How to Plant Herbs in Tin Containers | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Why not take these vintage tins and turn them
into containers for some of your favorite herbs? If you’re into a vintage look in your
home, why not use some of these vintage tins for planting some of your favorite herbs?
For instance, in this one, I have curly leaf parsley. Over here, in an old Folger’s coffee
can, you can see, I got some thyme. They’re very happy in these containers. Now if you
wanna plant an herb in one of these, there are a couple of ways to go about it. What
I’d like to do is show you the way I’ve done it because both work really well. First, you
wanna take a tin, and if you don’t mind puncturing some holes in it, you’ll need to do that anyway.
This one is not exactly vintage, but it’s made to look vintage. You can see, on the
bottom, it looks very modern. If you’re gonna use this to support plant life, you need to
make sure that it’s plant-friendly. And right now, without any drain holes in the bottom,
it’s not plant-friendly. So all you need to do is take a nail and drive a few holes in
the bottom of it like this. For a container this size, all you really need are about three
drain holes. The herbs like well-drained soil. So it’s critical you give the plant what it
wants. Next, you’ll wanna add some soil to the container. And you wanna soil that’s specifically
blended for container gardening. So I’m just gonna add a little bit of this soil here like
this. I’m gonna take an all-purpose organic fertilizer and add just a little bit of that
into the soil and mix it up, and then the herb itself. In this case, I’m going to plant
thyme. Just clip off the plastic wrapper like this, and pull off the biodegradable peat
pot, at least around the upper edge, and then I’m gonna position the herb in the container.
And you can see, it just needs a little bit on the sides to fill in. Here and here. There
we go. And now all I have to do is water it in. This’ll look great in a window sill or
sitting on a table. And if you do set it on a table or a surface, that you wanna make
sure it doesn’t get stained or messed up. Just take and place it on a saucer like that
because, again, you have the drains holes in there, so it will drip when you water.
Now if you don’t want to drive holes in the bottom of a vintage tin, there’s another way
to go about it: You just wanna take some gravel and place it in the bottom of the container.
About 3/4 of an inch of gravel is all you need. Then take a plastic freezer bag and
plant the herb in it. And then puncture the holes in the bottom of the back and place
the bag in here like this. The plastic serves as a liner. The excess water drips through
the bag and ends up in the bottom of the container of the tin. And it’s elevated with this gravel,
so the herb doesn’t stay soaking wet. The other thing you need to do is just make sure
you’re not over watering these herbs. Hey, I hope you found these helpful. If you enjoy
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