How to Fix a Slipping Clutch in Your Car (Clutch Replacement)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if your car’s clutch is slipping then stay tuned,
because today I’m going to show you how to replace a clutch on your car,
now this Mazdas clutch has been slipping for a while, but now when you put it in
gear, it doesn’t even move when you give it gas, it just sits there, it’s slipping
so bad, so it’s time to put a new clutch in and here we go, so the first thing we
do is jack it up in the air, stick it up on jack stands, do both sides to get it nice
and level, then we crawl under the car, and since
this is a rear-wheel drive car, we got to remove the driveshaft,
and in the case of this Mazda, this big bars is in the way, so we have to bolt that
off first, then you take the bolts off the back of the driveshaft, and grab the end
of the shaft, and pull it out of the transmission, and move the backfiring off
so the transmission has room, with that out of the way, when we on both the
transmission we’ll be able to slide back, so we can get to the clutch, but
before we do that we got to get the gear shift out of the way, so we’ll take the
son of console piece out, get rid of the screws all around pull it up, after we
take all the screws out, we unscrew the gearshift knob, then the whole assembly pulls
out of the way, then you just remove the three little bolts in here, and then the
gearshift knob just pulls out of the way, then we’ll go back under the transmission
and unscrew the speedometer cable here, then pull it out of the way, so it
doesn’t get in the way, and now comes the fun part,
we got to take all the bolts off on a transmission that bolted it to the engine,
and some of them are real stinker positions, but with enough persistence
you can get all the bolts off, and you also have to unbolt the clutch slave
cylinder here, and move that out of the way, and before you drop the transmission
put a drip pan under the back, because fluid will drip down from the back of the
transmission where the driveshaft was taking off, now transmissions are pretty
heavy, so put a jack under the bottom of the transmission to hold it in place
while you slide it off the engine, and now that we’ve slid the transmission off,
here’s a clutch assembly in here we’ll just on bolt it, in this case the six
bolts holding the clutch on, you take all six off, then just give it a few taps of
the hammer a big screwdriver, and out it falls, as you can see on the
old clutch disk, it wore right down to the rivets, as you see here, the new one
the rivets are real deep, that’s how much thickness has worn off on the old one,
now whenever I replace a clutch, I buy a whole kit with all the parts, including this
cute little alignment tool, to align it back in right, it’s the best deal, buy the whole
kit, don’t buy one or two pieces, the kit comes with everything including a little
pilot bearing that goes inside here the hammer in, and it comes to the new throw out
bearing instead of this old junkie one that’s all worn out and doesn’t move much, it just
slips on the end of the yoke of the transmission, and even comes with this
little pack of grease, that you put a little bit of grease inside the splines,
so it slides on better, now the only trick you have to remember is, the side
with a lump in it faces the transmission, and the flat side in the front, faces the
engine, otherwise you’d put it in backwards, now some people will resurface
the flywheel here on the engine, but this one doesn’t have any grooves in there,
and it’s really smooth, so I just leave it alone, they’re very expensive, and in a
small car like this, they can last as long as a car, then you slide the clutch
alignment tool with a little clutch disk in place, so it’s set in place
correctly by the tool, then the clutch plate fits right on the top and bolts
back on, then you slide the transmission in, and it might take a lot of wiggling, then
put some big bolts on, to hold it in place while you jack the rest up, then
you slide the drive shaft back in the transmission, then you bolt the drive
shaft to the rear end, then after you bolt all the bottom in, put the gearshift
lever back in and bolt in, bolt it in place, and then screw the gearshift knob
back on, then Jack it up and get rid of the jack stands, let the car down, and
start her up and take for a spin, so the next time your clutch starts
slipping, why not replace it yourself, and remember if you got any car questions
just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel.