How to nebulize a patient at home hospital by oxygen cylinder central oxygen how to nebulize a baby

hello friends welcome in my youtube channel Medico Guruji friends in this video of mine we will know How we can nebulize in
pediatric and adults by central oxygen and oxygen cylinder when we nebulize to the patient by oxygen we do not need electricity or any other machine during nebulization and we will know how to nebulize to the patient by a nebulizer machine so please see this video without any skip so lets start first, we will know about nebulization mask how it works , what this contains and what are the accessories of this mask as you are seeing this is a pediatric mask this nebulization mask is in pediatric size i.e it is used for children these are an adult size face mask from these face masks, we can give nebulization and oxygen the elastic with these face masks are used to fix these masks on the face of patients if it is loose and go down then we can tight these masks with help of elastic when we pull the elastic from outsides then mask will be easily tight if the patient does not want to take nebulize by face mask then we can remove face mask like this and can give nebulize directly some children and adult feel irritation with the mask and children fear’s and cry if children are sleeping then mask is not required we can give it directly like this by holding this near nose there are a tube and a nebulization chamber if we want to clean the nebulization chamber then we have to take some precautions we can open it like this in this, you are seeing the the green colour part you are seeing is Baffle/inspiratory valve this is used to convert any liquid to vapor if the baffle is not inside the cup then there is no formation of vapour of a liquid it should be always inside the cup and it should not be damaged as you are seeing it is like in this design we can put any nebulization liquidby opening it or we can also put directly without opening the chamber and we should put nebulize liquid like this without the opening chamber if we open the chamber again and again then there are great chances of the breaking of chamber during cleaning, we can open it as you are seeing the ml scale(1,2,3,4,5) on the nebulization chamber when we pour in liquid then we can only pour only upto 5ml first-line shows 1ml, the second line shows 2ml and so on… tube consist of two ends one end is connected to the bottom part of the chamber like this it can be connected by rotating and pressing it smoothlty in forwarding direction and another end is connected to the air pressure it can be machine or central oxygen for generating air pressure we can connect it to the oxygen cylinder and nebulize the patient or we can nebulize the patient by nebulizer machine at home as you are seeing the box fitted in the wall , the blue color box is supplying the central oxygen, air, and vacuum and this the central oxygen flow meter it comes in this design, we can easily connect it so we will connect the central oxygen flow meter to oxygen plug by pressing it slightly we can fit it in oxygen plug then we will connect the face mask to the nebulization chamber after that , we open the flow regulator we can increase or decrease the speed of oxygen by flow regulator the pressure of flow meter should be 4-6 L/min as you are seeing the fumes are generating the liquid is changing in fumes then we have to fix the mask on the face of the patients there are many companies who manufacture the nebulization masks but the basic structure is the same in all if from nebulization chamber fumes are not coming means liquid is finished then we have to stop the oxygen similarly, with the use of an oxygen cylinder, we can give nebulization to the patient now we will open the oxygen gas from
O2 cylinder now we opening the regulatorof flow meter and fumes are started coming out in this way, we can give nebulize by O2 cylinder also now we will know how we can give nebulization at home by a nebulizer machine I am having an OLEX choice company nebulization machine the machine comes with two types of mask pedia and adult this is air pipe we connect this with nebulization chamber and the other end of the pipe is connected to air pressure point now it is connected the drug which we want to nebulize we can pour in the chamber we connecte the plug to an electricity point now switch on the machine as you are seeing fumes are coming out in this manner, we can nebulize to the patient at home I hope you understood all the methods of nebulization in the next video, we will talk about nebulization drugs