How to Make a First Aid Kit : Splint Bandages for the First Aid Kit

Some other items that are important to have
in a kit is like bandages like you could use for making splints or slings. If you have
accidents and you sort of, you know, fell down and you want to keep the limb in place
so they don’t cause any more problems with that you can just make a sling like here,
this one is, it says triangular bandage and it comes in different sizes. So, that is important
same as, this is the same idea, you know or you can buy these or they come with the kit.
Some of them don’t, it all depends on how much you want to pay for a, these I am talking
about are pre-assembled kits, of course, the more expensive the kit the more items your
going to have in there. So, that’s up to you. OK, so these are the, these are important
items, I think, that should be included in the kit especially if you’re going to take
the kit with you when you go on camping trips.