How to Control Ticks & Fleas : Applying Flea Control Medication on your Pet

Hi, this is Dr. Greg McDonald and we are here
for Expert We are going to show how to apply the topical products to your
pets. Once again we have talked about this before but these products really need to be
going onto the skin, not just under the fur so it is really important when you are putting
them on that you part them. Now you take the top off and you turn the top upside down and
open it up like this. I like to do it up on the top part of the animal here so they can’t
turn around and lick it. You spread the fur away like this and you put this down onto
the actual skin. It doesn’t do any good to keep it up into the area of the fur because
then it does not get all the areas that you need to get. I like doing it on this part
even though if the animal were to lick it, it is not going to cause a problem for them
but it is not going to be as effective if they take some off in their mouth. So they
can’t reach around up in this area. That is the spot I like to put it on both your
dog and cat if possible. Again they don’t usually feel it and they don’t usually mind
it although a few cats have responded negatively to it and they want to get away. Some times
it is a little bit difficult to get on. But then again it is most important that you get
it down under the skin and in the next 24 hours it is going to cover the whole cat and
you are going to have flea protection for 30 days.