How to Make a First Aid Kit : Eye & Ear Drops as Part of a First Aid Kit

Other items I think are important to put into
the kit is, for example, eye solution. You know, especially if you go camping and you
go swimming whether it’s in the river or in the ocean or in the pool you know you get
the sore red eyes coming out after hours of swimming so it’s good for eye solution to
include that into the kit. Other things is for ear drops in case that you might have
an ear infection. Going into contaminated water it’s a good idea, here you can buy them
in this box they come in little sachets like this so that it keeps it all sterile and you
can just use one, pull off the top and then put the drop into the ear and it doesn’t contaminate
the whole bottle. Like for example this, it’s good but, you know if you contaminate the
top, the tip of the bottle then really all the whole solution in the bottle is contaminated
too. So I think it is better to buy solutions in vials like this so that it keeps everything
clean and sterile. So, these are important items too I think should be included.