour Powder run it down the sides of your nose This will make your nose look smaller and more defined and with a bigger fluffy brush blend in the contour for a seamless look Here’s where my favorite makeup gadgets This is a travel makeup brush holder that you can place on your bathroom mirrors or when you’re traveling take it so you can have Your makeup brushes readily available, and then when you need it. You can just take it out. I love this one As a beginner the best thing to do is have all your brushes a nice place to store them So they are safe and free of bacteria This one includes these beautiful spots place your brushes onto with an extra little compartment Then you can roll it up, and you’re all set Congrats to Dulce candy on this beautiful collaboration with Ulta You go girl fur powder the rule is less is more I like to be very minimal with powder even though my skin can get pretty greasy I only apply powder on the sides of my cheeks forehead and chin because I don’t want to dry out the natural oils on my Face which can make my makeup surprisingly stay on for longer, I remember when I first started wearing makeup I wanted to go for the really intense colors, however I found that neutrals are so much more wearable and easier to work with so a simple place to start with is by using your contour powder as a first eyeshadow base color take a super fluffy blending brush go back and forth several times in windshield wiper motions and Watch how easily your eyeshadow will blend honestly a brush that’s thicker than the average eyeshadow brush would be the Game-changer in a nicely blended eyelid allow yourself to get creative with a ton of gorgeous colors in the neutral family now if you experienced Follow and your shadow is now mixing in with your concealer not to worry Here’s a super easy DIY All you’ll need is a pencil of some sort and a cotton pad cut the cotton pad into the shape of the moon and with Tape paste it onto the pencil now You’ll have a makeup gadget to get any eyeshadow Follow up experiment with darker colors towards the end of your eyes and to make sure your eyeshadow is well blended take the fluffiest brush You have and go back and forth back yum eye shadow is slaying now when you want to switch up your eyeshadow color But don’t want to have to use a new brush or clean your brushes use a gadget like this This is an instant brush cleaner tool the little white box is used for cream shadows and the bigger black box is used for powdered Eyeshadows so anytime you change your mind or want to use the same brush just run it through the makeup gadget And your brush will be clean of color Eyeliners can be a bit tricky I know take the pressure off by using washi tape Diagonally tape it to the sides of your eyes and doing this first can help you create a cleaner eyeshadow line Just like this this will serve as a way to trace where your eyeliner should go without any effort because it’s gentle enough to be taken off the skin To make your eyes pop and look larger use a dark liner and apply it right below the waterline and then with a darker shadow Blend the color down so it can look smoky and key you Right before applying lashes make sure to put a little bit of mascara to help blend them in shout out to benefit for one of The best mascaras I’ve tried the easiest way to apply lashes is to use individual lashes These are a game changer no more worrying about your lash band falling off trust me that is embarrassing and my go-to tip is to Use clear blue just like this one. So you don’t have the white or black. Gooey gunk all over your eyes trust me That’s the worst and using this little device that comes with individual lashes It makes it so much easier to apply Don’t forget to apply and spread the glue to the side nots of the lash and wait a few seconds until it’s tacky this will Make it easier to apply it without having the lash slide off When it comes to browse this can be a bit tricky too it can be Overwhelming you have to try on those brows so here’s my go-to makeup trick use the spoolie yep You know that one brush on the other side this brush already has some pigment in it So use it to brush in the hairs and watch as your eyebrows get filled in with zero effort This brush already has some pigment in it so use it to brush in the hairs and watch as your eyebrows get filled in with zero effort then taking the bit you outlined fill them in this will make it so much easier for you and the outcome of your Brows will look amazing for natural puckered look use a lip liner one or two shades darker than your natural lip color Line them in and pucker your lips to reveal your natural lip shapes then trace those into using your fingers blend the color out for A natural pouty look why use two makeup brushes when all you need is just one using your blush brush here is a quick DIY on how to also make it your highlight blush take two bobby pins and pin them to each side and Slide them up this will create a narrow look to the brush perfect for highlighting your cheekbones or any small area of your face Cleaning your makeup brushes is a whole other thing these little gadgets can get pretty pricey, but don’t worry Here is the simplest makeup DIY ever I’m gonna teach you how to create this all under one dollar take any container of your choice here I am using the brush cleaner one that I love then with the container part of it take a hot glue gun and start creating Little dots all over it you can also get creative with lines or design basically once this dries This will serve as a scrub to wash our brushes onto it it works Just as well and is so much cheaper finally in order to stay organized and inspired with your makeup find a designated Place in your room to store it all a makeup collection is not built overnight But this will inspire you to create and have fun with it I love little containers like this one that allow me to store all my lipsticks brushes and essentials all in one place Oh girl, that glow-up is real I hope you enjoyed today’s makeup video if you did make sure you give it a huge thumbs up Also, check out my last video right over here where I show you the best food hacks ever literally click it right there Don’t miss it seriously. 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