How To GET Your Life Back Together – Dopamine Fast

So I received the following comment a
couple of videos ago from a mr. Bhatt he asks how does one recover from a period
of unwanted slacking off what are some good practices and ways to recover
essentially asking how to get your life back together now when I came across
this comment the first thing that came to my mind was actually a ritual that I
invented many many years ago back in college when I was drinking smoking and
simply partying way too hard it’s a ritual that worked extremely well for me
back then and it’s something that I still do at least once or twice every
single year I call it the dopamine fast now in order for this to work you have
to treat it like a sort of holiday this is an entire day event that starts from
the moment you wake up all the way until the moment you fall asleep and this is a
special holiday because unlike most other holidays which are fun and filled
with activities the entire purpose of this one is to have as little fun as
possible which means that there’s a huge list of things that you cannot do that’s
right things that you consider to be fun entertaining or pleasurable are strictly
forbidden so this means no food all you’re allowed to do is drink water
no phone you can leave it on for emergency calls but you can’t use it no
internet which includes surfing the web and or social media of any kind Facebook
snapchat Instagram no watching of videos so this means no TV no YouTube no
Netflix no going to the movies no substances of any kind no alcohol no
weed no drugs no cigarettes and nothing with caffeine no video games no music no
hanging out with your friends no talking to anyone unless it’s an emergency or
for something work-related no masturbating and finally no reading of
any books fiction and or nonfiction now here’s what you can do you can drink
water you can walk around outside you can meditate you can do some light
exercise and most importantly of all you can write using a pen and paper and
those are the rules now at this point in time you’re probably wondering why in
the world would anyone do this to themselves it sounds miserable
it sounds like torture well I’m gonna show you exactly why the dopamine fast
is so effective and how committing to this ritual can force you in to become
extremely productive again and I’m also gonna explain why writing is so
important during a dopamine fast but before we do that I do want to thank the
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conversation about the dopamine fast now there are two main reasons as to why
it’s so effective the first is that it starves your donkey what I mean by this
well if you think about it the relationship between your mind and body
is sort of like the relationship between a rider and a donkey if you’re riding a
donkey and you want it to move all you have to do is wave a carrot in front of
him this is similar to how if you want to convince your body to do something
that’s hard all you have to do is think about the reward you get after this is
basically how habits work we automatically do things as long as there
is a decent reward that follows as long as there is a carrot on a stick now what
happens to us when our life is a mess is that we’ve been indulging in too many
stimulating things things like porn drugs junk food and binge watching shows
all produce a huge amount of dopamine this is equivalent to letting your
donkey eat and a buffet of carrots and other tasty donkey vegetables if your
dog is been eating in a buffet all week he’s not gonna be motivated by a little
carrot on a stick anymore because he’s full when you come
– doing a dopamine faster essentially starving your donkey you giving your
body as little stimulation as possible for an entire day and when your donkey
is starving you can easily convince him to move by waving just a little carrot
in front of him this means when you wake up in the morning after doing a dopamine
fast you’ll find it much easier to convince yourself to go to the gym or to
read some pages of a book by thinking about the reward you will give yourself
after the second reason committing to a dopamine fast is so effective is because
it prevents you from masking your pain what is the purpose of pain well if you
think about it pain is an indicator that something is wrong and needs to be fixed
right it’s a sign that there’s a problem somewhere if your hand is touching
something that’s too hot you feel pain and your brain goes ah there’s a problem
over there and it automatically moves your head pain is necessary for us to
fix our problems the same thing applies to emotional pain things like rejection
loneliness and shame these are all indicators that something is wrong in
our lives but the problem with us humans is that we love to run away from these
feelings we love to self-medicate with pleasure instead of solving the actual
problem that’s why so many people turn to food drugs sex and alcohol when
they’re in a bad mood because all of these things can make that pain go away
at least temporarily now when you do a dopamine fast you have no way of
avoiding your problems because there’s literally nothing you can do to mask any
of the pain and this forces you to address all of the problems that you’ve
been running away from for who knows how long and here’s where writing comes in
in order to address this pain the best thing to do is to write to organize your
thoughts to figure out why you’re feeling this pain to begin with and to
eventually come up with a plan see every time I commit to doing a dopamine fast I
will spend at least a couple of hours writing throughout the day here are a
couple of very good questions to ask yourself these are the writing prompts
that I’ll use most often whenever I commit to doing a dopamine fast question
number one do I feel any discomfort today if so where in my body am i
feeling it is this an emotion or is this physical pain if it’s an emotion try to
describe it is it anxiety is it depression is it shame what does it feel
like question number two ask yourself why do I feel this way now it’s
important not to blame a chemical reason or you know
genetics or other people because most of the time the reason we feel bad is
because of something that we can control there are almost always things that you
are doing that are causing these issues so ask yourself what things have I been
doing that could possibly be causing these issues question number three what
should I do to fix it what are one two three things that I can do tomorrow that
will at least somewhat address this pain things that would get me a couple of
steps closer to fixing whatever problem is causing this pain question number
four what would my life be like if I did not do any of these one-two-three things
for the next five years assume the worst possible scenario and really describe it
and finally question number five what would my life be like if I stuck to
these one-two-three things consistently for the next five years assume the best
possible scenario and really really describe it now the key to getting the
most of these writing prompts is to write a lot the more you write the
better but allow yourself to really focus on what you’re writing give
yourself some time to think between answering each of these prompts right
slowly and neatly you have all of the time in the world because quite frankly
there isn’t much else to do if you answer all of these prompts in detail
you’re gonna have a clearer idea of exactly what you need to do tomorrow
you’re gonna feel pretty motivated to stick to the one to three things that
you wrote about because you’ll come to realize that there are things that will
get you closer to solving your problems and that’s why the dopamine fast is so
effective now again this is a ritual that I came up with but worked really
really well for me so I’m curious as to whether or not it will have the same
effect for you guys if you’re trying to get your life back together try this out
and let me know in the comments below how you felt the next day
besides that guys stay tuned