How to do a Therapeutic Self Massage : How to Do a Self Massage for After Meal Relief

Hi! I’m Angela on behalf of
and right now I’m going to show you a really simple self massage technique and this is
for after eating. In most commonly people do it after over eating just institutionally.
This exercise stimulates the digestive system and the blood stream so after eating whether
it would be a normal amount or a lot all you want to do is slowly massage your stomach.
In this motion just a circular motion because this is the direction which your food digest.
You could even doing it with you fist to if you like. Personally I like to do it with
my fingers. Just do this all around the stomach stimulates the digestive system as well as
massage the stomach muscles. That is just something that you could do by your self in
your own home. You just want to do this for a short minute.