How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites | Learn Spider Mites Treatment for garden, trees, crops & houseplants

How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites | Learn Spider Mites Treatment for garden, trees, crops & houseplants cool right click the link in the
description spider mites are common past in Wyoming trees and Gardens well the
spider mites are small and difficult to see they do leave a characteristic
spotting or stippling of the leaves caused by their feeding a severe
infestation can cause plants to drop their leaves and even die
there are several insects including pirate bugs and lady beetles that are
natural predators of spider mites and overuse of insecticides can decrease the
predator population causing an outbreak of spider mites you can use your hose
and a strong spray of water to knock the lights off the leaves as they’re feeding
horticultural oils are the most effective tool against spider mites for
your garden or home use keeping your landscape and garden well watered is
also important as drought will exacerbate spider mite infestations
managing spider mites in your garden or landscape can be challenging but keep in
mind that maintaining a healthy insect predator population is one of your best
tools for the University of Wyoming extension I’m Kaitlin Young Quist and
you’re watching from the ground up hello my name’s Jan canoodle I’m the
extension entomologist for North Dakota State University this video is about
scouting for spider mites and soybeans spider mites are very tiny arthropod and
they’re found on the underside of the soybean leaf they have piercing sucking
mouth parts so they feed on the green tissue of the soybean leaf this creates
us differently in effect when you first see the spider mite symptoms later on
the leaves may turn more of a yellow color and even go bronze when the leaf
tissue starts to decrease spider mites are kept in control naturally with a
fungal disease and also a predatory mite the susceptible stage for soybean is
from the r1 flowering stage through the r6 stage which is the full pod Scout the
field at least weekly or bi-weekly spider mites often move into the edge of
the field first and you’ll see them in stressed areas like drought or hot
weather will increase the populations Scout for spider mites checking the
edges first to see if you have them for a sampling you can use a white sheet of
paper on a clipboard place it underneath the plants you suspect having spider
mites and wrap the plants over the white sheet of paper the mites will dislodge
from the leaves and then wait a little bit and you’ll see some mates moving
around or you can also look for the mites by pulling up the plant and then
look on the undersides of the leaves and you can also look for the symptoms which
are the stippling or yellowing or even bronzing of the leaf tissue and looking
at the underside of the leaves you can look for the mates the tiny mites using
a hand lens and then you can see if the mates are
present you can also look for the webbing just like the name spider
implies the web and they use the web for dispersing in a field they’ll move up to
the top of the plant and then bloom from plant to plant on the silk strands the
next step is to determine if the plant is at action threshold for the spider
mate so since the mites are too small to count we use the visual symptoms as an
indicator of action threshold look at the plant and look for the stippling in
the lower leaves progressing up into the middle canopy and maybe a little bit up
into the upper canopy and you would want to see maybe a little bit of yellowing
in the lower leaves but no bronzing or a leaf drop and that would be considered
an action threshold so as you see this one is obviously stippling all the way
up to the top leaf so this one would be a threshold sample several sites in the
field and several plants in the field and then work your way into the field
until you find that leading edge for the crater mates sometimes you can just
spray the edge of the field and avoid this whole field being sprayed some
cases when it’s real hot and dry the whole field may need to be sprayed for
insecticide selection for spider mites and soybeans you can select
organophosphate insecticide two that are registered in soybeans are the floor
fire fast loris ban and generic and dimethyl eight there’s one Paris right
insecticide that is active against spider mites and that’s my Fenton some
of the trade names include tundra sniper fanfare and by fencer we don’t recommend
using other Pro s rates like asana warrior messy Mac’s for example because
they’ll actually flare spider mite populations and increase their
reproductive rate go back to the field and risk out about five to seven days
after treatment the reason why is because the spider made eggs are not
controlled with insecticides the eggs will hatch usually in about five days
check to see if those young nymphs that hatch from the eggs are increasing in
population if so you may need to retreat with a second application when you’re
getting close to maturity be sure you check the labels for pre-harvest
intervals thank you for watching this video and be sure to check the website
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