How to Make a First Aid Kit : Disinfectants used in First Aid Kits

So, here are some items that should be included
in the kit. Of course here I am showing you large volumes of them but, I mean it’s what,
you can buy them in smaller, smaller bottles or samples to fit in your kit. But, deffinately
you need hydrogen peroxide, and you need alcohol, and like I said earlier, the alcohol wipes
you can buy in little sachet’s as well. But these are important because before you put
on a dressing you want to really sterilize and clean the wound, that will prevent any
infections or sepsis. Other things that are important too, in the kit, is like for example,
antibiotic ointment, so you should carry a tube of this, that should be in the kit too.
You can also buy these in sachet form as well. Something like hand sanitizers are also convenient,
should be handy in the kit to clean your hands before you touch any wounds. Always make sure
everything is sterilized and clean. So, these are some items that also you should think
about when you look at buying a kit or your looking at assembling a kit on your own.