How To Get A Clinical Research Job In Chicago

we have got another subscriber question today stay tuned after the intro hey guys Serg here back with another episode today i’ve got a very special question a subscriber emailed me a Tali clinical group at about and I think this is something that a lot of people who listen to this channel and the podcast are going through is being in a location that’s not a hub but still a pretty decent sized city a major city and how to get in the clinical research industry how to break into the clinical research industry I think for this person and you I’ll explain why a little bit later it’s gonna be a little bit easier than other people to break in but I’m gonna go through some things that I told them through email and some tips that might help you potentially with your resume and just your overall interview and application experience to finally break through and get that job in clinical research so this person writes in good evening EC RG I came across your informative video on entry-level clinical research jobs now by the way if you haven’t seen that video or that podcast episode make sure you go and look at that and it’s a it’s called entry-level clinical research jobs that was done a few months ago at this time so he says I’m a medical school graduate from a Caribbean medical school and would like to get an entry-level clinical research job I have applied via various job platforms but I never seem to get any breakthrough please is there any way you can help me I have little to no experience hence the entry-level but I know I can do this and do it well please let me know what opportunities there are for me and how I can get in I am based in Chicago I’m a legal resident and do not require any visa sponsorship thanks so he’s got a lot of good things going for him one he was a Caribbean medical school graduate so that’s good that means he’s gonna have a clinical background the other thing he says is he’s looking for entry-level position so that’s good he’s not coming in trying to be like a project manager with no experience because he has a degree or trying to be a you know whatever data manager or whatever so he knows that he has no experience so he’s trying to come in at the entry level so that’s good and the other thing he’s got going for him is he’s based in a major city like Chicago which is gonna have more opportunities than some random City and like South Dakota or something and he also says he’s a legal resident and does not require Visa sponsorship so this is this is good I think a lot of people might get in trouble by requiring that visa sponsorship and you know if there’s a pool of applicants let’s say all relatively about the same level of competency I mean this is entry level out after all all about the same level of competency they’re probably gonna choose the person that does not require the visa sponsorship at that level now if you’re a head biostatistics ponter ship aspect then if you are just an entry level opportunity person if anyone has had any success with that in the entry-level position please comment down below or shoot me an email I would love to hear your story based on that because I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the visa sponsorship and how that works and how to change countries in the clinical research field and I can only give you know as little advice as I can on that because I don’t have much experience with that myself so if you have experience please let me know your experience with then I’d love to share that with the rest of the audience so basically what I would advise this person is the same thing I would advise other people is to use indeed look for a job there and you’re interested in so they’re looking for entry-level so clinical trial assistant study coordinator study coordinator would be a great job in Chicago because there are a lot of hospitals they do a lot of research you’ve got all those medical universities there study coordinator would be great entry into the field I’ve actually got a couple friends who made their way instead a coordinator in Chicago and have actually moved States since then but they were able to get a study coordinator job there I do know there is recruiters there you can check out Beacon Hill Pharma that ve ACON check out their website they are recruiting for entry-level jobs in the Chicago area there probably other recruiting companies that do it also but I know Beacon Hill farming is one so check out their website and check out their jobs on indeed so look at indeed look for jobs in that area if you have to be in that area specifically it’s better if you can move be quite honest with you yeah it’s better if you have the ability to move and you can just take whatever job comes your way so if you want to do that put on your resume that you are willing to move and at your expense that makes it even better so yeah so Chicago you want to do study coordinator clinical trial assistant is good one or any of the other entry-level jobs you will have opportunity there do not hesitate to take a contract when you’re in the entry-level role or trying to get an entry-level position you take whatever is given whether it’s an internship whether it’s a contract that they’re gonna be paying you $11 an hour remember guys I tell you this all the time I got my start in the industry as a contractor it was a it was like a two three month contract and without with maybe with maybe a possibility for renewal it wasn’t even guaranteed it ended up did getting renewed for an extra month but it was not even guaranteed that’s how I got my experience and so then I rolled that experience into more experience and more experience and now with interests I’m a CRA so that’s how you got to do it you got to get in where you fit in and take the experience and get more experience with it it becomes a lot easier after you get that initial experience so don’t try and wait for the perfect job that’s not a good idea just try and get in where you fit in what does he say so yes that’s what that’s what I would do I’m also one of the things you got to do is go on to these CEOs if you want to work at a CEO go on to the hospital website if you want to work at the hospital whether career pages are and check every single day they update these pages every single day so you’ve got to check every single day yeah I think a lot of people aren’t doing that you’ve got to go on there and check every single day I’m gonna continue to hammer this home because they update the portal usually every day if not every other day and those jobs come out quick and just judging by the number of people that email me this is a very competitive field it’s becoming more and more competitive every single day so you know it’s not you’re not the only person applying for this job there’s many people applying and if the jobs been up for a few days already they’re probably already starting to email people and do recruiter screens so really you want to check every single day make sure you’re one of the first few people to apply and that’s true for any any of the jobs any of the platforms indeed monster Glassdoor make sure that you’re checking every single day and are ready to apply at a moment to notice as soon as you see the job I’ve literally applied for jobs before and within an hour – they’re already reaching out for a recruiter screen like literally it seems like wow I just apply for this like 30 minutes ago and they’ve already been reaching out so you want to make sure you’re applying for these jobs consistently throughout the day and you’re able to apply at a moment’s notice and it’s good that it’s good if you have a smartphone because then you can apply you can have your resume saved you can upload it you can do your thing you can apply right then and there and that’s what you want to do also a lot of people get frustrated I should have asked this person how many jobs they’ve applied to thus far because that’s a key indicator the goal is two hundred two hundred Club you have to become a member of the 200 Club 200 jobs so do not get mad or frustrated if you have not applied to 200 jobs at least that’s what’s gonna take I applied to about 200 to 20 before I finally got a good job I’m I’ve done multiple interviews but about 200 jobs before you can finally get a good consistent entry-level job now once you start hitting a hundred you should be getting some feedback back you should definitely be getting some rejections that’s good that’s that’s part of the process you should be getting rejections recruiters should be reaching out to you you should be having some conversations you should start seeing some movement there after a hundred jobs but you should actually get at about 150 to 200 more leaning towards 200 you will have an offer you will have you know a good job or a decent shot of your opportunity by 200 jobs and that may be amended here this is 2018 of the recording of this video this is September 2018 2019 2020 we could be saying something completely different we could be seeing a completely different industry by then so take this with a grain of salt if you’re listening in the future another thing I wanted to add was he says he’s a Caribbean medical school student grad so I’m imagining he’s put that he’s got his degree on there he’s got a doctoral degree so the problem with people that are let’s say dentists do I get emails from do doctors I get emails from obviously a lot of Caribbean medical students and Caribbean medical degree holders the problem is when you apply for these jobs they’re thinking that you’re overqualified they’re thinking that they’re gonna have to pay you will overpay you for this entry-level job where you have that degree on there so this is something that you might want to amend you might either want to leave it off depending on the job you’re applying for maybe for a study coordinator you would leave it on maybe you would amend it to saying a master’s degree and whatever which is actually you know I don’t know if that’s possible like I don’t see why they’d be a problem because it’s like you’re saying less than you actually have it’s like well I’ve actually got a doctorate but I’m saying I got a master’s for this job but maybe so you have a master’s degree but you definitely they’re probably thinking they’re gonna have to overpay you for that job and they’re not gonna select you they’re thinking that you’re overqualified so that’s something you want to keep in mind when you have a lot of degrees trying to get an entry-level job another thing you could do is potentially use that degree in try and get a sub I try and be a sub I on a study maybe if you want to work as an MD for a few years or a year you’d be a lot easier to kind of back your way into clinical research after that that’s a lot of good thing if you’re an MD and wanting to get into the clinical research the pharma side one of the best ways to do that is to be a sub I on some studies first and then maybe either be a PI or then take that clinical research experience and parlay that into an industry job so that’s not recommend maybe if you still have any connection to that Caribbean medical school maybe they have some opportunities for you to get involved in clinical research also so that’s something you want to keep in mind but other than that I think you’ve got a good opportunity ahead ahead of you I don’t know how long you’ve been applying for but just keep it up it took me about three months before I finally got a job so look for 200 jobs about three months some some will be quicker I’m sure some will be longer I’m sure but definitely take that opportunity when it comes if you have any other questions if you need help with your resume another thing that I forgot to mention earlier is if you if you are applying for a lot of jobs and you’re not getting if you’re not hearing anything back part of the problem could be your resume and it may just be getting lost or it may just not be good enough it may not be you mean it you may not have highlighted your experience and your expertise enough and we can help with that so email us elite clinical group at if you want any help with your resume if you’re if you feel like your resume is lackluster if you feel like it could use some enhancement and you really don’t really know what your strengths and weaknesses are you do feel like you don’t you don’t highlight that enough in your resume we can help that we’ll bring it out for you and you can email us Ally clinical group at we’ll take care of it and also if you want any interview prep you can email us there also take care guys