How To Break Into Clinical Research Industry In Canada

hey guys Serg here back with another
episode today I’ve got a very good question
in my inbox you could email me a leaked clinical group at if you have
any personalized questions that you would like me to respond to or talk
about on the channel or the podcasts or anything like that the great thing about
these questions is if you have them there’s probably other people out there
who probably have these same exact questions so hopefully this is very very
helpful but before we jump into that I just want to let you guys know about the
resume review program a lot of people have been emailing me about it lately it
is a program for you to submit your resume to me I will go through it with a
fine-tooth comb I will provide comments I mean I’ve got
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definitely the package that most people get is going to be the mid-tier package
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things to say about it and the one that most people do decide to go with just
because they really like it and you know a lot of the other clients have been
very very happy with that so just won’t let you guys know about that but back to
this question this person emailed me because well out I’ll just read the
email they say dear sir first of all let me begin by saying that I appreciate the
chance to contact you I just watched a couple of videos on your channel and
decided to send you an email I graduated from University of Belgorod
in Serbia in February 2015 and I am working in the pharmacy in Calgary
Alberta Canada and I am a permanent resident here clinical research and
clinical trials have been in my focus of interest since the student days however
I did not have the opportunity to work in this branch of the pharmaceutical
industry so far I have gained enough experience working as a pharmacist and
also as a medical representative while I was in Serbia I wanted to kindly ask you
if you could share some information and guidelines on where I should start in
order to pursue my career as a CRA and what are my options as a international
pharmacy graduate could you maybe provide more information about
internship or training programs for which I could submit an application I
look forward to hearing from you so we’ve got a lot to unpack here so this
person is a resident in Canada which is great now for those that just a
disclaimer I am based in the United States so I’m not as familiar with how
things work in terms of immigration when it comes to Canada and other countries
like that but I do know one thing and that’s how
to get into the clinical research industry I broke in as a contractor so
you know making barely anything 10 $11 an hour and work my way up to be to be a
CRA as I currently sit at the making of this video and I love that job I’ve
talked about it a lot on this channel love that job I think is one of the best
jobs you can have it’s very rewarding it is very you got to think what a lot
you’ve got to critically think you get to travel you get to see parts of the
country and even the world on the company’s dime that you have never even
thought about going to or seeing before and also one of the things is if you’re
a big foodie I’m a big foodie i top-tier food now
I eat at places I never never ever ever would pay for out of my own money
I mean steak lobster you know lobster bisque I mean different salads entrees
appetizers you know it’s crazy you know different drinks so it just kind of
depends but it’s definitely a great career path and definitely one that you
should get into because demand is very high so how do you go about getting into
one into this in Canada now clearly you moved from Serbia to Canada so this may
be something where you want to move to a center now I’m not as familiar as in
Calgary Alberta how the clinical research industry is there but I know
there are some definitely some centers maybe Toronto where you do have some
CEOs or pharmaceutical companies based so maybe that’s something you want to
think about is moving there where you can words can be easier for you to get a
job in the clinical research space now I think something that’s good is
potentially be a study coordinator that’s one of my favorite jobs to kind
of get your foot in the door just because you learned so much at the site
level it’s very you’re gonna build a very very good foundation for your
clinical research career so that’s something to think about isn’t moving
and then also think about the study coordinator position and that’s a very
local position that’s not one where you can like work remotely you’ve got to
actually be there but that that’s good and really to try and take anything
anything we can get clinical research experience because this is an industry
where it is very very you know they’re very very picky they don’t want it
doesn’t matter if you have bench research experience or you know some
other type of research experience they want clinical research experience and
that’s about all they want and I could tell you even even if you get two months
of it it’s gonna change your whole application vibe it’s gonna change
everything and it’s gonna be a lot easier for you to move around and get
different jobs with that I noticed a big difference after my contract it was only
for a couple months but I was starting to get phone calls I was starting to get
call backs and it’s a game changer so I would definitely try and just get your
foot in the door somewhere now that might require
moving I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from people who you
know they’ve been apply to a bunch of jobs and can’t get jobs and a lot of it
could be because there’s just so there’s not many where you’re currently living
so that’s something you got to think about but also you may not have done the
research so I would do the research on which companies have offices or have
offices in the Calgary Alberta this is something you you’ve got to think about
because you know you want to make sure that you even have the opportunity to
work for someplace there so I would look up pharmaceutical companies I look up CR
OS and I would look up sites in that area and how are you gonna do this well
one great way is to talk to somebody on LinkedIn so definitely make sure you
have a LinkedIn profile and reach out to people that are study coordinators in
the area maybe CR raised in Canada just reach out connect with these people ask
them for you know 20 minutes of their time to talk to them 30 minutes of their
time CEOs are really really busy but they would definitely love to talk to
you and you can kind of get more information so maybe that’s something
you haven’t thought about before but that’s something that you definitely
want to think about because they can tell you what what needs to happen they
can tell you what you need to do and what steps they took in Calgary Alberta
to be successful and ultimately break in so that’s something else I would think
about another thing you want to think about is okay maybe you you know haven’t
apply to some jobs and you’ve been getting rejected but you might want to
think about your resume now we talked about earlier in this episode the
importance of resume and we talked about the resume review program so I can help
you condense that to a you know one-page resume that’s really really good and
really really potent but you know that resume is important because that’s
that’s what people are gonna read about you and you’re only as good as your
resume and you really want to think about that so definitely think about
your resume does it doesn’t need help don’t be too
you know proud to say okay it might need some help but I mean that’s what we
that’s what I do I do these all the time for people and they notice a big
difference and you know I think one of the big things that they notice is just
how much how much better prepared they are for the interview and how much more
they understand their own background in their own skills in order to get into
clinical research so that’s something to think about also now when it comes to
training programs internships etc I would definitely look out for contract
positions because that’s that’s where you get a lot of people that are new to
the field they sign you on maybe three months maybe six months and you know you
just you work in the industry you get that experience and don’t be afraid to
take it even if it’s only like ten fifteen dollars an hour because after
you update your resume and get that experience your whole life is going to
change so look at contract positions internships you definitely look at
internships because that’s real-world experience also you can look at
universities you can look at hospitals you can look at clinics and you can look
at pharmaceutical companies and see arrows for that too
but I think most interns are gonna happen well really I don’t know that but
you know internships can be hard to come by too even though you might as most
likely will be working for free or very little very little money but they can
often time to turn into full-time work also so you definitely want to do that
look out on indeed indeed I’ve done in tutorials on tutorials on how
to apply for things how to look at internships etc so go look at those old
videos if I need to make an updated one I can do that too and then training
programs this is not something where you want to pay to be trained this is
something where the training programs really help you after you have been in
the field for a little bit this is something this is an experienced base
industry this is not something where you want to go get a degree in clinical
research or go get go pay for some class or something like that
this is this is something where you want to get experience and experience is
something that matters the most in this industry so I would look at internships
definitely look at contract work of course look at full-time work but don’t
be too picky when you’re just trying to get your foot in the door just get your
foot in the door because you can always change after that you can always change
your role and it doesn’t matter if you’re in the finance department or if
you’re in the clinical or data management department just get your foot
in the door in the industry and everything everything will change after
that so hope that was helpful hope that answered your question and
gave you some things to think about alright guys if you have any other
questions email me alie clinical group at take
care you