How To Detoxify Your Body : Knowing Your Colon & Understanding Healthy Detox Methods

My name is Karen Fraser and I am a Certified
Natural Health Practitioner. I work out of the greater Philadelphia area and you can
reach me by e-mail, [email protected] Here we have the inside of a healthy colon.
The inside of a healthy colon has an opening of about 2 inches to 2 ½ inches wide. This
is where the waste flows in the colon. Here we have a picture of an unhealthy colon. Because
of the things that we eat, we tend to eat the wrong things and it causes the walls of
the colon to become clogged with waste material. As the wall becomes clogged with waste, the
opening of the colon, as you can see in this picture, begins to narrow. Okay, here we have
a healthy colon with a wide opening and here we have an unhealthy colon with a very small
opening. Once again, to tell if your colon is functioning properly, you want to look
at your waste material. I know that this sounds gross but you got to do it. By looking at
your waste material, if your waste material is whole and round and long and it leaves
2 ½ inches, 2 inches and even 1 ½ inches wide, then you know that you have a healthy
colon. If it is not, if its coming out stringy, coming out in pieces, coming out in a ribbon
form you know that you have an unhealthy colon you know its clogged and it needs to be cleaned.