How to Make a First Aid Kit : Matches, Cotton Balls & Flashlight in the First Aid Kit

And, if you go camping or on long trips, sometimes
you’re in a situation where you need fire. And matches, matches are very good, or is
also good when you’re in the dark and you got candles and you want to light the candles,
so matches are good. It’s very handy to always keep a pack in your first aid kit or you can
buy or a lighter, a cigarette lighter. Not to smoke cigarettes, I’m totally against smoking,
but a cigarette lighter only because it’s a handy source of finding a way to get fire
if you need it or light if you don’t have a torch. Alright, other items, pads, you know
we already talked about gauzes and bandages and all that but I think for example it’s
also good to have cotton balls. If you can put a few into the kit, it’s important because
I think this is also besides using it to cleanse a wound, you can also use it to cleanse your
hands and face and so on and so forth. So, cotton balls is always so important and for
the females out there, of course you know, your feminine pads, you never know, if you’re
on a long, long excursions and camping thing, it’s always good to have a few of these pads.
But even so, like for example, you can also use this for you know, improvising certain
situations where you’ve run out of cotton ball or some kind of padding that you need.
So, this actually makes good padding too, as well as a good sanitary pad. And of course
I think that in a kit that you also have something, that you have something for fire but you also
have something for light. So, a torch. Torch is a very important item that I think you
should include in your first aid kit and you should have a torch and bring extra batteries,
cause always, inevitably it runs out and you need extra batteries, so bring extra batteries.
So add that into your kit and like for example this torch, it comes with an additional bulb
so at the end of this torch you can pull out this part here, you have an extra bulb, which
is actually quite handy. So sometimes I think it’s better if you pay a little bit more for
an item, you get a little better quality and you might get extra, extra function out of
it. So, here torch for light is important and that you should add that into your kit.
So there we go. I’m Dr. Susan Jewell and I hope that you go out and you know how to look
for a first aid kit or how to put one together. And just to re-iterate, you can buy prepackaged
ones available in varying sizes and varying costs at all your local drug stores. So thank
you so much.