How to Get Rid of Vertigo Naturally

Hi. I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to “Ancient
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is important to so many people, how to get rid of vertigo. Vertigo is really an imbalance where you are
not able to find your center of mass. That’s the definition. Vertigo occurs when your inner ears fail to
communicate properly with the rest of your body, and there can be all kinds of symptoms,
from dizziness to imbalance, really even walking around in a fog. And while vertigo is not something that people
talk about all the time, there are various levels and severity that people deal with
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of health to someone that needs it. Well, let’s get started. “Ancient Medicine Today,” how to get rid of
vertigo. Number one. This is what we want you to consume as far
as the diet goes, low sodium. It’s really important when you’re dealing
with imbalances of the body to lower the added sodium. Now, this does not include the good sources
of sodium you get in your diet or organically balanced sodium, but you want to consume potassium-rich
foods and you want to lower the consumption of what you would call sodium chloride or
table salt. Number two, you want to boost your Omega-3
fat consumption. Fatty fish, such as salmon, herring, mackerel,
certain species of tuna, you want to be able to consume some sardines, and there are many
other high Omega-3-fatty-acid-rich fish. You can also consume nuts such as walnuts,
seeds such as flax, chia and their oils. Course as in any diet for any condition you
want to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants help the body fight off free
radicals, and we believe that there’s a connection between vertigo and oxidative stress, as well
as mineral deficiency. So consuming a variety of colors is going
to be good for any condition, but make sure if you’re dealing with vertigo, that imbalance,
that you consume a variety of fruits and vegetables, fresh and prepared. We also want to consume Vitamin-B6-rich foods. B6 is great for your metabolism, but it’s
also really good for balance. Pictured here are pistachio nuts. Nuts and seeds are good sources of B vitamins,
mushrooms are good sources, meats such as fish, red meat, and dark meat poultry, all
great sources of vitamin B6. Boosting Vitamin B6 foods or consuming Vitamin
B6 in a supplement form are important to get rid of vertigo. We also want to consume bone broth. Bone broth helps your body’s fluids get in
balance by bathing you in potassium, loading you with anti-inflammatory substances and
collagen, which helps build the structure of the body. And your ears have a lot of cartilage and
inner ear issues are what leads to vertigo. But bone broth can help you bring balance,
can help cleanse the body. Really, really important for you to consume. Make it yourself. Look at recipes on for homemade
bone broth. Purchase bone broth in your local health food
or grocery store, or use a powdered bone broth protein supplement. Now, here’s what we’re going to avoid. If you want to get rid of vertigo, avoid the
following or at least greatly minimize it. Number one, alcohol. Alcohol can cause toxic issues with the body
because your liver needs to deal with it. Now, there are certainly some better sources
of alcoholic drinks, such as organic, sulfite-free red wine, but lower or completely eliminate
alcohol consumption. Number two, caffeine. We are not against caffeine. In fact, we’re fans of consuming organic tea,
organic coffee, etc. But if you’re dealing with vertigo, let’s
go ahead and stop the stimulants because the central nervous system, which is stimulated
by caffeine, could be contributing to those issues. We want to avoid sugar. Sugar imbalances the immune system. Sugar causes a reaction that imbalances hormones. All of that is going to affect your body in
multiple ways, maybe not directly affecting your body’s equilibrium or balance, but avoiding
sugar, particularly added sugar, is going to help you eliminate or get rid of your vertigo. Refined grains. You want to avoid any grains that are not
whole grains. In fact, you may want to eliminate gluten-containing
grains found in breads, cereals, pasta, and flour. Consume heirloom grains, such as quinoa, amaranth,
millet, black or purple rice that are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. When you’re dealing with vertigo, as any other
condition, your gut’s involved, your immune system’s involved, and grains are not going
to be your friend, especially when they’re refined. And, of course, we want to avoid artificial
sweeteners. Folks, in the last few decades, people have
been so excited to lower their sugar content and lose weight or diet by consuming artificial
sweeteners. Well, I can tell you the pink, yellow, or
blue packets can be toxic to the body, have even been reported to cause neurological issues. This is the first place I would go if you’re
dealing with vertigo. I’m Jordan Rubin here on “Ancient Medicine
Today,” brought to you by And we’re talking about ways to get rid of
vertigo, that inner equilibrium issue, that imbalance that so many people deal with. Folks, if you want more extensive information,
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with people you know who are dealing with inner equilibrium or balance issues. It happens much more often than we give credit
and it’s so important to follow these steps to eliminate vertigo. So here are some herbs and spices that will
greatly help. Ginger’s the first. Ginger is anti-inflammatory. It’s great for the gut. It’s great for the heart. It’s a warming herb that can provide energy
to the body and help with circulation. We want to make sure that the body’s communicating
properly so that these imbalances cease. So ginger root in tea, consuming it in sort
of a candied ginger, so to speak, even though there’s a little sugar there, you can consume
a ginger supplement, a ginger syrup. It is an amazing herb. Use it in your food, dried or fresh. Juicing it is great as well. Number two, cayenne. Cayenne really boosts things. It’ll boost your metabolism and circulation,
and it is a great spice to help your body find that balance. And, of course, one of our favorite spices
of all, turmeric. Anti-inflammatory, great for the brain, it’s
really good for the heart, it’s good for the skin. Powerful source of antioxidants as our cayenne
and ginger, and if you’re dealing with vertigo or any bodily imbalance, turmeric in supplement
form, essential oil, turmeric root, make a decoction or a tea, I take fresh turmeric
root or dried, put it in one of those tea presses, and I fill it with boiling water
and I have two or three cups a day. You cannot beat the benefits of turmeric. And make some curry. Turmeric is great dried or fresh, mixed in
your recipes. Folks, essential oils are great for vertigo. In fact, if you use essential oils topically
and orally or systemically, they will provide, I believe, great balance. Diffusing essential oils will help you feel
balanced for sure. Frankincense is number one, king of the oils. Use organic frankincense as an aroma. You can actually rub it on your hands. You can inhale it, you can inhale it right
from the bottle, rub it on your feet. I bet consistent use of frankincense is going
to help you find that balance. We talked about ginger. Ginger essential oil’s a great way to warm
things up, whether you’re aching or you just want to be energized and balanced, ginger
is amazing. And speaking of balance, lavender essential
oil is phenomenal. I believe that those who have vertigo, who
are dealing with imbalances, can begin to find their center, because that’s what this
is about, by inhaling, diffusing, and applying organic lavender essential oil. Really, really important. And to invigorate the mind, muscles, and body,
peppermint oil. Just inhaling it, rubbing it, or consuming
it in water or recipes can really bring life to your body and clarity of mind, which is
also an issue for people that suffer with vertigo. And last but not least, an oil I love to pronounce,
ylang-ylang. Ylang-ylang is great for finding balance and
peace and your center. Remember, vertigo occurs when your inner ears
fail to communicate properly to the rest of your body. And vertigo is really characterized by just
being in a fog, not knowing where you are, not feeling right. Internal discombobulation, maybe that’s a
good way to say it. These essential oils are powerful. And there are two treatments we would call
holistic treatments that are awesome. Chiropractic adjustments are a great way to
find balance. And I’ve personally known many with vertigo
who’ve had great success with chiropractic corrective care, spinal manipulation and making
sure that your body is centered. Inner ear problems, ear infections are greatly
helped with chiropractic and acupuncture. Acupuncture is the multi-thousand-year-old
approach to helping balance your body and has been shown to be effective in vertigo. So if you are someone who really wants to
get your life back and get rid of vertigo, utilizing chiropractic and or acupuncture
can be a great way to go. I’m Jordan Rubin, here on “Ancient Medicine
Today,” brought to you by and we are here each and every day at 10:30 a.m. Central Time, to give you health information
to transform your life. And remember, there’s always expanded information
and articles on There’s a great one on the how to get rid
of the symptoms of vertigo. So if you’re someone who’s suffering with
vertigo, I highly recommend that you follow these simple steps to get rid of this life-altering
condition. We want to consume a lower sodium diet. We want to consume Omega-3 fatty acids. Increase fruits and vegetables. Consume more Vitamin-B6-rich foods. Add bone broth to your diet, one to three
servings a day. You want to avoid alcohol, or at least minimize
it. Avoid sources of caffeine that stimulate you. Reduce refined sugar consumption and refined
grain consumption, and cut out artificial sweeteners completely. That could be your main issue. As far as herbs go, we love ginger, cayenne
and turmeric to boost your body, your circulation and your balance. You can try holistic treatments, such as chiropractic
and acupuncture, to find your center. And use the following essential oils diffused
topically or taken orally: frankincense, ginger, lavender, peppermint, and ylang-ylang. Folks, I believe that if you’re dealing with
severe or even mild symptoms or occasional vertigo, it’s time to take your health back,
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