How to prepare a first aid kit for a hurricane

as we prepare for hurricane season besides battery water flashlights there’s other things we also need to organize and put together like a first-aid kit Steve yeah and this first-aid kits a little advanced and because of that is because sometimes those firefighters and those paramedics are not going to be able to get to you during the storm because you know if they’re not safe how they can they keep us safe so I’ve kind of put some extreme things together you know we have a tourniquet here just in case where if you get a bad bleed or anything like that along with what’s called a quick clot emergency dress interesting so this has a chemical in it that you place over and it’ll stop the bleeding rather quickly along with hand sanitizer even the basic headache and tummy medicine you know sometimes we eat stuff gotta go yes not gonna stop just because the storm is going on some pepto pills bandage compresses even the cold pack has got to have ice just in case you get a bump and biggest thing a CPR mask and a bag that you can easily throw over your shoulder attach it to something in your car and go on the run just in case you need it that’s perfect and of course a bag a quick bag is we’re the best family so put everything in yeah awesome thank you very much to percieve we’ll send it back to you guys