How to Get Rid of Acne Forever! Pimple Treatment in Korea

Sorayah works in the beauty industry and came
from United States to Renovo Skin Clinic to check her skin condition and treat reoccurring
acne areas on her face. The first step when undergoing a consultation
is to have your face scanned into the testing system to determine your current skin condition
and future problem areas. This kind of skin testing is vital in see
what is the root of the problems and determining the treatment plan. In Sorayah’s case, AGNES treatment in combination
with Aqua Peel were recommended. This video will focus on AGNES and how to
get rid of acne forever. What is AGNES Acne Treatment? Agnes is the latest laser treatment for acne
in Korea. Our skin has thousands of sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produce an oil called sebum,
which helps keep your skin moist. Sebaceous glands are located next to individual
hairs in sebaceous follicles. The hormones that cause body changes at puberty
also cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil even after puberty. If this oil mixes with dead skin cells and
blocks a pore, it can produce a pimple. AGNES will selectively destroy individual
‘problematic’ glands, leaving other healthy glands untouched. Is this treatment permanent? Yes! The treatment is a long term cure for acne,
with a low acne recurrence rate. Apart side effects are very minimal, making
the treatment safe for pregnancy and breast feeding mothers. This treatment is performed over a 2 days
period. For people with severe acne 2-3 AGNES treatments
are needed to fully cure them. For people who have mild acne or blackheads
issue, 1 session should suffice to solve your skin problems. What the Cost of AGNES Acne Treatment? Treatments depend on the severity of your
acne and your skin condition. We will need to make a treatment plan after
you undergo the skin test and meet with the doctor. However, a price estimate can be made if you
submit your date of birth, photos of your face without make up or filter and tell us
which areas have acne problems with. Although, you won’t get an exact price,
you can get an idea of about how much it will be. This treatment is an investment in yourself. Always been one of my main concerns, it started last year. I started to see that this side I got all those dark spots. And I saw that it started to move to this side too. I started using sunscreen but I knew it wasn’t enough. And plus when you use serums for brightening and things like that You know that it’s not going to take you nowhere. Before we continue make sure you check out for more information. Get your free consultation by e-mailing [email protected] What is the treatment process? Numbing cream is applied for about 30 minutes. Your problem areas will be then drained with
extraction. This is done manually and all the pus, unwanted
substances and blackheads are removed. This part of the treatment is very labor intensive
for the skin clinic. Depending on your case it can take anywhere
from just a few minutes to 1.5 hours. There will be slight swelling and slight redness
for people with sensitive skin but many cases don’t experience this. One by one the unwanted materials inside the
pimple area are removed. Although this part of the procedure looks
painful it is not. On a pain scale of 1-10 most patients rate
it a 1-or a 2. The next step is done by machine. The entire face will have all dead skin cells
and excess unwanted substances vacuumed away to prepare the face for the AGNES laser. This part does not hurt one bit. Once the face is prepared. The doctor will draw circles around the acne
areas to be treated with an easy to remove white marker. The marker is save for use on the skin. The doctor will then use the AGNES laser. Tiny electrical bursts of energy zap the diseased
pores through a fine wire one at a time. The numbing cream will help but this is a
medical treatment and you may experience minor shocks. Make sure you hold still and let the doctor
work. In Sorayah’s case, there were only a few
areas which needed to be done. However, we have had many patient’s which
have required the entire face to be done over 1 to 1.5 hours. The results are immediate. Once the treated area is done, the diseased
sebaceous gland no longer exists and thus cannot produce more oil leading to more acne. How much does it hurt? Sorayah was great and barely flinched. The treatment feels like tiny zaps of electricity
even with the numbing cream. On a scale of 1 to 10, it is often rated a
4-5. What do you do the next day when you return? The next day, it is compulsory to return to
the clinic and undergo Radio Frequency treatment with full face drainage to clear off the remaining
debris from the initial treatment. The process is fairly quick with the entire
treatment taking less than half an hour usually. It is better if you don’t wear make up for
up to 3 days after the treatment but if you must, you can wear light makeup the following
day. The doctor will most likely prescribe specialized
cleansers, toners, creams etc. It is important you use these as they are
meant for dermatological use and will give you better results. It is also important to note that after treatment
pimple outbreaks may happen in non- treated areas but the actual areas treated will no
longer breakout. This kind of acne is usually light and can
be part of the recovery process clearing out all the bad things as your skin renews itself,
or it can be a normal part of your body’s natural cycle. AGNES treatment only clear out the areas
you chose to improve. Untreated areas may still have out of control
sebaceous glands. If you want to treat all problem areas make
sure you tell the doctor this during your consultation. You may also experience some peeling within
1 week of treatment but again this is part of the process and it does not happen in every
case. If you are interested in plastic surgery,
vision correction, dental, skin or other medical procedures in Korea contact us at [email protected] If you liked our video, share it with your
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