How to insert a logo in your letterhead in Microsoft Word 2010?

to insert our logo type to the
letterhead I’ll start by inserting a header to
insert a header click the insert tab and then click on the header’ icon here
there are a number of built-in designs that I can choose from but since I only
want to insert a logo type I’ll just select edit header I’ll go to the insert
section and just select picture and here I’ll select our logo type as you can see
this image is way too big so I’ll just resize it by grabbing the bottom right
corner to make sure we keep the proportions of the logo type now I want
to place them they’ll go up in the left-hand corner
so I’ll click wrap text and then select behind text this way I can position the
logo type exactly where I want it and I don’t have to worry about text or margin
settings there to close the header I can just double click outside of the header
area or I can go to the design tab and just click close header the logo looks a
bit faded a bit washed out but this is just words way of showing you that this
is part of the header when you print this document let’s look at the print
preview you can see that the logo type will be printed using the full colors