How to Eliminate Pollutants From the Body : Defining Detoxification

Let’s talk about detoxification definitions.
According to some physicians, detoxification is how patients are suffering from a drug
overdose. Pharmacists, on the other hand, is the definition of how the body metabolizes
pharmaceutical substances and eliminates them through the body processes and their systems.
The environmental scientists on the other view, is the way that the substances in the
environment are decontaminated through the body systems. So, how can we naturally detoxify
ourselves? And how can people use natural methods to help their body systems eliminate
these toxins. Well, some people have chronic health complaints due to this low grade poisoning
of their metabolism and their body. There’s ways that we can give you to help you improve
your general health. So, where do toxins come from? Well, they can come from the water,
they can through pollutants, they can come from food that has preservatives, dyes and
also faulty diet. Foods that are highly processed, that lose their nutrients through heating
and freezing and other processes. Smoking is another avenue that uses up your antioxidants
in your system. Most all of the cigarettes have between 2500 and 4,000 toxins. Some of
these toxins are arsenic, formaldehyde, and strictnyn. And these alone are enough to compromise
your systems with mixed and unusual symptoms. Numbness in the hands and feet, weakness,
body aches and pains. Alcohol consumption also takes a toll on your body in that it’s
difficult to digest and it can increase the likelihood that parasites will begin to hatch
in your system. Because the alcohol thins the membrane of the eggs and larva. Caffeine
can be another culprit. Coffee, tea, cola drinks, use up your antioxidants, stimulate
your system, can throw you into fight or flight, which increases your metabolic rate. Sick
building syndrome which there is sometimes mold in the vents, mold in the building, fungus,
there’s out gassing of paints, carpets, and formaldehyde in furniture. So all of these
things need to be reviewed. Also, some medications can be difficult to process in your system
and can build up to a toxic level.