How to Eliminate Pollutants From the Body : Who Needs Detoxification?

What patients and what people would benefit
from a detoxification program. You know when you think of detoxification you think of someone
that needs to get drugs out of their system. But you can have toxins from many avenues
in your environment, the foods you eat, medications, chemical, electrical, various areas. Some
patients we see have vague complaints. They have fatigue, they have mental fogginess,
they have aches and pains in their body. And they’ve tried everything else and it seems
like nothing seems to work. When they get more medications it’s more, sometimes a chemical
insult to their system and they can’t detoxify and process those either. When you use a detoxification
system it makes it easier for you to recover from initial symptoms of the fatigue or the
muscle joints or the aches, the headaches before the body deteriorates further. The
body is built to heal itself from the inside out and that’s also the way that you need
to treat it, from the inside out. If you treat the cause, then the symptoms will go away.