How To Master & Control Your Emotions

Hey, this is Leo for and in this video what I want to talk about is how you create every single one of your emotions. “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Have you heard that quote before? That’s a quote from William Shakespeare, his play, ‘Hamlet’. Hamlet says this famous line. Now what does this have to do with anything? What does this have to do with creating your own emotions There’s a very fundamental idea in personal development, that I want you to start to buy into and This is the point of this videos to help you buy into it. This is a very powerful paradigm to live from and it’s the opposite paradigm of the way that most people live. Because most people think that the emotions that they experience the way that they feel, their mood, their feelings, that this is dictated by External circumstances. so Somebody says something to you something bad happens to you something good happens to you You get a promotion [you] get fired you earn some money. You lose some money You create a successful business or your business goes bankrupt, or you have a good relationship, or you have a bad relationship That all of this stuff is creating the emotions that you feel right? Somebody pays you a compliment. You’re feeling good, feel very positive Something good’s happening in your life. You’re feeling excited right something exciting is happening. You got a trip coming up now, soon. You’re excited. And the flip side of that is that if negative stuff is happening to you Then you feel down, you feel sad, you feel angry, you feel frustrated, you feel stressed well The secret really to life and this is a secret that the ancients the ancient sages and wise men For thousands of years have understood is that actually what’s creating your emotions is Not the environment. It’s you it’s how you think about the environment that creates the emotions and That this is something that’s within your control. This is something that can be changed Even when the external environment is against you you can change how you’re reacting to it How you’re perceiving it how you’re interpreting it and therefore you can gain emotional mastery, and this is a very beautiful and very powerful thing because I can guarantee you that if you’re having a Struggle in your life if you’re having the kind of life where you’re not getting the results that you want the only reason that’s the case is because of the emotional difficulties that you’re having It’s because of emotions It’s because of the feelings because these feelings they block you up and they keep you from creating success in your life It’s not the circumstances see right now you think it’s the circumstances that are keeping you stuck in life But actually it’s it’s mostly the emotions. It’s how you feel about stuff. It’s how you’re interpreting stuff and in this video I really want to take you through a model of how this works I want to give you a totally radically different paradigm from which to work and View emotions and view thoughts we’re going to talk about how they all interact together How you can use this to actually develop emotional mastery. At the very end i’m going to give you a very powerful exercise to help you to buy into this Because that is the problem This thing is hard to believe I remember in fact it was About five years ago when I started my first business, and I was just young I didn’t know what I was doing I didn’t have any money. I just start my business and there were… I’ve started trying to see a little bit success there and What happened? Is that I started getting into self-help? So one of the first books or material that I bought from self-help was a Tony robbins CD Product until I remember I was listening to this in the car, and I loved everything He was saying and all of his energy. I loved all the ideas He’s thrown at me, but then there was this one idea that I heard of talking about it in his in his CD And he was talking about how emotions and those emotions that we experience those are all generated by us You know by me. I was listening to this and you know I understood what he was saying logically But then I also said to myself, but Tony I mean like what are you talking about here like for example? I have this problem with money like I’ve had this problem with my business [I] have this problem where I don’t know if my business is going to take off. I don’t know how to build it How is that being created by me that’s like a really frustrating problem for me? So I’m getting I’m very stressed about starting my business here It’s my first time starting a business so this stress and anxiety [I’m] feeling about starting this business And you’re telling me that I’m creating this like no no [no], this is happening because I’m pursuing something Ambitious, and this is happening because it really is a a challenging [business] problem This is I’ve got some real business [problems] got some money problems. So you know these are real That’s what I’m telling to myself, and I told them I told kind of my own line [-] Tony I’m like yeah, it’d be there these are nice ideas But they’re not very practical What’s practical is? That my business and money problems are causing me frustration That’s what’s real if I can get rid of those then my frustrations would be gone. [I] mean, [it’s] pretty simple, right? but as I’ve been studying more and more personal development as I’ve really been working to expand my consciousness and Understanding my own emotions building my emotional intelligence What I’ve started to discover is more and more how true it is what Tony was saying and it really is the fact that The emotions are not generated by things out there. They’re generated in here and Most people don’t see this most people have a hard time believing it even if I tell them you right now might understand this on a logical [level], but you won’t believe it on a practical and emotional level Because what’s going to happen is going to watch this video? Then you going to go off and you’re going to feel angry at somebody or you’re going to feel stressed or anxious or you’re going to feel excited or happy and What’s going to happens that you’re going to attribute that to external environment you’re going to say that person makes feel happy [that] [person] makes me feel loved this person right here makes me feel angry this situation right here makes me feel frustrated this situation here makes me feel depressed or What other kind of emotion you want to talk about? but That’s not really what’s going on? Let me show you what’s really going on all right to really see this let’s Highlight a model here. I want to demonstrate this model. So here’s the model right now The model that you’re operating under works like this you have right here Some sort of circumstance out in the external world that happens to you Then that generates the emotion that you feel right? So let’s say you get a raise at your job that makes you feel Then happy the raise was [an] external circumstance Which made you feel happy that’s the emotion now when you have that happiness from the emotion then you start taking some sort of action Emotion leads to action so maybe you’re going to go and going to work a little bit harder now that you haven’t a better pay Okay, so you take some better actions and then those actions of course lead to results in your life, so if you work harder After getting your promotion and getting your raise then maybe that puts you in line for an even higher raise next year, or maybe [that] puts you in [line] for for some sort of a you know new career track or it puts you in line for some sort of extra compensation and That of course those results are then the external environment that then feed back in and create even more positive emotions So that’s how you live your life right now 99% [of] people do it this way, but actually that’s not how it really works Here’s what’s really going on if you’re conscious. It works like this What you’ve got is you’ve got an external circumstance The same one let’s say you get a raise. Then what you’ve got is. You don’t have an emotion you [have] thought see this is what most people miss is that you have thoughts which create an interpretation filter, so the [rays] the raw facts that you got to raise that comes in and it Hits your ear or hits your eye you see it or [you] hear it then it goes into your brain Then you’ve got this filter of interpretation that goes on a lot of times this happens very quickly almost instantaneously And you’re not consciously aware of the thoughts that are shaping that because you’re unconscious and so that happens Your mind is kind of kind of like Skips [Hulbert] really fast and it goes straight to the emotion you feel happy or you feel excited or you feel sad for some reason So you’ve got those emotions now Those emotions seem like they’re very natural and they stemmed directly from the external circumstance, but we don’t realize [that] There’s that filter there, so that happens you’ve got this emotion and then of course you take Certain action based on that emotion that part of the model is correct and then based on that action you generate some sort of results That [part] of the model is also correct, and then that of course feeds back in here And it gives you a new fodder for the mill to interpret So that’s a more accurate model now Really notice here. It’s this layer of interpretation This is the key to life is this layer Because if you can master this layer if you can gain consciousness over this this filter that you have right here Then then [wow] how powerful you can be how how much more successful you can be how much better results you can generate in your life, and how much more fulfilled and happy you can be inside and If you are not conscious of this filter, and you not take control of it Then I guarantee you that your life is going to be very miserable, and you’re going to struggle, and you’re not going to very Create the kind of results that you want because basically what you’re doing is you’re leaving the interpretation of the chance You’ve got this amazing power. It’s almost like a superpower Which is to assign meaning with your mind and assign interpretations to external circumstances with your mind but [when] you don’t use that power When you say that you don’t have it when you abdicate that that control to somebody else Or you just leave it in the hands of fate or God or whoever else then what happens is that? You’ve got a lot of randomness in this system Right a lot of ranma Senor life a lot of Chaos and that Chaos is unstable, and it creates bad results So this is what’s really going on now to help you to understand this this filter process a little bit more So interpretations, what do we mean by this [you’re] thoughts thoughts create emotions. That’s the key message I want you to take away from this thoughts create emotions the thought [that] your thinking is generating the emotion So when you’re feeling happy why do you feel happy you get a promotion and you feel happy about it? It seems like the two are connected, but actually they’re not the promotion in itself has absolutely no meaning has absolutely no value The value and meaning to it is assigned by your mind by the thoughts that you’re thinking for most people these thoughts are Unconscious and automatic and so they will assign an automatic meaning promotion [yeah] more money. You know and that leads to happiness But sometimes it doesn’t work in the way that you want it to work. What if you have a bad situation happen Let’s say you’re in a [relationship] and you’ve got this nice long-term relationship things are going great and let’s say you’re the woman in the relationship and the man ends up going and cheating and Ruins the relationship and now you you can’t have a good relationship with that person anymore, so the relationship is destroyed Well now instead of getting a raise. You’ve got some sort of negative event right Wrong you don’t have a negative event you just have an event It’s the filter of interpretation that you’re putting on it. That’s assigning positive or negative value to it. That’s the interpreting It’s the faucet going in your mind, so let’s let’s take a look at this What kind of thoughts are? Necessary to generate a negative emotion, so if someone cheats on you, and you’re feeling bad about it Let’s say you’re feeling how do you want to feel let’s say you’re feeling angry, and you’re also feeling depressed both at the same time So when you’re feeling that way, you’re probably thinking you know that asshole how [could] he cheat on me we had such a beautiful thing going and He broke all our trust that we developed over the last Few years Totally screwed it up now this amazing relationship that I was really counting on to have for the rest of my life Maybe I even wanted to sort of family with this guy now. I can’t do that He really betrayed me and on top of this now How else am I going to find another guy you hard enough to find this guy? How am I gonna find the next guy and what kind of asshole is he going to be what if I die? miserable and Lonely Without anyone to look after me or love me See when you’ve got this kind of thought going on in your mind That’s the interpretation going on so the event triggered those kinds of thoughts now those kinds of thoughts. What kind of emotions they create Well, how are you going to feel if you think that of course you’re going to feel depressed [and] of course you can feel angry? at this person and Then what’s the next step? So you’ve got depression and Anger and what kind of action will that create in your life? well if you’re feeling this This negative about it. Then you’re probably not going to take much action at all. You’re probably gonna be so depressed You’re not Gonna want to date anybody else You’re not going to want to go look for somebody else, and you’re just going [to] wallow in that pity [and] [maybe] in fact you’re going to retreat and you’re going to kind of retreat into your shell not interact with with men anymore because you’re bitter about what happened and So you’re bitter now you retreat. That’s your action you don’t really take much action and then what kind of results Is [that] create well is that going to lead [to] you finding another man a better man? Probably not you’re not taking any action then actually that’s going to it’s going to shut you off even further it’s going to isolate you and that’s going to make you even [more] miserable because now what’s happening here is going and coming in and now Creating more negative emotions because it’s getting filtered a second time okay, so that’s pretty clear, but you might also say, but [Leo] I Mean I hear you but it’s all very logical it’s easy for you to stand up here [and] talk about somebody cheating on you or You getting fired or something bad happening to you, but what if something bad really happened? For real, and you’re in the moment. You’ve got these negative emotions [going] on I mean if someone cheated on you you’d probably be angry and depressed too wouldn’t you Well, let’s take a look It’s not a case that everyone gets depressed when someone cheats on them and I recognize that sometimes you get trigger That’s what emotions do is they trigger you emotionally, but it doesn’t mean [that]. There’s no filter there You’ve still got the thought filter which is creating the negativity Let’s take a look at a possible other scenario For how this might [work] with exactly the same circumstances the only thing that’s going to be different is the filter The Filter is just going to change So again someone cheats on you, that’s the circumstance But now instead of thinking those negative thoughts let’s think of some other thoughts. What if you thought for [example] something like you know what I actually had the suspicion that this person wasn’t really right for me and You know what it’s actually kind of nice because we’ve been together for so long I forgot what it’s like to to date other people and You know it’s actually nice. Is that I actually enjoy dating I’m going to go out and I’m kind of excited to go find some new people to date What if I find someone who’s an even better match for me? What if I really find that person that I want to start [a] family with that can really love me What if I find a kind of kind of guy? Who’s Gonna enjoy some of the stuff that I enjoy a little bit more? What if I can find a guy? Who’s really into cooking? I was one of the kind of guy or what if I could find a guy? who had a better sense of humor or Who was better in Bed Or Whatever Else? [so] these are the thoughts now notice how different these thoughts are different filter If you’re thinking these kind of thoughts, how are you going to feel? You can’t help but feel excited you can’t help but feel optimistic because now You’re looking at the prospect of going out there finding somebody better. You’re looking at actually this whole scenario is being an improvement on your life rather than something that’s Taking your life down into the shitter So if you if you see the improvement, you see the opportunity here Then you’re going to feel excited now the emotion of excitement and optimism What kind of action will that lead to well in this case this person will be excited on dating. So she’ll go out there She’ll actually start dating people. Maybe she’ll go and she’ll create line dating profile or whatever and what kind of then? actions What kind of results will those actions generate? Well if you’re dating and you’re looking for new guys chances are you’re going to find somebody new maybe somebody better Which then of course feeds back in here and creates more positive emotion So it’s like a cycle [you] get these either positive or you get these negative cycles the question is what kind of cycles are you creating for yourself and More importantly do you recognize [that] you’re creating the cycle and that? It’s not the cycle that’s happening to you. Is that you’re creating it because you’ve got this filter here This is not just my idea. This is really an idea that Has been known about? By like I said the sages and wise men for thousands of years and what I wanted to hear [now] [I] want to read a quote really poignant quote from From a real sage back from in the day which [really] drives at home and here it is If you are distressed by anything external the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it and This you have the power to revoke at any moment This is a quote [by] Marcus Aurelius Marcus Aurelius Was a brilliant roman emperor in fact he’s one [of] the only roman emperors. I believe he’s the only one from whom we have personal Written records, we actually have his diaries and His own personal philosophy and his diaries they’ve actually been compiled into a book called meditations very powerful book Marcus Aurelius was really all about emotional mastery. It was a stoic and he was really interested about how do you create? happiness, how do you live a virtuous life and how do you How do you balance the philosophy that kind of Greek virtue with the practicality? Because he wasn’t just a philosopher. He was an actual I mean [ah] [uh] He was a roman emperor right so for him there was everyday problems he had wars he had to fight He had political problems he had a whole empire to to manage And it was very interesting you can read his diaries and see the way that he approaches this stuff And this is one of the like the core fundamental principles. This is kind of like like a superpower that you have as a human being is to understand that you have [the] power to Revoke your own estimate of things whenever you want to so that means that when something happens [to] you That is quote-unquote negative or that most people would perceive as negative you can control how you reinterpret that The kind of interpretation [you] assign to [it] so that you can generate the kind of resourceful emotions that you want which will then lead? To resourceful action which will then lead [to] the results you want So this is a choice that you have Now let’s go back to this example about the cheating because there’s an important point that I want to Not forget to make and that’s this you might ask yourself well leo Why would I why would I choose to think? positive thoughts When something negative happens to me isn’t that unnatural why would I do that? isn’t it more natural if someone cheats on me that I would think negative thoughts and then those negative thoughts great sure negative emotions and the whole Chain Well here’s here’s what you got to ask yourself. This is where the consciousness component comes in Yes, if you want to you can think negative thoughts about [a] negative situation But if you also have a little bit of intelligence as foresight, you can see what’s going to happen If you’ve got some consciousness, you can see it Negative situation happens to you you say fuck it. I’m going to think negative [thoughts], okay [you] think negative thoughts you create negative emotions you create negative actions which create negative results and Then that negative result comes in goes through the another filter of negativity Creates more negative emotions more negative actions more negative results and this cycle continues so That’s one [option] you [have] Okay, that’s an option what’s an alternative option Alternative option is that you have some that happen to you, but [you] recognize and you see wait a minute Wait a minute. I’m smart here if I think negative thoughts about a negative situation If I interpret it in a negative way, it’s gonna create negative emotions negative actions negative results wait a minute Do I want negative results in my life? Do I want a negative life do I want to be taking negative actions do I want to be experiencing negative emotions? Okay, I don’t want that Right do I have a choice in the matter? Oh? Actually, I do have a choice if I’m conscious I can see that my thoughts dictate how this chain is going to run [okay], so if that’s the case then maybe I should think twice before actually Giving [into] these negative thoughts and considering them natural To hell with natural I want an amazing life. I don’t want I don’t want what’s natural if what’s natural as shit [let’s] see this takes consciousness You might say well this all sounds well and good leo, but what about what it actually happens to you are You gonna be [able] to do it? Well, that’s why I spend Hundreds and thousands of hours working on myself developing my emotional mastery developing my consciousness building it up so that when this does happen to me I Can decide and I have control [over] this filter? Because I don’t want this negative chain of of nonsense to be ruining my life. I want to be building up my life Regardless of the circumstances outside of me, so if something good happens to me I’ll take it and I’ll [make] it better if something bad happens to me I’ll take it and I’ll still see the good [in] it and that means that I win no matter what and I like those odds. I don’t know about you, but I like those odds. I don’t like to gamble with my life [I] don’t like to gamble with the resulting in my life. I don’t like to gamble with my business [I] don’t like to gamble with my health. I don’t have a gamble with my finances I don’t like to gamble with my relationships [I] want amazing everything and The only way I know how to do how to do that how to design it is to say that I have taken control I’m taking full control of everything. I can I can’t control everything. I’m not deluded but The things that I can control and then I see that I can the things that I see it I can develop control in I sure as hell I’m going to try to develop control in that so if I can see an opportunity here with this filter to change the filter I’m going to do everything I can to change that filter Even if right now. I’m not a master at it This is how I want you to think It’s very powerful way to think very few people think this way and If you don’t think this way then they’re going to suffering in your life Because [your] interpretation is going to be automatic. They’re going to be the most Lazy interpretations and lazy interpretations tend to lead to suffering which is why you have suffering in your life? The only reason you have suffering [in] your life is because [of] this it’s not because of external circumstance per se It’s because of your lazy interpretations So what does this mean let’s cover some of the examples some of the cases here? We already talked about cheating we talked about promotion You can come up with all sorts of objections about situations where you can’t take control of your filter [you]? [might] say well leo there are certain things in [life] that are just inherently negative and evil and bad for example if someone Starts a fight with me. What if somebody does something unjust enough [fair] to me. What if someone comes [and] steals my car? what if somebody comes and Insults me just insults me out of the blue. [I] mean aren’t I justified and allowed to feel bad about these these situations isn’t it just natural that I have this negative filter or What about a situation where I you know I really screw up at something What if I go to a job interview a really important job interview and then at the [very] last minute everything’s going well? But then at the [very] last minute. I just blow it because I say something stupid Should not be disappointed with myself after that Should not feel bad Isn’t it? Justified that I feel depressed Because I lost this amazing once-in-A-lifetime opportunity that I might never ever get again You can do that if you want we already talked about this Do you [want] [a] negative Michael? Do you want negative results then continue to have negative interpretations or Do you want to actually? Take your life in your own hands and say to hell with what happens I’m going to feel good, and I’m going to generate the results that I want in my life regardless That’s the answer right the answer is that you have a choice the problem. Is that most people are making this choice? Unconsciously, and they’re always choosing the worst path The path that leads to the worst [result]. [I] don’t want that for you. I want you to develop consciousness The next point that I wanted to cover is I want to [only] take a look a little bit about Why is this hard to believe? Why is it hard to adopt this paradigm? It seems like we’re talking about two different paradigms here and most people Surely live from the paradigm where they’re running They’re running their life off of circumstance. They’re just generating their emotions spontaneously They feel like the circumstances dictate the emotions. So why do people live this way then? There’s numerous factors the family you grew up in most the families we grow up in they don’t teach us this stuff Self-help is it really taught in schools. It’s not taught in the Media Society doesn’t really give this information [to] you not only that but it’s not just information This is something that has to be practiced and developed and cultivate. It’s like a skill So if you’ve never practiced it and nobody around you is practice that your friends or your family and your culture doesn’t really? encourage it then you’re not going to know about it and Because you’ve been living your whole life since you were born [up] to now which means that you’re what? 20 or 30 or 40 or even 50 years old or even more? You’ve been living so long And you’ve been operating under this mindset that the emotions Just affect you and you have no say over what they are and you have no control over them that It’s hard you know you’ve got you condition yourself You’ve built up this habit, and so [now] you have to wean yourself off this long long long [Multi] [Decade] long habit of Letting emotions dictate your life that can be challenging The other thing here is that there’s a lack of self-honesty going on There’s just a lack of consciousness and consciousness. It’s not something that you’re born with consciousness is something that you develop and Right now you don’t appreciate just how little consciousness you have and how much more that you could have? People who are unconscious believe that they have all the consciousness that they could need? but in fact what they’re not seeing is how much personal growth is still possible for them how much they’re not aware of the ego plays a big part in this too is that You really don’t want to admit to yourself that you’re doing this right? I mean who wants to admit that [they’re] causing their own anger who wants to admit that they’re causing their own Suffering their own stress their own anxiety their own panic attacks Their own depression Who wants to admit that? Yeah, it takes it takes some courage to admit that your ego doesn’t want to admit [it] because as soon as you do admit it That means that all of a sudden you take on a lot of responsibility [now] you have a lot of control about how your life flows a lot of people They [don’t] want to take on that responsibility Because if you take on that [responsibility] that means you have to work really hard to grow yourself There’s a certain solace that you take a certain comfort in knowing In your mind that you can’t grow that you’ve kind of maxed yourself out Then you can tell tell yourself and everybody around you that well, you know what I try to do my best and now I’m at the best that I could be and Then everything else is blocked off to me all havanese are blocked off I have no more responsibility than this and so [you’re] going to live your life the way [you] are right now, but That’s a lie right That’s a lie because you can grow yourself so much more than you currently Have grown and you can take yourself to enormous enormous levels as a human being in your development But that’s challenging to do that means pushing your comfort zone and a lot of people don’t like that They would rather stay [in] their comfort Zone So what’s the takeaway from this video the takeaway? Is that I want you to take 100% responsibility? For all of your emotions every single one positive ones, but especially the negative ones Don’t blame it on circumstance Don’t point your finger other people Never say that somebody else is causing you to feel a certain way Nobody is causing you to feel loved [nobody’s] causing you to feel happy nobody’s causing you to feel depressed That is you causing it Now here is the final exercise that I want to give you because while all this stuff that I said to you is nice It’s good. Theory, it’s good philosophy and whatnot if all you do is just [believe] in it It’s not going to is I can help you. This is something you have to live and embody Here’s how you do it you need to raise your consciousness So what I’m going to give you is the following exercise for the next seven [days]. I want you to commit To taking full responsibility for all your emotions what does this mean that means for the next seven days you’re going to be extra aware extra conscious of when you have a negative emotion Let’s not focus on the positive ones right now. Let’s just really focus on the negative So if you have a negative emotion let’s say you get angry at someone you get depressed about a certain situation You feel lonely you feel stressed and overwhelmed or [anxious] or you’re worrying if you have one of those I? want you to stop and Notice when you’re in the middle of that storm of emotions. I want you to stop and notice and Take note of the thoughts that you’re creating [right] there in the moment you’re going to see it, so [if] somebody is making you angry [you] [gotta] be a little more conscious and say oh wait a minute Leo told me that this emotion of anger [it’s] not coming from the other person. It’s coming from my interpretation, so that’s coming from thoughts, okay? What kind of thoughts am I thinking right this second and you’re going to [notice] that? subconscious thoughts will then pop up into your conscious awareness and the thought might be something like I Can’t believe that guy such an asshole. It just might be as simple as [that] or maybe you’re having a thought like oh My God, what am I going to do now? And that kind of thought might make you anxious or you might have a thought like oh Man, I’m never going to find another person again like that, and that kind of thought might make you feel lonely right So pay [attention] to these thoughts that you’re having Put awareness on them don’t try to stop your negative emotions let your negative [motion] just carry through all I’m telling you to do is just be mindful of The thoughts that are running the emotion and Try to do that for seven days straight whenever you have any emotions you’re not going to be perfect at this not even close [so] don’t set that expectation you’ll be lucky if you can just catch a handful of negative emotions consciously throughout these seven days So if you can even get three of them four of the five of them great, that’s enough you got to start somewhere You’re going to notice if you do this exercise that when you’re having that negative motion and you become aware of your thought process That’s generating the negative emotion. You can actually see it. You’re going to make the connection in your mind I’m going to say oh wow this is this is really cool. I didn’t I didn’t notice this before I can’t believe I didn’t notice about myself. That is my thought About this situation [that’s] creating the meaning the interpretation, and then that that is affecting the emotion that I’m feeling oh Wow, that’s powerful Wait a minute that means that if I change my thought does that mean that I would feel differently Oh, wow, let me try that and you’re going to run off And you’re going to try [it] and then you’re going to feel differently then you’re going to go whoa. That’s powerful And it is powerful so this whole video the reason I went to a lot of depth here is because it’s important to Convince you of this idea because this is a paradigm shift remember and your mind doesn’t like paradigm shifts doesn’t feel comfortable it doesn’t feel right you don’t want to believe it you have all sorts [of] objections and excuses and and Various good reasons for why you shouldn’t believe this but what I’m telling [you] actually going try it out test it out and see how it works for you if You do this Man, you’re putting a very fundamental block building block into place for creating an extraordinary life this is something [that’s] going to be critical for you if You want to do something big with your life if you want a life where you’ve a lot of passion? Or you have a lot of success Where you have a lot of happiness? Because if your emotions out of control what kind of happiness can you have? Your happiness is contingent upon Randomness in life and that is not a good way to be happy All right, so try that exercise really commit to it give it [a] good go This is Leo. I’m going to be signing off. Go ahead and post me your comments down below I’d love to hear from you also, please like this video click the like button for me Please share it with a friend The more these videos are watched the more people see them then the more free content I can release to you guys I can’t do this if the videos don’t spread around so I’d appreciate [your] help in doing that and Finally come and sign up to actualize I drug sign up to my newsletter right here. It’s a free newsletter. I’m releasing content for free Every single week new videos a lot of really in-depth stuff. This is kind of stuff that literally I would pay hundreds Sometimes thousands of dollars for some of these some of these [uh] pieces of advice that I’m sharing with you here I paid a lot of money and Even more importantly a lot of my own like blood and sweat and tears went into discovering this stuff And I’m really excited about sharing it with you because I [think] that this is the fundamental stuff that you need to create Extorted is what I want for everybody, and I want you guys to be really passionate about your lives [I] want you to experience the kind of Levels of excitement that you can get [too] once you start to put the pieces together the way that I have it’s very Exciting. It’s very powerful. [I] want that for you so sign up, and you’ll be all set you