How to Make a First Aid Kit : Towellettes used in First Aid Kits

And, the next item that I think should be
important in a kit is, of course, the toilettes, and the medicated pads. Sometimes it says
alcohol pads but deffinately anything that can sterilize a wound, kill off all the bacteria
and germs before you apply the ointments, the antiseptic ointments, or the bandage.
And in this kit we have, this one is sting relief medicated pads. It also has like cleansing
toilettes, of course, to keep your hands nice and clean before you touch any open wounds
so you don’t introduce any more germs and bacteria into the wounds that can cause infection.
And, we have alcohol pads but I don’t have it here to show you but those you can buy,
usually those are included into the kits but you can also buy them in the drug stores as
well. They are readilly available in drug stores and you can add on extra or if you
run out of course then you want to re-supply your kit so you can go and buy those. And
here interestingly enough you don’t find this very often in any sort of these pre-assembled
kits but this one is a bacteriostatic trauma dressing and these are for the real real open
wounds, deep wounds that you sometimes encounter, you find that, and it has an antiseptic in
it to keep the wound nice and clean and sterile when you apply this on. And the antiseptic
is actually in the pad itself, like a gauze that is soaked into the pad and you put that
next to the, after you have cleaned the wound you place it on top of the wound and you put
the bandage on. So there is a barrier. This is called a bacteriostatic trauma dressing,
but you don’t normally see this in the kitsand these are kind of hard to find. So, but it’s