How to dye your hair with Kool-Aid

Hi, my name is Echo And if you have crazy colored hair, or if you want crazy colored hair, you probably have realized that this is not a color you can just walk into a grocery store and buy
so today I just wanted to share with you my method for dyeing my hair with Kool-Aid. For anyone who doesn’t know, Kool-Aid is just an American drink mix and it’s pretty much just flavoring and food dye in a powdered form. A LOT of food dye. So first of all, as with any hair color, If you want to dye your hair a color LIGHTER than what your natural hair color is, you’re going to have to lighten it and there are lots of ways to do this. You can use blond hair dye, which is essentially bleach. You can use a bleaching kit. You can use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and there’s plenty of tutorials all over the internet to do that So if you need to do that then you do that and stuff.
You’re gonna need some things and some stuff; first of all you’re gonna need some conditioner, a cup you can microwave, a spoon that you don’t love,
[to spoon: I hate you] some gloves, five packets of Kool-Aid in the flavor that you want your hair to be, and some plastic bags a good amount of plastic bags, like at least three plastic bags.
Also, I forgot to film it, but you’re going to need some hair ties and some rubber bands. Hair ties are better because rubber bands are painful. STEP ONE First to get about two spoonfuls of conditioner, put it in the cup, and then microwave the cup for about 20 seconds I know. It’s weird. Just keep going.
Once you have a little bit of heated conditioner Just start mixing in the Kool-Aid and stirring it until the Kool-Aid dissolves.
That doesn’t look disgusting at all… while you’re doing this it’s going to smell really good. You may even be tempted to eat it. Don’t. Once the colorful chemical concoction cools, add conditioner until you have the amount that you need. Believe me a little bit goes a long way. Now we’re going to add it to your hair! First divide your hair into more manageable sections using the hair ties. Personally, I find the easiest method to get the dye into my hair is just to take the entire mini ponytail and dip it into the cup of hair dye This is where the gloves come in handy. Once your hair is fully saturated with the mixture, put it in a bag and then wrap a hair tie around the end of and then repeat this for the rest of your hair. It’s also kind of fun to pretend that you’re a surgeon and you just failed and the patient is dead now and the blood is on your hands and you’ll never be able to free yourself from this horrible guilt… If you look completely stupid you’re doing it right! Luckily no one’s looking It’s not like you’re putting this video on YouTube or anything… [STEP 4] Now you have to leave it in your hair for eight hours EIGHT HOURS I recognize that that is a very long time, but this is a drink mix, not a hair dye. Generally, I find the easiest way to go about this is to just sleep with these awkward bags on your head And then you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you throughout the day And then we move on to STEP 5. When you get up the next morning, rinse your hair but don’t wash it. Don’t use Shampoo or conditioner because it will make it fade faster. Just rinse it until it runs clear, and then once it dries, hopefully, it will look something like this. This is a fantastic way to touch up your hair when you’re poor and you don’t have any hair dye on hand. And thus your hair has been restored to its natural Glory Now you can live your life as it was meant to be lived; Gloriously and vibrantly FOREVER.
And there you go! That is the method that I use to touch up my hair When I… oh my God, this smells amazing… [inhales hair] So many things are wrong with me. Yeah, that’s the method that I use So you have any questions or you need me to clarify anything, just put it down the comment section and I will do my very best to answer you in any way that I can! Also if you found this video helpful please like it because it really does help, and I would really really appreciate it. Also, I got the coolest leggings over the weekend. CHECK THIS OUT. Look who just became a titan! Yeah, titan power. See you later!