How to Handle Medication Changes with Ease

One of the interesting things that we find
too is that they will call us and say, “There’s a change in this patient’s medication.” And we go, “Okay. When’s their next appointment going to be?” And they’ll tell us, “We’re going to
see them in the next two weeks.” I know to only give them two weeks of medicine
because if it’s going to change again, I’m not going to have to deal with
the whole med pack change. The doctors are very, very collaborative, with once you introduce them to the program and explain what the services are, they are willing to work with you, which I think everybody finds surprising. They appreciate it. They appreciate the service. Israel Grunwald is a huge proponent of reaching out to that doctor and saying, “Hey Doc, is it ok if we wait on this
until the next cycle fill date?” And now he feels like about 95 percent of
the time, they will. Are you having the same successes
with decreasing those? Absolutely. Most of the doctors who call us
and know about the program will say, “You can wait until you fill their next pack to do it.” Unless it’s some kind of emergency, but most cases it’s something that we’re able to wait on. It’s great because it just proves the collaborative efforts with the doctor.